For Want of a Shoe

by Twyla Jane

Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own the Magnificent Seven, they belong to others I had merely borrowed them for sheer entertainment not profit. This is an answer to The M7M Challenge about Alternate transport.

A dusty sweat streaked gambled plodded along the trail towards town leading Chaucer, ignoring horse and rider trotting up behind him. Almost cringing when the young man spoke


“I’d rather not discuss the matter in depth Mr. Dunne,” Standish didn’t turn around as he answered. “ I am merely enjoying a an afternoon jaunt through the brush.”

The dark haired youth stared at the man and his beloved mount for moment, thoughtfully rubbing the scruff on his chin, before commenting again.

“You know he’s missing a shoe?”

“Thank you for your astute observation hence my current mode of transport.”