DECISIONS by C.V. Puerro

He'd been sitting in the saloon all day ... her saloon.  Oh, he was tempting!  That was for certain.  The only problem was, he knew he was tempting ... knew the ladies couldn't resist him; and for that reason alone, Inez Recillos turned her back on Buck Wilmington once again.  

She would not give in. She was stronger than that, and she would prove it -- to him and to herself!

As she rounded the bar to finish cleaning the shot glasses, a half dozen men lead by Don Paulo Monterro burst through the swinging door. Inez wasn't intimidated by their yelling or even their bullets when they began to riddle the ceiling, but when Don Paulo pulled his sword, she instinctively dove for cover.

The noise increased: more yelling, more gun shots, and, now, the cracking of wood that could only mean the distruction of the saloon's tables and chairs. Suddenly, a bandito came flying over the bar, crashing into the mirror behind it; Inez managed to scramble out of the way before the unconscious man came crashing to the floor.

And then there was silence. Inez waited a heartbeat and a breath, before rising, poking her head up above the level of the bar. She scanned the room, finding it still; Don Paulo and his banditos lay unmoving on the floor next to broken bits of tables and chairs.

Inez leaped over the bar, the vibrant colors of her skirt flashing through the air in her wake as she headed for the only sound table left in the room. And there, as calmly as before, was the one who had been tempting her all day. There was no man left standing in the saloon to either confirm or deny it, and it seemed impossible to her, but what other explanation was there? This one had to be responsible for the defeat of the banditos.

She knew she hadn't been wrong to turn her back before -- if she hadn't, nothing could have saved her from Don Paulo -- but now, with a renewed gratitude for life, she would give into her urges.

Inez approached the table, throwing herself to her knees, and then reached out a trembling hand. He'd been sliced by Don Paulo's sword, but he wore the wounds proudly. Drawing nearer, she licked her luscious lips, as quickening breaths heaved her ample bosom.

Would it be as good as she imagined? Or better?

Slowly, she brought her mouth close, finally tasting Buck Wilmington. The first sensation was sweet cream, and then, as her tongue delved further, she reached the richness of the chocolate filling. Cake had always been her downfall, but from this day forward, Inez Recillos would hold in her heart a fondness for chocolate cream pie.


April 2002

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