One Moment In Time

by Brate

Notes: In response to Cin's challenge (because she has nothing better to do than to submit challenges!): Write a story, one of the Seven or all in any AU. Can be short, long, funny or not. Title: "One Moment in Time," minor changes allowed. You can write the story from just the title or use the lyrics from the song.

Warnings: DEATHFIC… sorry. I really tried to keep him alive, I did. But it was fate. Can't fight fate. And it's my first deathfic.

ATF Universe

Driving home, the man was on automatic pilot. A long day at work, conscious for too many hours in a row had sent him into the zone where all he saw was the road before him. He never noticed the semi run the light.

Time stretched and the memories passed before his eyes:

Racing home from kindergarten to tell his mom how much fun he had.

Getting suspended for defending a weaker playmate.

The proud look on his mother's face when he graduated high school.

Leaving home for the military.

Meeting his best friend.

Leaving the military.

Meeting his love.

Walking down the aisle, heartbeat racing, concentrating solely on stepping one foot in front of the other.

Waiting at the altar next to his best friend, and watching his love come toward him.

Bringing his son home from the hospital.

Giving his son a horse for his fifth birthday.

Seeing the excitement on the boy's face as he rode it for the first time.


The horror of an exploding car.


Denying his friendship.


Finding his salvation.

Friendship… teamwork… devotion.

Waking in the hospital in a chair, waiting for one of his men to rouse.

Laughing and drinking at the bar.

Waking up in the hospital to find his six agents gathered 'round his bed, waiting for him to rouse.

Celebrating a successful assignment.


The memories ended abruptly with the smashing destruction of the truck. No heartbeat sounded, no life survived.

And the moment passed into eternity…


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