Black Widow

by Deirdre

Part 7

Friday Morning, early:

"This looks good, Gia," Roberto eyed the schedule she laid out on the table, "Two trips to Mexico next month and three more in July. Excellent."

"Toni said that they will be using lots of props for the shoots in Mazalatan and Monterrey. We'll fly down, but the crew will be driving in several large trailers. She hires extra help for this four month run."

"I'll call New York and get Dom to send down some men. I want Tony and Nick on board," He said of his two cousins, "I'll leave it to them to pick who else comes."

"I'll can four of them hired on that should be enough. You'll be close by?"

"In every shadow," He read the dates again. "I hate virgin territory, it's a risky venture. Vince has a new buyer lined up. He said he checked out. All the buyers will be here in a couple weeks for our initial meet. If all goes well, we'll rendezvous after we cross the border on the way back." He memorized the overnight stops, at no-name desert towns. "Excellent. Should be a piece of cake. You're sure the trucks can handle it?"

"If we divide it up among the five trips," Gia nodded, "No problem. You worry too much, Darling. All work and no play makes Roberto a cranky boy..."

"Speaking of playing," He said, nipping her neck, "You're gonna be late for your shoot. Is one of the girls picking you up?"

"Caitlin and Morgan." She pulled her jacket on, "I'm meeting them out front."

"Buck, did you get any Garlic Bagels?" Nathan asked, peering inside the large bag on the tall agent's desk.

"No...Pizza, Plain, Onion, Blueberry and Spinach." Buck hollered from the back of the office

"Spinach?" J.D. frowned, "What kind of mistake is that?"

"It's my mistake, Kid," Chris uttered, taking the warm, green-flecked bagel.

"Looks good too, Chris," J.D. recovered, taking a plain one.

"Take them into the cantina, they don't belong out here," Chris ordered headed for the coffeepot.

"I was heading that way," Buck reappeared, "My arms were full. I...I...think I died and went to heaven...." His voice dropped as apparition glided before his eyes.

The others turned to follow Buck's line of vision. A beautiful girl with long auburn hair and huge blue eyes appeared in the doorway.

"Aphrodite, I'm sure," Ezra stood up, trying to get past Buck.

"Hello, Darlin'" Buck moved forward quickly, wearing his killer smile, "I'm Buck Wilmington and you must be my fiancée."

"I'm Sierra McLeod,” She shook the hand offered and laughed, "and I'd know you anywhere Buck. It's nice to meet you." She eyed the four men scattered in a roughshod circle among the workstations. "Let's see," She nodded at the dark-haired boy and the black man who stood next to him, "J.D. and Nathan," then she nodded at a well-dressed man with light green eyes and a gray haired older man, "Ezra and Josiah...."

"Dammit, Vin, Stay the hell away from this coffee pot." A voice bellowed from the back.

"It ain't hardly that bad..." a grumble replied.

"Compared to what? Rocket fuel?"

"And that would be Chris Larabee," She grinned, "How'd I do?"

"Darlin' you can do whatever you want, as long as I'm doing it with you." Buck charmed, taking her arm.

"Buck, get the hell away from her..." Vin hollered, quickly walking up front, "Sierra, what are ya doing here?" He moved in front of her protectively, glaring at Buck.

"It's time to go, Cowboy," She grinned at his hovering stance, "Thought I'd give you a ride. We should be finished by one or so."

"Did she just call you Cowboy?" Chris smirked, raising a blond eyebrow at his best friend, who blushed slightly over his glare.

"Son, you made Old Buck proud," He clapped the younger man's shoulder, "No wonder you been floating on cloud nine all week. Now, Sierra, if you ever grow tired of that scrawny Texan, you give Old Buck a call..."

"Better chance of Hell freezin' over," Vin retorted, zipping his jacket. "Let's go..."

"It was nice to meet you all. I'm sure I'll see you again." She stated and gave Buck a saucy wink, "Bye Buck..."

"Damn...that boy sleeps in shit..." Buck marveled at the lanky sharpshooter's good fortune.

