7 B Ranch Universe

All In A Days Work

My first story in my new AU. Chris reflects on the differences of his brothers

Jumping Hurdles

Josiah seeks temporay custody

Ruling Days

Josiah applies for permanent custody and the boys have to tell Judge Travis why they want to stay with their brothers.

What Could Go Wrong?

Josiah goes away for a week. Can you say Murph's Law?

Hospital Stays

Ezra becomes sick and the older ones find out why he never complains.

Where Home Is At

Maude has returned. Is it everyting Ezra dreams it will be? Or will he realize where his heart belongs?

The Long Road Back

Follows Where Home Is At...Ezra has started sleep walking and the reason is discomforting for the boys.

Nathan's Benediction

Nathan tries to hold on to his place in the family.

Little Boy Gone

A little reflection from Ezra when he finds a new hiding place

Fight Night

JD starts a war with only an few spoken words


The boys go after school supplies

The Box Series

A series of stories that delve into the boy's background

Fair Days

It's a hectic week at the fair.

Christmas Trappings

It's Christmas, but its not going right.