The Trap

by Janalyn Robnett
(aka White Raven)

Summary: When Vin is literally caught in a steel toothed trap, no one knows of his plight until he turns up overdue. The Seven's only clue as to his whereabouts belongs to a mysterious coyote. They find Vin, but the question remains...will Nathan be able to save Vin's leg or will Vin lose his leg in order for his life to be saved? The irony of coming full circle hits home for the healer, and Chris is left with a heavy decision to make...a decision to either honor Vin's wishes...or save his life.

Disclaimer: The characters of the Magnificent Seven do not belong to me. They belong to MGM and Trilogy Entertainment. No money is being made. The Trapper is a character that is of my creation, though. Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Violence, language, and some material that may be disturbing to some readers (i.e., blood, painful wound and plenty of angst.)

Notes: Thanks to Brigitta for betaing and urging me to put more smarm in this second draft than I had in the first. Yeah, Brigitta, like twist my arm, why don't ya'? <G> And to Whiterose for helping me learn 'Vin-Speak'. My stories are Chris and Vin heavy, but I try to stay true to all the characters. My apologies to those who are more acquainted with Indian legends than I am. I have taken creative license here, and I mean no disrespect to the Native American people and what they believe. My theme of honorable kills was taken from what I believe the Indians would hold true. Imagination was used for the rest.

Size: Approx 120K

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Part 4 - 5 | Part 6 - Epilogue

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