"She must be one of the models he met last weekend." J.D. assessed.

"Miss McLeod does not earn her living in front of the camera." Ezra stated, recognizing the name, She is the caterer for Rainbow Dancers, the agency belonging to the woman Mr. Tanner rescued."

"How do you know all that?" Nathan asked.

"Yeah, and where's Vin going all morning?" J.D. wondered.

"That would be Mr. Tanner's business, not yours." Ezra supplied, slipping in to the cantina for some coffee.

Vin tensed as the two models slipped in front and behind him on the bike. Terry was behind him, her hands clasped on his right shoulder, with her head resting against his. Caitlin straddled the bike facing him, her head on his chest and one arm inside his jacket. Cambria knelt in front, clasping his leg.

"Ain't y'all cold?" Vin whispered, "Ya ain't hardly wearin' anythin'..."

"Not with you here, Sugar," Terry whispered, enjoying the feel of his back.

They took several shots of Vin and the girls on the bike, with him in his jacket, glasses and jeans. The mountains peeked up behind them, skirting the lush water in the lake. Then they handed Vin a tan duster, cowboy hat, brown leather holster and an old colt. He shucked off his jacket and donned the antique garb. He posed more intimately with Morgan, on a rock near the water's edge.

They were taking a break, readying for the last shots. Vin was waiting in the duster, fooling around drawing the gun, when he saw the silver Porsche pull up. He glared openly as Ezra made his way to the edge of the crew. The Conman gave Vin a slight nod and was trying hard to contain himself. "Aw, hell...Who let him out of his cage?" He muttered.

"Friend of yours?" Cambria asked, astonished. She didn't miss the car or the expensive garb decorating the handsome green-eyed man from head to toe.

"Ezra Standish," He answered, "He's one of the guys I work with."

"Really..." She oozed, sizing him up.

"Okay, Vin, stand with one leg on the rock, pull the coat away and show the gun. Keep your head straight, this is a profile. Cambria...” Jessie was interrupted.

"Damn..." Vin hissed, opening his coat to cover the slim girl, "Where's yer clothes?"

"Chivalry is alive and well, ladies," Cambria called out, causing a burst of laughter, "Honey, It's body stocking." She tapped his cheek, "But thank you..." She slipped into a rabbit fur jacket, which barely covered her backside.

" kneel and rest your head against his leg, and look back towards us...perfect."

Finally, the shoot was finished. Vin drew his gun and approached Ezra. "Reach fer the stars, Pard." He snarled, poking Ezra in the chest. "Always wanted to do that."

"Born a century too late..." Ezra commented, "Alas, and another promising career bites the dust," He nodded as Vin's prop bike and the other girls were led away.

"Actually, it was kinda fun...,” Vin admitted, twirling the gun, "I kinda like this rig..."

"Those are yours, Mr. Tanner, you do not have to return them."

"No shit!" Vin hooted, slipping the gun back in the holster.

"It was part of the deal we agreed to." Ezra replied, looking past Vin at the ravishing spiky-haired red head.

"Damn yer good, Ez," Vin crowed, hooking his thumbs in his gunbelt. "That's Cambria Santanna. She had her eye on ya but good." Vin elbowed, "Like y'all was somethin' to look at..."

"Believe it or not, Mr. Tanner," Ezra moved away, "Some of the female persuasion do find me appealing."

"No accountin' fer taste." Vin shrugged, "Me and Sierra's meetin' Chris and the guys fer lunch at The Lotus Petal. Ya interested? I'll see if Cambria wants to come."

"I'll take a raincheck," Ezra put on his expensive aviator sunglasses and fished car keys out of his cashmere coat, "I have a meeting with Ted Dempsey. It's time to for my alter ego to become acquainted with the Carlino Family."

"That's a pretty big pair of boots, Ez," Vin's toned turned serious, "Ya watch yer back."

"That's what Uncle Sam pays you for, my good sharpshooter," Ezra replied, easing behind the wheel. "Happy Trails, Roy..." He offered as he pulled away.

