Home Is Where The Heart Is

by Anneack

Summary:Why is Josiah Staying at the hotel?

Characters: Josiah

Comments: This was written in response to a Hellboys Quote Challange.

Thanks to Antoinette for the beta job, to Sarah for the LV/AU, and to Blackraptor for housing these tales for us.


Buck tried not to laugh at the pole-axed young man who was still wearing the palm print of his girlfriend's slap. Apparently she had really meant it earlier when she had pulled away from their kiss and warmed him "Second date, no tongue!"

Obviously the lout had idea how to treat a lady and was getting a lesson. Young men, hell, boys, had no real understanding of the art of romance and seduction. You charmed, and flattered, and, well, paid court to use an old term. Tongue on the second date, and after she had to ld you no once. That was no way to treat a lady! Glancing towards the doors to see that the young lady was alright he relaxed as he saw Josiah had her in a cab and on her way home.

Yawning, Buck decided to take a quick break and headed to the interior of the hotel that was off limits to the guests.

"Hey Buck," JD said, as his surrogate brother entered the security room.

"Hey, JD," Buck greeted him.

"Umm - Nachos," JD said appreciatively, as he took his portion of the treat Buck had brought him and Vin, the other security man on duty. Chris was in a meeting so the guys had not gotten to prowl the floor as much as the normally would.

"Did you see all the products for men in the natural health and beauty convention?" JD snorted.

"Yep, guess I'm lucky, I'll always look this good," Buck said confident as always. "Don't really need a lot of that fancy stuff."

"Can't really say that I see the need fer it," Vin added, as he started in on his snack.

"Why's Josiah checking into a room?" JD asked suddenly.

The other men came over as JD brought up the monitor that clearly showed the head valet, who had just gotten off duty, going into a room on the tenth floor carrying a duffle bag.

"Aw carp!" Vin said. "Guess he had to get his place fumigated."

"Who's getting their place fumigated?" Chris asked, having returned from his meeting.

"Josiah. He mentioned that the roaches from his neighbor's place were trying to take over the condo and he was looking at having to stay some where else while it was fumigated," Vin said bringing the other up to speed.

"Why didn't he say something? He could have stayed with me?" Chris muttered as20he stared at the monitor.

"I've got a guest room too for that matter," Buck added. Didn't Josiah know that he was welcome at any of his friend's homes?

"You guys comin' or what?" Chris asked as he headed towards the door. Josiah needed to know that he did not have to stay here alone.

The other two men fell in line behind him. If their lost sheep was not willing to come to the flock, the flock would go to him.

Josiah looked around the room. It was a nice place. Not one of their=2 0top end super elite rooms that the whales stayed in, but more than comfortable for one or two nights depending on if a second dose of fumigation was needed. He could have stayed with one of the guys, but, well, he was too tall too fit most guest beds so was really more comfortable sleeping here if it was only for a night or two. And since he got it free, the price was right.

He blinked as a cockroach crawled out of his bag.

"Didn't I kill you already?" He growled, as he jumped up and twisted around, bringing a shoe down on the creature. That made about a half million of the things he had to kill. "I'm gonna be sore in the mornin!" He sighed as his back protested his acrobatic maneuver.

Hearing a knock on the door he went to answer it. Looking at his watch he smiled. It was ten minutes since he had come in. The guys were late, he had expected them in five.

An hour later he looked around the room and smiled. Ezra was dealing cards, Nathan was refilling the snack bowls, JD and Buck were harassing each other at the table while Vin and Chris looked on grinning. While it might not be his condo, if home really was where the heart was, then he was home.



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