Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction
Julia Verinder

Short Stories
It's a Wonderful Life (Vin, Hannah, Josiah) [2007]
All's Well that Ends Well (Vin) (letter) [2007]
Fond Farewells (vignette) (Vin, Ezra) [2007]
Came Innocence and She (Buck, JD) [2005]
Sable Skies (Vin) [2005]
Kindness in Another’s Trouble (Vin, OC) [2003]
The Tender Murderer (OC, Seven) [2001]
On the Shoulders of Giants (OC, Seven) [2001]
An Ill-Spent Youth [2001]
An Inconvenience Rightly Considered [2001]
The Angry Spirit’s Yell [2001]
Other People’s Babies [2001]
Trapped by the Past [2001]
Just a Piece in a Jigsaw Puzzle [2001]
Footfalls Echo in the Memory (OC, Vin) [2002]

Born for Adversity (Buck, OC) [2001]

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