"Where'd you park your horse, Stud," Buck laughed as Vin ambled over, still in his cowboy outfit.

"I'd watch what ya say, Pard," Vin pulled his coat back, and revealed his sidearm, "Else I might have to call y'all out."

"Hey Vin, you look good in that get-up," J.D. moved over so his friend could sit.

"Thanks, Kid," Vin answered, dropping the hat on J.D.'s head.

Nathan frowned, eyeing his friend's costume. "Vin, what are doing in that outfit?"

"'s uh...a favor for Sierra." Vin stammered.

"Did you pose with them girls?" Buck sat forward, enjoying his young friend squirm.

"Sorta..." Vin flinched.

"Sorta?" J.D. perked up, "Come on, Vin, spill it..."

"Ain't nothin' to talk about. Just a few pictures for some perfume Ad. It'll cover the new heating unit at the Center."

"Where is that little gal?" Buck eyed the room.

"She's parkin' the car." Vin replied, hanging his duster carefully on the hook next to the booth.

"Can I see the gun?" Chris asked, eyeing the antique.

"'s post Civil War, I think. Cool huh?"

"I got a spot for you right here, Darlin'" Buck patted his lap, as the pretty girl approached.

"Don't tempt me on an empty stomach, Buck." She teased, squeezing his shoulder.

Vin sat back and sipped tea from the small oriental china cup. Sierra had them eating out of her hand. She told them about the Rodeo, the ranch and even how she caught some rustler's the summer before. Chris slid his gaze over and saw the beam on Vin's face. He smiled, glad that Vin found someone so special. He deserved no less.

The next couple weeks were busy for the team. They were busying preparing for the upcoming Carlino affair. Rainbow Dancers had an extended tour coming up and Sierra was also busy. Vin and Sierra stole as much time as they could. Finally, there was a weekend they were both free. Vin picked her up in his packed Jeep on a Friday afternoon. She slung her gear in the back and they headed north, to camp in the mountains.

The cabin was rustic. Dinner was long over and Sierra was wrapped in a quilt in front of the fireplace. Vin stepped out of the bedroom and she drank in the lean body. She opened the quilt and enveloped him.

"Time to ride the stars, Cowboy..." She breathed, pulling him on top of her.

A fire snapped in the background, basking the two lovers in the early morning light. To Vin, it seemed that it was the first time he'd really felt alive. She was sleeping, her breath danced across his bare chest. He stroked her back under the quilt and her sigh in contentment. A soft laugh slipped out of his mouth.

"What?" She whispered, nipping his chest.

"I feel like I was just born." He rasped, kissing the top of her head, "The colors seem richer, the air smells sweeter..." He paused, eyeing her face, "God yer beautiful," He choked, caressing her silken curves.

"Funny," She turned up, looking at his handsome face, "I was just thinking the same thing."

Part 8

Chris Larabee eyed the approaching limousine from inside the airport terminal. He nodded to Josiah who was posing outside as a taxi driver. Chris made his way over the luggage bay and waited for the passengers to arrive. Vin and J.D. were in the surveillance van outside, waiting to tape the encounter.

Ezra's initial meeting with the Carlino's was to take place this morning. In preparation for the undercover role as Etienne Auberge, he'd flown to the Crescent City for a few days to be seen about town. He played the role of a suave, smooth-talking, New Orleans blue blood that supplied cocaine to a network throughout Louisiana and Georgia. He'd become so proficient in the role, that the maitre de's, bellhops, doormen and other personnel of the places he purposely frequented, and all knew him by name.

The phone conversation had been brief. He'd put feelers out via the undercover network, to the Carlino's of his need. The phone forwarding system connected and he'd spoken briefly with Vincent Carlino. That had been two weeks ago. Five days ago, the second call came, requesting he fly to Denver for a meeting. He went to New Orleans and made himself visible around town. He strolled through the airport and was approaching the luggage bay, when a muscular black man approached him.

