Keeping Cool

by Anneack

Summary: Vin's found a way to stay cool even in the heat.

Characters: Vin

Thank you to Antoinette and TAE for betas and Blackraptor for the home.


Chris sighed deeply as he took another sip of his ice water. The air conditioning would break down in the middle of a heat wave. They had gotten it back up and working, after a fashion. It was at least tolerable now, sort of. Maintenance had had to call in help and they had ordered a replacement for the broken part. Unfortunately, the part would not be in until tomorrow. For today, they were all just having to suffer and get by as best they could.

Stepping into the security bullpen, he noted that JD was watching the security monitors. He was almost vibrating from the number of colas he had drunk in an attempt to stay cool. The young tech was energetic enough without the obscene amount of caffeine and sugar he had consumed.

"Where's Vin?" Chris asked, glancing over the monitors and hoping to see his right hand man on one of them.

"Ezra requested assistance for a cheater at his table," JD said, bringing Chris up to speed and pointing to a monitor that showed the lean Texan approaching a table where Ezra was dealing.

Seeing Vin approach, the man in question turned and bolted for the door. Vin shot after him. Just as JD was leaping out of his seat to back up his friend, they saw the imbecile try and rush between Josiah and Buck. That was a mistake. Each grabbed an arm. Unfortunately they grabbed him just as Vin tackled him. The result was that the man was on the bottom of a four man pile up.

Chris smirked and JD was laughing, as they watched the three untangle themselves and drag the now unresisting cheat.

"I'll call it in," Chris announced via the radio Vin wore.

Looking towards the camera Vin gave a slight nod.

Maybe it was his being from Texas, but Vin was less bothered by the lack of air conditioning than any of the others. I'll have to find out his secret, Chris decided, taking another swig of his water while JD opened his third soda of the day.

When Chris returned from handing their aspiring sprinter off to the LVPD, he found Vin was already parked at one of the computers typing up an incident report. He was sucking on a green popsicle while he worked.

"I didn't know you liked popsicles," Chris commented. He had never seen Vin eat one before.

"Don't, it's a pickle sickle, call them pickle pops now, though," came the response as Vin continued the report.

"Pickle sickle?" JD almost gagged.

"Delicious and nutritious. Make 'em in Waco. I was given a sample one back when I was in Texas and I've been eating them ever since," Vin explained.

Chris shuddered, he was not crazy about pickles and the mere thought of a popsicle made from pickle juice just about hit a gag reflex with him.

"They're good for you?" JD asked, suspiciously.

"A healthy alternative to many other frozen treats," Nathan said coming in. Chris had called him to come and check that Vin hadn't gotten hurt by Buck and Josiah landing on top of him.

"Sounds right tasty, got another one, brother?" Josiah asked. As he had been involved in the capture, he was bringing up his report on the incident. Everyone involved in an apprehension was required to fill out an incident report.

"Reckon I can share," Vin reached into a cooler and tossed one to Josiah.

Vin looked at the others, offering one of his cooling treats.

"I'll stick with iced coffee," Buck responded from the door.

"While I appreciate the offer, I believe I'll decline at this time," Ezra said quickly. He and Buck, like Josiah were bringing up incident reports.

JD held up his hand to ward them off.

Chris was looking as green as the pickle sickle, so Vin didn't offer.

Nathan reached in and grabbed one from the cooler.

"Uh, Nathan, that one's a ..." Vin began.

Nathan reached over and grabbed Chris's water downing the entire bottle

"I was trying to tell you, that's the other kind, a hot pepper pickle," Vin smirked.

"I think I figured that out," Nathan told him, eyes watering.

Chris smirked, it wasn't often that Nathan was caught off guard.

"Must say, this is right tasty," Josiah commented, having had a taste of his.

"Inez has a thirty-six pack in the freezer for me here since I don't have space at home, help yourself," Vin offered.

Nathan declared Vin fit, the others turned in their reports to Chris, and the four men returned to their duties, leaving the three security men to their tasks.

Chris smiled as he looked over at his right hand man. Vin's secret for keeping cool in the heat was known, now, but somehow Chris doubted there would be a run on Pickle Sickles.



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