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Arctic Freeze (ATF)  Buck & JD

Buck and JD find themselves out in the cold.  

Below Par  Vin, Ezra & the Gang

Vin and Ezra are returning home when Vin takes ill.  So why won't Chris, and particularly Nathan, allow them to come any further?  

Blood Brothers

All in the way you Smile  Chris & Vin

Something is troubling Chris and Vin lends a sympathetic ear.

Beneath the Surface  Sequel to Young Warriors   

Ezra pulls a con and Chris engages his new friends for a mission.   4th story in Blood Brothers 

Color me Black  Sequel to Extort thy Childhood Ezra & Chris

Chris reveals a few secrets to Ezra on the way home.  2nd Story in Blood Brothers 

Extort thy Childhood  Ezra, Maude & ???

A young Ezra confronts Maude and ends up responsible for an even younger boy.  (LOL...Wonder who?)  First in Blood Brothers AU.

More than Friends Sequel to Beneath the Surface  Chris & Buck

Buck arrives in Four Corners. 5th in Blood Brothers

Young Warriors  Sequel to Color me Black Chris, Ezra, Josiah Vin, Nathan & JD

Chris and Ezra arrive in Four Corners.  3rd story in Blood Brothers 

It's Ezra's birthday, and he's to meet up with Maude, but where is she?  (In response to Jean's Birthday Challenge)

Candle of Reflection  Chris & Ezra 
A Christmas Story...Chris is reflecting on his lost family and struggling to come to terms with the loss and Ezra has his own reasons for not wanting to celebrate Christmas. 
Castaways Series
Adrift    Follows Tide's Turning.   Chris & Ezra 
Ezra and Chris have a lot on their minds.  
Marooned    Seven
Imagine Gilligan's island...Okay?  Well the guys are marooned on an island... eventually <BG>
Mutineers    Follows The Storm.   Seven    

Things are getting a little uncomfortable and tempers start boiling. 

The Storm    Follows Marooned.  Ezra, Vin & Chris 

Nominated for a 2004 Ezzie Award.  A storm arrives before the guys have recovered from being marooned. 

Tally Marks     Follows Adrift.     JD & Seven    

The guys have been marooned for 100 days.  How have the castaways survived?  JD asks the hard questions.  Total fluff! 

Tide's Turning  Follows Mutineers.  Chris & Buck  
Buck and Chris have a talk.
Day of the Hunters  (ATF)  Sequel to Rebuilding the Past  Ezra, Chris   
Chris is kidnapped in a ploy to discover where Standish is hiding.  Will Ezra sacrifice his freedom to save his boss?

Dead Man's Wake  Ezra & Vin

Somebody tries awful hard to convince the Seven that Ezra's dead. 

Divergence  Virtual Season Episode - Vin & Ezra

Vin mysteriously goes missing in another town and Ezra calls in the reinforcements.  Have bounty hunters finally caught up with Vin?   As the investigation gets underway, Ezra finds himself target of foul play.

Don't Wait too Long (ATF)  Ezra & Chris

Ezra's first major assignment with Team 7...things go bad...you know the drill. 

Downtime (ATF) Seven

Josiah has an outside interest and the guys have only just discovered what that is. 

End Of The Line  (Little Ezra) Ezra, Chris & Buck

My take on how Seven-year-old Ezra Standish comes to Four Corners. 

From here to there - and back again  Chris

An answer to the Jan Challenge...Chris loses his horse...but who is to blame? 

Hey Pard  Ezra & Buck   Nominated for a 2003 Ezzie Award

Buck has an accident and loses his memory.  He attacks Ezra and leaves the gambler for dead.

Infidelities Chris & Ezra

Chris receives a letter from his father, informing him that he has a younger brother,  from a past transgression. Where does Ezra fit into all of this?

Jumping at Shadows Sequel to Spectral Shadows Chris, Vin & Ezra

Is there a reasonable explanation for the incidents that befall the guys or is something more sinister at large?  

Lone Wolf Series

A Few Honest Lies  Vin & Josiah

Bounty hunters close in on Vin.   

The Long way home Vin & Buck

Vin suspects foul play.  Buck must decide if he'll tag along or go directly home. 

Pain in the Butt  Vin & Chris

Vin and Chris are chosen to defuse an explosive situation involving an irate grandmother.    

Read 'em Right   Vin & Ezra

Vin is frustrated that he can't read a note that was intended for him.  Can Ezra help?

Tight Fit  Vin & JD
Vin leads JD to a watering hole.   And ends up at the mercy of the young gunslinger.

Too Late Vin & Nathan

Vin makes a promise that he can't keep.       

Mayhem Josiah & Ezra

From the Drabbles page...this just grew.  It's a little different...  A not so routine prisoner transfer.

The Maze Ezra & Chris

This was my first, and has since been rewritten. Chris and Ezra are attacked, imprisoned, kidnapped then left to survive in a dark maze of underground tunnels.

No Greater Gift    Chris & Buck  

Buck leaves Chris a gift.  An Answer to the Oct 04 Challenge.

Not as they Seem Weellllll?

A gang of outlaws traps four of the seven...but you'll just have to read the rest. <g>  (Written in response to NotTasha's Sept Challenge - kinda...)

Rebuilding the Past   (ATF)  Ezra, Buck & Chris

What if the past you've always known to be true, was nothing but a fabrication? How would you prove it?  Let alone explain it to your friends? 

Road to Hell Sequel to Dead Man's Wake - Ezra & VIn

Morris has escaped and is out for revenge. 

Something Tangible Chris & Ezra  

Chris has lost something and is frantic to find it. 

Spectral Shadows Ezra, Vin & Chris

Kind of Halloweenish, a bit spooky, and scary.

Stalking Shadows Chris, Ezra & Vin

A final sequel to Spectral Shadows and Jumping at Shadows...Scary, and a bit dark.

Stand Firm Vin & Ezra

Vin finds himself trapped between a rock and a hard place, leaving Ezra to organise his rescue.  But who will rescue Ezra?

Strong Ties Ezra, Josiah & Chris 

Standish leaves Four Corners;  the Seven have other ideas and follow.

Tit for Tat    Ezra & Vin   Was Nominated for a 2001 Brigadear Award

Vin and Ezra discuss their childhoods. (Humour)

 A Weight to Bear Series

Buck Ezra & Buck

Standish is being tardy, or so Buck believes.

Chaucer Ezra & Chaucer

Chaucer is such a loyal and devoted horse.

Chris Ezra & Chris

Chris and Ezra are locked together inside the bank vault after it is robbed. 

JD Ezra & JD

Dunne is fed up with the gambler's miserable mood.

Josiah Ezra & Josiah

Josiah discovers some of Ezra's home truths.

Nathan Ezra & Nathan

Some of Nathan's old friends arrive in town.  They take an instant dislike to the Southerner.

Vin  Ezra & Vin   Nominated for a 2002 Ezzie Award

Vin and Ezra commiserate over the deaths of two children.

Plans Afoot  Ezra & Josiah

Josiah and Ezra are walking around in the dark.

When the Past Bites  (ATF) Buck & Ezra

Buck goes on vacation and gets a little more than he bargained for.

Whispers of the Wind Seven

A murder mystery in Four Corners.  " Who done it?" plot

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