"Mr. Auberge?" He stated, waiting for Ezra to give an indication, then pointed, "Mr. Carlino is waiting. I'm to take you directly."

"My luggage..."

"It's being taken care of."

Ezra flicked his eyes to Chris who caught his eye for a split second, and then returned to eyeing the luggage carousel. Chris bent forward to check a tag and pressed the comm-link attached to his collar.

"Green light, bugs" He alerted Vin and J.D. to get ready.

He continued to check a few more tags, eyeing Ezra climb into the large luxury vehicle. He then made his way slowly outside and hailed a cab. Josiah pulled up and Chris climbed in. Nathan and Buck were in court and would join the team later. Josiah kept two car lengths behind the limo. The exterminating van that housed J.D. and Vin was in close range.

"Welcome to Denver, Mr. Auberge," Roberto nodded, handing Ezra a glass of champagne, "Here's to your health."

"And your wealth," Ezra replied, clinking the glass. "Not quite Louis Roederer," he noted of the finest, "but quite refreshing."

"I think this relationship can be mutually beneficial," Carlino stated, noting the expensive attire, and recalling his brother's extensive background check. "We'll drop you at your hotel downtown and pick you up at six p.m. for a dinner meeting. Bring your coat."

"We'll be dining outdoors? How rustic."

"I'd like you to meet the family, so to speak." Roberto deposited the glass on a table as the car slowed down at the hotel. "Your bags will be sent up. You're in Room 541."

"Understood. Until six, then." Ezra shook Carlino's hand and exited.

"We stickin' with Carlino?" J.D. radioed to Chris.

"No, I'll check in and get a room near Ezra's. You two get back to base and find out who else might be in town for the family get together. Be back here by five."

"Okay, we're pulling out." J.D. replied, nodding to Vin to turn the vehicle around.

It was almost four p.m. when Buck Wilmington reached the office. Nathan went directly to the coffee shop across from the hotel to meet Josiah. The tall agent entered the silent office and made his way towards the conference room. He placed the box on the empty table and stuck his head back through the door. He spotted Vin Tanner bent over his desk. He walked over and laid a hand to the younger man's shoulder.

"So how's the guest list coming?" He asked, eyeing the printouts and photo's Vin was studying.

"Look's like quite a shindig," Vin sat back and scratched his head, "Ezra's one of five big time buyers on the list. Philly, Montreal, Detroit and Seattle are also represented. There's three Colombians too, I ain't sure yet if there Ramerez's men or Veguilla's. How'd it go in court?"

"About as exciting as watching paint dry..." Buck nodded his head, "Take a break, I brought some grub. Where's the Kid?"

"Calling Chris from his office, I'll get him." Vin said, making his way past Buck. J.D. was gathering up his notes, when Vin popped in, "Buck's here and he brought food."

"Music to my ears," J.D. picked up his folder and followed Vin Tanner into the large conference room. "Damn nice of you to lend a hand, Buck." He crowed, grabbing a steak sandwich from the box.

"Now, J.D. you know how much I love surveillance work," Buck mocked, "But my presence was needed in court."

"Funny thing, Nathan got done 'fore noon," Vin's eyes narrowed over his Bronco burger, "Y'all come by way of Nebraska?"

"I had some last minute details to...uh...tie down with the D.A." Buck defended, opening a container of wings with hot sauce.

"That was a waste of time..." J.D. snorted, knowing Buck loved to chase a skirt. "She can't stand you, Buck."

"I wouldn't go that far." Buck picked up his soda, "I think she's startin' to come around."

"More likely the North Pole will thaw out, 'fore she does..." Vin grinned, grabbing a handful of fries. "Did ya get a hold of Chris?"

"Yeah, I gave him what we got. He'll ride with us." J.D. muffled, chewing his lunch.

"Five buyers," Buck wiped the sauce off of his fingers, "That's quite a snowstorm. Could be a real haul."

"I'd say we're looking at least fifty million on the street," Vin noted of the markets involved, "Maybe even more. There's a meetin' tomorrow at nine for all the agencies involved. DEA, Us, the Justice Dept and Customs."

