This Place

by Twyla Jane

The disclaimer is and always will be I don’t own ‘em and never made a plug nickel off ‘em. Wish I did. This is a series of stories where Ezra’s a child and the remaining seven are adults. In a Modern universe where the boys are working in Chris’ and Buck’s 4C agency as private investigators, bounty hunters and body guards. This fic-let takes place after "What's in a name?" 10/27/01

Saying goodbye before having a chance to say hello. It didn’t seem fair, not fair at all under the warm summer sun the morning they stood in front of the headstone that bore their mother’s name. The normally reserved Ezra wept quietly as he gently placed flowers upon the well-kept grave as he held tightly to Tilly’s hand. When he told her where he had wanted to go the young woman almost balked she almost suggested he ask Mr. Larabee. Why her? But she knew and silently berated herself for even thinking such thing. The simple truth she was his sister and this was important to him because even if she hadn’t known her mother Ezra had. How could she be selfish after all he had been through so she agreed to go with out asking why. Slipping away from the ranch after the young woman left a note for Chris, the siblings had stopped at a florist where Tilly patiently waited as her younger brother looked through the copious supply of floral arrangements. Finally thirty minutes later he decided on a bouquet of Lilacs, without a word she paid for them and followed him as he carried them out to the car.


A word with the groundskeeper had directed them to Sarah Larabee’s resting place. There they stood for ten long minutes not moving as Tilly watched as silent tears fell down Ezra’s face before he placed the delicate fragrant flowers in the weathered metal vase at the base of the stone marker when he sat down and carefully began to trace the carved letters.


“Yeah Runt?”

“I remember…”
The young woman joined him on the soft green grass unable to look at him as he quietly spoke, found herself staring at the words.

Sarah Anne Larabee
Beloved wife and daughter
Devoted mother

Tilly was almost afraid to breathe. She had been there in the aftermath she also remembered the long days that followed and how traumatizing it all had been. Ezra looked up for a moment as she tensed and knew what she must be thinking.

“…From before… I remember from before…the way she smelled… like Lilacs…she used to read to me… Matilda was my favorite… some how I remembered…. That’s… ”

“And that’s why you call me Tilly…”

Ezra only nodded, he wanted her to understand. It had been hard for her. She never seemed to say much to Chris and those conversations were awkward.

“You look like her… “

Tilly could see he was struggling to find the words, for once he didn’t know what to say moreover he seemed afraid and it dawned on her why.

“Don’t worry Runt I’m not going to give up. You can’t get rid of me that easy… this family thing is… well its hard. I am going to promise you I’m not going to leave again not like before… “

Ezra tightened his grip on her hand and she returned the hold as she looked up and smiled. The boy turned around to see Chris Larabee slowly walking down the gravel path towards them finally stopping next to the headstone.

“Got your message.”

He quietly said after he came to a halt. Chris had been surprised at first by what it said. Gone to the cemetery to visit with Sarah. He quickly realized why they had gone together, they had lost their mother long ago and wanted to finally pay their respects.


Tilly managed a slight smile as she replied.

“Pretty flowers… she would like them…”

Chris noticed the lilacs.

“They were her favorites…”

Ezra looked up at Chris with a tear stained face as he spoke.

“You two want to join me for breakfast?”

The pair nodded simultaneously and Ezra quickly stood up brushing the freshly cut grass from his pants while Tilly took a moment longer staring at the grave marker at the small brass plate inscribed with a simple poem.

Walk on
Walk away
Let your spirit soar
To new heights
Pursue new dreams
While remembering the old
Journey forth
On towards tomorrow
Cast off the dread of past mistakes
The fear of new horizons
While walking towards your place in the sun
Revel in life’s mystery
And smile the journey is never done.


Larabee had turned around and called out as he stepped away with a hand resting lightly on Ezra’s shoulder.

“Yes Pops I’m coming…”

Tilly smirked as Ezra giggled at the use of the name. She stood up and found herself the recipient of a half-hearted glare from her father. Oh this was going to be interesting because the journey had only just begun.