Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1902 Nov 10, Page 8


Seattle, Wash., Nov. 10 - Four children of Mr. Rodenberg, whose home is a Big Skookum, go to a public school house a long way off. On Wednesday these children, on the road homeward, were straggling along at some distance from one another, when a cougar sprang out of an ambush and seized the little boy who brought up the rear. He was the youngest of the party, only six years old. The cougar seized the lad by the head and sat upon him, snarling at the other boy of the party, an eight-year-old youngster, who came running with  might and main to save his brother.

The brave boy had in his right hand a milk bottle of heavy glass. He took hold of one of the cougar's ears and with the bottle began to beat the snarling beast over the head. At the third or fourth blow the bottle broke and a hundred fragments of glass were scattered about. It is possible that some of the fragments entered the cougar's blazing eyes, for as soon as the bottle broke he let got his hold and ran off, plunging into the bushes, from which he did not again emerge.

Meanwhile, the unhurt children took the wounded boy into a neighboring farmhouse. The wounds were all flesh wounds and when they had been dressed the little fellow laughed at them and started for home.

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