"Ted Dempsey heard from his man in Bogota. They moved the stuff north to Nogales with trucks and fishing boats. That's where Ezra's job starts." J.D. finished his sandwich and gulped his soda.

"Jesus, J.D." Buck grimaced at the rapid pace at which the boy ate, "Last time I checked, there wasn't any commando's coming up the hall with Uzi's..."

Vin chuckled and noted the clock, "Best finish up Buck, we gotta roll out at four-thirty."

That Evening, Outside Denver

Ezra blinked as the blindfold was taken off. He eyed the dessert terrain and assessed they were south of Denver. He stepped out into the cold night and saw several more limousines parked in the driveway of the large house. He followed the driver up to the open front door and entered. The interior of the home had a Mediterranean atmosphere.

"Good Evening, Mr. Auberge. If you follow me."

Ezra nodded at the twenty-something dark-haired young man who stood before him. There were seven other men in the large living room. Ezra accepted a glass of wine and settled into a wing chair. He recognized the three Colombian’s from Ted Dempsey's dossier. They worked for Carmen Veguilla, one of the most powerful men in South American, who controlled about sixty percent of the drug market. The other four must be buyers from other regions of the country.

While the guests were being entertained downstairs, Roberto Carlino was entertaining a guest of his own. Cambria forced herself from his side, her body still sore from his ministrations. She slipped into a jade silk kimono and eyed the monitor. The ten-inch screen showed those gathered downstairs. Once Roberto made his way to the foyer, he and his brothers would begin the meeting.

"Hurry, Darling," She warned, "You'll be late. You know your brother Vince has an awful temper. He'll ruin the meeting."

"Then I'll just have to punish you, Temptress," He called from the other room, "Since you're the reason for my tardiness."

She was about to reply, when saw a familiar face. She squinted at the picture, recognizing the handsome man.

"Roberto!" She hollered, "You've got trouble..."

"What is it?" He hurried to her side.

"It's name is Ezra Standish..." She pointed to the figure sipping wine and admiring a piece of art.

"Are you sure?" Roberto eyed the man cautiously, "Dom checked him out thoroughly. His name is Etienne Auberge, from New Orleans."

"His name is Ezra Standish and he's from Denver," She hissed, "He works with that cowboy Sierra's dating."

"Works where?"

"A government job of some kind," She frowned, trying to remember the brief conversation she held with the caterer, "I was surprised because he didn't seem to be the office type. Sierra said he worked mostly out in the field."

"Shit!" Roberto swore, running a hand through his hair, "I bet he's fuckin' DEA..."

"No, I don't think so..." She shook her head. "I'm sure that wasn't it. I know where his office is, I can find out."

"Nevermind," her lover snarled, "We'll ice him way outside town. This is too big a deal to risk a leak." He issued, picking up the phone, "Dom, get up here, we've got a problem."

Thirty seconds later, Roberto's older brother appeared. Much larger in height and weight, his beard and mustache gave him an omnipotent aura.

"What's going on?" He growled, "I got a roomful of nervous customers."

"One of them's a Fed," Roberto pointed out Ezra, "Gia recognized him."

"Where you know him from?" Dom demanded of the redhead.

"I saw him on a shoot outside Denver. His name is Ezra Standish. Sierra's boyfriend Vin was posing with us and he," Her manicured finger touched Ezra on the screen, "showed up. Vin told me he was a coworker. Sierra already told me Vin works for the Government and is in the field alot. He's not DEA or FBI."

"He's a dead Fed..." Dom nodded, "Tell Eddie to take Mr. Auberge for a long ride."

"Wait a minute," Gia grabbed Dom's arm, "This can work to our advantage. You can misdirect Mr. Auberge from your side, with incorrect dates and times. I can woo Mr. Standish from my side and tap his phone. I do some of my best work in the field too," She grinned.

"You do your best work on your back," Dom assessed, cupping her chin, "and you might just have something there. Okay, we try it out. If it starts to go sour, we take him out. Let's go Robbie, we're late."

