by Twyla Jane


There’s no money been made off of this. Don’t own these boys wish I did. So don’t sue. This story ain’t been beta-ed. All the mistakes are mine own. This story takes place in the Old West…. Just read the story it’s just a scene really. 7/8/01

A deluge of water fell from the sky, but the man that had dismounted his horse during the summer storm didn’t care as he just tied the reins onto some nearby brush and walked on. He removed his hat and took a few steps forward, grinning, as he looked up. The warm torrential rain sluiced across Vin Tanner’s face and down his neck.

It felt good to be alive.

Laughing as he stretched his arms out towards the sky catching some of the rain in his open mouth. The tracker stood there letting the comforting rain wash away the trail dust and the years.

Back to when he was a boy and his mother was still alive.

Oh how she had loved the rain, especially a summer rain in Texas after a long hot spell. His mother used to drag him out into the downpours and they would play splashing through the puddles until they were muddy and drenched to the skin. Then she would hold his hand while they stared up at the clouds until it either the rain stopped or the most of the grime was washed away.

She had told him that a good rain could even wash sins away. Wouldn’t matter a lick how many years passed on his happy memories of his Ma wouldn’t fade.

Sometimes the memories were all he had.

But not today, the bright sun appeared through the clouds reminding him that he had more. He had friends that were back in Four Corners waiting for his return.

The man who was every bit his mother’s son smiled as he felt a warm breeze go through his wet hair before he slapped his wet hat back on and grabbed his horse’s reins. Climbing back into the saddle, his soul was felt clean for the first time in years as headed on home.


Oh God it’s raining
But I’m not complaining
It’s filling me up with new light
The stars in the skies
Bring tears to my eyes
They‘re lighting my way tonight
And I haven’t felt so alive in years
Just for a day
On a day like today
I’ll get away from the constant debauchery
The wind in my hair
Makes me so aware
How good it is to live tonight
And I haven’t felt so alive in years
The moon is shining in the sky
Reminding me of so many other nights
But they’re not like tonight
Oh God it raining
And I’m not containing my pleasure at being so wet
Here on my own
All my own
How it good it feel to be alone tonight
And I haven’t felt so alive in years
The moon is shining in the sky
Reminding me of so many other nights
Where my eyes have been so red
I’ve been mistaken for dead
But not tonight

Martin Lee Gore-Depeche Mode
‘But Not Tonight” from ‘Black Celebration’-1986