You Won!

by Anneack

Characters: Buck

Warning: Might want to hold off on drinks.

Notes: Thank you to Antoinette for the excellent beta and Blackraptor for giving the Las Vegas tales a home.


"What is THAT!?!" JD asked pointing as a group of women, barely wearing enough clothes to qualify as dressed, came prancing into Mystique.

The six men he was eating with grinned as the ladies made a bee line for their table.

Inez did not look amused as they all headed straight for Buck.

The large man was surprised, but did not look like he was objecting as one made herself at home in his lap and the other two pretty much draped themselves on him.

"Not that's I'm objecting, here, ladies, but what's this all about," Buck asked.

"You won, honey," one of the blondes purred in his ear.

"Congratulations!" Josiah boomed.

"Way to go," Nathan laughed.

"What did I win?" Buck asked, smiling as his picture was taken with the bevy of beauties.

Chris was smirking at his confusion.

"Stud of the year," the brunette in his lap answered.

"Thank you, but I didn't enter," Buck sputtered.

"You sure did, the form is right here," the other blonde told him, taking a sheet from the red head who had snapped the photo.

Inez scowled.

JD fell out of his chair he was laughing so hard.

"You are indeed, a most worthy recipient," Ezra raised his glass in a toast.

Vin leaned back in his chair grinning. Buck really should not have teased him about the buxom young lady whale that had been salivating over him.



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