It wasn't quite midnight when Ezra made his way to a diner a few blocks away. He ordered a cup of coffee and a slice of pie. He made his way to the men's room and entered the second stall. Lifting the tank cover, he found the note. Its message was brief. A taxi would pick him up out front at twelve-thirty. He flushed the note and finished his mediocre meal. Stepping outside, he saw the taxi approach and flagged it down. He slid into the back seat and slipped the micro cassette player onto the floor.

"Good evening, Mr. Larabee."

"Ezra," Chris met his reflection in the rear view mirror, "How did it go?"

"Routine more or less. The exact figure is not yet calculated, but it will be in the neighborhood of three to five hundred kilo's." He paused, hearing Chris's hiss, "Well said, Mr. Larabee. The Colombians said very little, but I got the distinct impression that they have a warehouse somewhere just over the border."

"From what Ted told J.D., Veguilla already has some of the stuff moving north. We'll find out more tomorrow. All the agents involved in Operation Blue Cobra are meeting at nine." He saw a slight pause in Ezra's expression. "What's wrong?"

"Maybe nothing." Ezra mused, "Normally at meetings such as this, the details of the buy are discussed among all those present. The Carlino's interviewed us separately. They're leaving Denver in a couple days, they said I would be contacted before the buy sometime next month."

"Separately..." Chris frowned, sensing trouble, "I don't like it. Why would they do that? Do you think they're suspicious of you?"

"He I sit," Ezra waved his open hand, "Had they had any lurking details or suspicions, I would gather by now I'd be not among the living."

"I don't know, Ezra," Chris pulled in front of the hotel, "I don't like it. Maybe I should send Buck to back you up."

"Now that wouldn't be too obvious, would it," Ezra said sarcastically, "Your concern is duly noted. I have an early flight. I'll be returning later this week."

"Watch your back," Chris met the green-eyes and saw the slight nod as Ezra departed.

Part 9

There were thirty or more agents gathered in the large conference room. The lights dimmed and the projector displayed pictures of the buyers and dealers involved. Ezra's information was close to the mark, the DEA expected the bust to net anywhere from 75 to 100 million in cocaine.

Vin studied the handout, squinting in the dark. He glanced up, memorizing the faces of the underlings in the Veguilla cartel. The lights went on and fielding several questions, Ted Demspey nodded at Vin, who had his hand raised.

"How y'all gonna coordinate this? Ya pullin' a net down in Columbia too? That's a whole lotta fish."

"It's a sticky situation, Mr. Tanner," He answered, "We have three undercover agents, one with the Carlino's, one in Columbia and Mr. Standish. They should be able to provide confirmation about the dates and times."

The meeting broke up and the agents milled around a bit, sharing war stories. Chris went to speak to Ted and his team returned to headquarters. Josiah and Nathan would be working with Border Patrol, so they were leaving for a short training course in Tucson. J.D., Vin and Buck would continue to work supporting Ezra. The three made they're way through the lobby.

She watched them enter the deserted elevator and eyed the light panel overhead. The car stopped at the fifth floor. She returned to the office index across the lobby and read the list. After waiting ten minutes, she took the elevator upstairs. She walked slowly down the corridor, peeking in several doors. She saw the tall man with a mustache talking to Vin Tanner at the far end of the room. She read the sign posted on the outside of the glass door. She waited in the lobby, hiding behind a newspaper. About eleven-thirty, they walked past her. She watched as walked down the street, turning into a pizza shop. She ambled slowly to the elevator and went upstairs.

The office was empty and she only stayed a few minutes. She walked among the workstations, reading each nameplate. She paused at one desk, spotting a picture of Vin Tanner, Ezra Standish and two other men. That was all the confirmation she needed. She saw the private glass walled office and determined that was the supervisor's desk. The door was locked. She swore silently, fingering the listening device.

She made her way to the elevator and dialed Roberto on her cellphone. "I was right. He's a Fed. He's one of a seven man team of agents for the ATF." She paused, "Don't you worry. By the end of next week, Ezra Standish will be mine."

