ATF Universe

DISCLAIMER: MGM and Trilogy own the rights to the guys. I only claim them in my own little fantasy world. All characters except the Seven, Casey, Inez and Judge Travis were intended to be original characters. Any similarity to others' creations is unintentional. The wonderful ATF universe was created by MOG and we thank her.

NOTES: This story is the sequel to No More Words. It would probably be best to have read that one first to understand this one. I would like to thank those who responded to the first story and asked a few 'what if' questions to get the juices flowing for this one. I owe a great deal to my betas, Kap and Judy, for their help in making this story make a little more sense and thanks to Mady and Kathy for their technical help.

WARNING: As with the first story, to all those well versed in medical procedure, courtroom procedure and/or law enforcement procedure and who cringe at the layman's inaccuracies, my apologies. All information used was based on my limited personal experience, a limited amount of research, my limited capabilities in divining a 'best guess', and a whole lot of creative license.

THANKS: to Nancy for coming up with the title.

SIZE: Approx. 376K

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