An Angel's Kiss

by Mallory


AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is an answer to one of the Christmas challenges on the Las Vegas au list: Write a Mag7/Las Vegas story (any length of course) where mistletoe is the focus. One of the boys gives or receives a kiss under the mistletoe to someone you normally wouldn't expect him to kiss.

**Special thank you to Lisa O. for the beta!


Buck Wilmington made his way through the Montecito Hotel, a sprig of mistletoe tucked securely in his pocket. He'd been on his way to the Mystique when he noticed a quiet figure in the Gift Shop.

Gloria Potter, the gift shop's manager, was arranging a holiday display. It was late and, glancing at his watch, Buck knew the shop was due to close in a few minutes.

He'd heard from Annie Shaw, one of the sales clerks who worked for Gloria that this year was going to be very tough on Mrs. Potter. The older woman's wedding anniversary fell on Christmas Eve and this would be her first Christmas without her husband.

Buck frowned slightly as he reflected on this. Just what did a widow do on the holidays? He knew she had children, but it still couldn't be the same as having your spouse with you. He recalled how tough Chris Larabee's first Christmas was after Sarah and Adam's deaths.

Making a sudden decision, the ladies' man pulled the sprig of mistletoe out of his pocket and entered the gift shop. Although he had been saving the little plant for the lovely Inez Recillos, he decided it might have a better use.

Gloria sighed as she looked over the Christmas displays. This year's theme was angels and they always made her think of her husband. She wondered if he was keeping a watch over her and the children now. Her thoughts were interrupted when she looked up to see Buck Wilmington entering the small shop.

"Good evening, Mr. Wilmington. Is there something I can help you with?" Mrs. Potter asked.

Buck grinned. "Actually, Darlin', I think you can." Holding up the mistletoe, he was pleased to see Gloria's surprised expression, and then Buck leaned down and kissed her.

"Merry Christmas, Gloria," Buck said and with a satisfied nod, he took his leave.

Gloria watched Buck depart from the store and she smiled.

'What do you know about that?' she thought. 'I've got a Christmas angel after all.'



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