Ezra returned to work on Thursday, after having spent three days in New Orleans. He pulled his Porsche in the parking lot and made his way to the elevator. He frowned, thinking of missing his morning coffee. Glancing at his watch, he noted how very early it was. He got off at the lobby level and walked through. Ten minutes later, he returned with a large Cafe Latte and 2 croissants. He was crossing the lobby again, when he saw the gorgeous redheaded model. She was reading the directory.

"May I offer my assistance?"

"Huh?" She turned, "Oh, I don't want to hold you up. I have a problem with my passport."

"Ezra Standish at your service, Miss Santanna, isn't it?"

"Yes, I'm Cambria Santanna. Do I know you?" She frowned, then smiled, "Wait a minute...You came to see the cowboy shoot."

"I was offering my colleague moral support. The office you seek isn't in this building. It's three blocks down. May I escort you?"

"I don't want to make you late." She charmed, giving him a cool smile. "I'm not usually this forward. But..." She paused, blushing, "Maybe I can take care of this later and meet you for lunch?"

"A capital idea, My Dear," Ezra oozed, "There's a charming little bistro just around the corner, called Annabelle's. Shall we say twelve o'clock?"

"Until then," She nodded, giving the star struck Southerner a seductive grin, "I'm so looking forward to getting to know you, Ezra."

"As am I, Miss Santanna," Ezra concurred, watching the ravishing beauty saunter away.

The lunch went by all too quickly. The beautiful girl mesmerized Ezra. She was intelligent, funny, loved the arts and was one of the sexiest creatures he'd ever laid eyes on. He felt himself stirring at the sight of her. The sultry voice and emerald eyes seemed to be beckoning. He sensed the electric atmosphere. He invited her to dinner the following evening at a Sushi bar.

She truly enjoyed the next several days. Ezra Standish was handsome, suave, sophisticated, charming and appreciated all the finer things. Halfway through dinner, she began to spin the web. She used her voice and insinuations to reel him in. By the time they got back to her apartment, he was hot for her. She felt his breath on her neck as she punched in the code on the panel at the gate. Once inside the courtyard, he drew her close and kissed her. She returned the kiss and became aggressive. She forced her tongue past his teeth and felt his right hand caressing the bare skin above her waist.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening, Ezra." She broke away, leaving him panting, "I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

"I'll be counting the hours, Cambria," He noted of their plans to spend the day together. He pulled her in and captured her lips again. He felt a rising heat as he broke away and cupped her face, "Good night, Sweet Lady."

Saturday was a blur of color and texture. A morning exploring the Art Museum, lunch at a Victorian TeaRoom, the afternoon at a winery outside town and dinner at an expensive Hungarian restaurant. By the time the bill arrived, he was beyond enduring. He managed to pay the bill and find his keys. His condo was close by. She wrapped her arms around him from behind as he unlocked the door. He small white teeth were nibbling at his neck, by the time the door opened.

A trail of clothes and shoes led to the large bed, swathed in black silk sheets. His tongue and teeth started their hot trail at her silky neck. He made his way south; pausing to capture her breasts before continued the hot path downward. She groaned and writhed under his expertise. It would be a night to remember.

By dawn, she slipped her aching body from the tangle of limbs. She slipped into his shirt and padded into the other room. Spying her purse on the floor, she reached inside and withdrew the small recording device. She slipped it inside the phone by the sofa. Smiling, she poured a glass of juice and punched out the numbers on her cellphone.

"Mission accomplished," She whispered, chuckling, "Did you have any doubt?"

Ezra pulled himself upright and slid into the shower. The hot water stung the claw marks on his back. He smiled, not minding the pain; it was a small price to pay. Cambria Santanna was the most incredible lover he'd ever known. He heard the door open and felt her hands around his waist.

"Good Morning, Stud," She cooed, "Hungry?"

"Oh My Lord!" Ezra managed, as the steam rose surrounding them.

+ + + + + + +


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