Friendship and Anemic Turkeys

by Sue M.

Summary: Thanksgiving with the Montecito Seven

Characters: Seven, Inez, Rain

My Thanks, as always, to darlin' Phyllis for betaing for me and also to Antoinette

Thanks to Sarah for LV/AU


After eyeing the centerpiece suspiciously for a good five minutes, Buck finally picked up a fork to poke at it.

"I really think it's dead, Bucklin, unless it's found a way to stick its head up it's own ass while de-featherin''s a goner."

JD howled at Vin's deadpan delivery as Buck ignored him to continue prodding, to eventually place his fork back on the table. They all turned to JD as he cackled to himself.

"Care to share?" Chris asked biting back the amused expression that was threatening to force him to crack a smile. It had been a long day and after this meal their next shift would start so he really didn't feel like smiling. Though, the more he looked at JD's grin, the less obliged he felt to hold back.

"That was a great convention, wasn't it?"

"There were three, JD, could you elaborate?" Ezra asked.

"Oh, yeah...the Pilgrims..." he chuckled, "...loved those hats...gotta get me one of those hats."

Ezra smiled. "I think they were going for dignified, but I can see why you found it amusing, their lack of abstinence made them anything other than distinguished. "

At that, JD howled again. "Oh...the guy that used his hat as a sick- bucket!"

They all laughed and the tension finally lifted.

"Yeah," Nathan sighed, "I had Hell trying to persuade him not to put it back on."

Again they laughed.

JD picked up on the change of mood. "Hey, some Thanksgiving jokes!"

Despite the cat-calls and protests, he continued, undeterred.

"Why can't you take a turkey to church? Because they use such FOWL language." On hearing the groans, he continued.

"What are the feathers on a turkey's wings called? Turkey feathers... Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?" JD chuckled. "The outside. How can you make a turkey float? You need 2 scoops of ice cream, some root beer, and a turkey."

Vin snorted while the others swallowed back their amusement, but JD could see he had broken through.

"Hey, and if the Pilgrims were alive today, what would they be most famous for? Their AGE! Ha! If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims!"

The table erupted as Buck and Vin wrestled the young tech to the floor, Vin sitting on him, while Buck pretended to attempt to force- feed the cackling, wriggling youth, stuffing. Josiah's soulful voice broke up the madness as the three re-took their seats.

"Pioneering men and women, indeed. I've often wondered how it must have felt to step onto new territory, no food, no shelter, uncertain of what they might find."

JD sat upright and with misty eyes, looked at Josiah as he quoted:

"They also found two of the Indian's houses covered with mats, and some of their implements in them; but the people had run away and could not be seen. They also found more corn, and beans of various colors. These they brought away, intending to give them full satisfaction (repayment) when they should meet with any of them, - as about six months afterwards they did.

"And it is to be noted as a special providence of God, and a great mercy to this poor people, that they thus got seed to plant corn the next year, or they might have starved; for they had none, nor any likelihood of getting any, till too late for the planting season."

Josiah beamed at the young tech. "'Of Plymouth Plantation' by William Bradford. I should have known a Bostonian might be well versed in the Pilgrims and their beginnings."

JD smiled wistfully as he lay his chin on his hands as they rested on the table.

"My mom was a descendent of an Irish immigrant. She loved all that stuff, was a big history lover, especially of the founding era." He sighed softly, "When she got real tired, you could hear a faint Irish lilt to her voice."

Silence descended in the Gold room at the Montecito as they all reflected on the holiday for a moment.

Buck ruffled JD's hair then picked up his fork to resume poking at the turkey. "I've seen raw tofu less anemic than this," he stated.

"Well I'm sure Inez doesn't intend to poison us, Buck," Chris cut in, "I'm just thankful she took the time to do this for us, not many people would cook a Thanksgiving meal to serve at gone one in the morning."

Buck glowered. The least said about the crazy shift rotation Chris had organized for them so that those with family could be at home, the better. To think they would be back on duty again in four hours was not sitting well with the normally jovial hospitality host, JD suspecting it having something to do with a certain flight attendant on a one night stopover...* this* one night. He leaned over toward Buck, whispering.

"Surely you'd rather spend the next few hours with Inez than some twiglet called Cassandra?"

Buck bobbed his eyebrows. "A night with Inez, hell yeah, but having my six best friends there with me didn't exactly figure in my fantasy!" The brunet grinned widely at the quiet laugh that came from JD and pushed his head playfully, suddenly feeling a whole lot better. He smiled broadly as the door from the kitchen swung open.

Vin's eyes lit up as Inez walked in with a steaming golden-brown turkey.

"I am so sorry...this bird is yours...that one is for the patrons later today who would like to have sandwiches while they are in the club. I need to cook it longer."

Inez struggled in with the huge plate, Ezra stood and lifted the bird from the table, clearing a space for the one in her hands. "Allow me, dear lady."

She smiled at the southerner, placing one bird down and taking the other from him.

"Gracias. I only have to bring out the pumpkin pie and we are ready to eat." She watched Buck stand and take the turkey from her.

"I'll take that, darlin', and we can get the pie together."

Warming Buck's heart with the smile she threw him, the two walked off together. Nathan looked at the groaning table and whistled.

"Wow, this is some dinner she's put together."

Vin nodded, "It may be 1.30 in the morning, but I'm famished!"

"Nothing new there then," Chris grinned and then looked at JD as he noticed he was staring at him.

"You gonna carve, Chris?"

Smiling at the sentiment behind the words and the approving smiles of his friends he nodded. "I'd be honored."


In the kitchen, Buck placed the bird on the counter top and Inez covered it with aluminum foil, to put it back into the oven.

"Only one more guest to arrive," she said to Buck, but not looking at him as she tidied a few things away. Standing at the counter to pick up the pie, her breath caught as she felt a presence at her back and a hand rest gently on her hip. She spun around to look deep into smiling dark blue eyes.



Nathan beamed when Rain came in to the room, followed by Buck and Inez. He'd wondered why there was an extra seat; his eyes followed her down as she sat next to him.

"Happy Thanksgiving, " he said softly. She smiled.

"And the same to you."

Watching Inez and then Buck take their seats, JD leaned over and whispered.

"Did she kiss you back this time?"

The gleam in his big brother's eyes gave him his answer, not to mention the slight flush to Inez's cheeks. The young tech grinned at the older man.


Chris called for attention, reaching out his hands toward JD and Vin, the younger men taking his hand and offering theirs to finally complete the circle as they bowed their heads to give thanks. Chris nodded to Josiah.

"Would you do the honors, please?"

Sanchez beamed with pride while he looked around at the little gathering...his He felt he had a lot to be thankful for.

"I'd be happy to."



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