Dial M for Murder

by Lisa S.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Josiah, JD, and Vin

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This snippet is in response to the Hellboy quote challenge posted on the Mag7/Vegas list. Thank you to Mal for her helping me with the ending. Also a special thanks to Sarah for creating this wonderful AU for us to play in.

DISCLAIMER: Mag7/Las Vegas alternate universe was created by Sarah (aka Midnight Profit) and is based on the "Las Vegas" TV series. This AU is not related to the Mag7/Las Vegas RPG created by Lisa O. and Ruby. Trilogy, MGM, and the Mirisch Corporation own "The Magnificent Seven" characters. NBC Studios, NBC Universal Television, DreamWorks Television, and Gary Scott Thompson Productions own "Las Vegas." They are not mine. The only purpose of this story is for entertainment. No money is being made.


"Afternoon fellas," said Josiah Sanchez as he walked into the Montecito's security office. He was on a much needed break and thought he would stop by to see his friends.

"Hey Josiah," said a very caffeinated JD as Vin looked up from the surveillance monitors and nodded in acknowledgement. "How's it goin'?"

"Pretty busy, we've got both the Beauty and the Beast and the Hellboy conventions coming in today . . ." replied the Head Valet. "With all their suitcases and stuff I'm gonna be sore in the mornin'."

The two men chuckled softly as Josiah continued, "And would you believe that some of those fans think I sound like either the Beast or Hellboy?"

"Well, now that I think about it, you definitely do sound a little like Hellboy," said JD as he thoughtfully considered the unusual comparison.

The sound of Vin's phone ringing pulled him from the conversation as he answered it on the second ring. "Security, Vin Tanner speaking."

"Vin, this is Sandy Merle from the Front Desk and I think we might have a situation," said the older woman.

"What's up Sandy?"

"Well, I was just on the phone with Room 598 and I heard something . . . well . . . unusual. . ."

Considering they were in the city of the unusual and weird, it must be serious if Sandy was calling. "What did you hear?" asked Vin.

"Well, like I said, I was on the phone with room 598 and I heard someone in the background say ' Didn't I kill you already?'" replied Sandy. "And no it wasn't the TV or radio . . . it was another person in the room who said it. . ."

"Ok, we'll go check it out," replied Vin. "Thanks for calling, Sandy."

When he hung up JD asked, "What's up?"

"Not sure," replied Vin as he stood and grabbed his jacket. "But Sandy asked us to check out room 598 . . . she heard something weird on the phone when talkin' with 'em."

"Need back up?" asked Josiah.

Vin smiled and responded with, "You guys comin' or what?"

Josiah and JD quickly followed Vin out of the Security Office. On the way up to room 598 Vin told the two men of Sandy's phone conversation.

"So do you think they killed someone?" asked JD.

"Hope not," replied Vin who really wasn't in the mood to deal with all the paperwork that involved. "Hope it was all a misunderstanding. . ."

When they reached the door to room 598, Vin knocked softly.

They heard a muffled "Aww crap. . ." before the door swung open and there stood a young 20-something guy with shaggy brown hair wearing a rumpled shirt and shorts. "Hey dudes, what's up?"

"We're hotel security and we received word that an altercation might have occurred here," replied Josiah.

"Altercation?" repeated the young man as his brow furrowed in confusion.

"An argument," explained JD.

From inside the room they heard another voice say, "Mmmm . . . nachos! Barry these are unbelievable . . . you better get in here before they're all gone. . ."

Vin glanced passed Barry to see his buddy sitting on the bed enjoying nachos while playing what looked like a Playstation video game.

"Wanna join us?" asked Barry. "We're playing Resident Evil . . . but I've gotta warn you those dang zombies keep coming back no matter how many times you kill 'em."

The three men shared a look as they realized it had all been a mistake. "No sir, sorry to interrupt . . . looks like it was all a misunderstanding," said Vin.

"No problem, dude," said Barry and then closed the door.

The three men looked at each other. Finally JD broke the silence and said, "Well, at least they're keeping the world safe from zombies."

Both Vin and Josiah groaned, the Head Valet turning away as he said, "I think I better get back to work. . . I'll let Sandy know it was a false alarm."



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