Candied Corn Nightmares

by Kerry

ATF Universe

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Mirisch, Trilogy, CBS and TNN, among others. This was intended for pleasure only. No compensation of any type was earned with the writing of this piece.
Notes: First and foremost - my sincere thanks to Mog for creating this fantastic universe with which I am obsessed!

Secondly, Winter thank you for your kind permission to borrow and expand on your vision of Vin in his Zorro mask that you created in your marvelous story "If You Can't Beat 'Em".

Last, but not least, my grateful thanks to my betas without whom I would have never gotten through this! To Shelly for her constant encouragement, great advice and refusal to let me lag behind any longer! To Mags for helping me bounce my ideas off her and all her time she spent keeping my insanity down to a dull roar! To Winter for her invaluable guidance and advice.

Size: Approx. 94K

Parts 1-7
Parts 8-15
Parts 16-23
Parts 24-30

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