To Soar Above The Clouds

by White Raven

Second in the Poet's Heart Trilogy

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When a troupe of actors comes to Four Corners, Chris is anything but pleased, until a unique actor opens a door for Vin to a world of words. Chris can see an opportunity for Vin to learn from another poet and encourages his friend to enter that world and soar above the clouds. But the actor has a dark secret. A secret that could invariably destroy him and anyone else who enters his life. Will Chris' desire for Vin to stretch his wings blind him to the danger?

All standard disclaimers apply. No profit is being made. The characters of the Magnificent Seven don't belong to me. MGM and the Mirisch Corp. have all the claim. To borrow something my friend, Whiterose, made up for me.If you try to sue all you'll get is four cats that, if torn from their owner, will make your lives a living hell. (Much obliged, Whiterose. <G>)

Roy Calder, Hathaway, his actors and Marcus are characters that belong to me. 'Shepherd's Rock' is also of my creation. Please do not use without permission. Thank you.

Now for a very long but very necessary forward.

Many thanks to my friend, Brigitta, who gave me permission to use her SC technique. SC stands for Silent Communication. Chris and Vin are the type of friends that can talk to each other without using words. I noticed this part of their friendship the first time I saw the Pilot episode. Many of us have mentioned it in our stories, but I love the way Brigitta incorporated the actual dialogue between the two friends, showing us what their minds were saying. I asked if I could incorporate the same technique in my stories for Chris and Vin and she told me to 'Go for it! It's what makes our boys special.' So, if you recognize the SC technique, blame Brigitta, she started it! <G> I would also like to thank Brigitta and Whiterose for reading this puppy over and forcing me to stretch my mind further and further, reaching for the sky. Without their help and input, there would be many missing scenes and quite a few holes probably big enough to ride a horse through. Thank you both.

And now to my other good friend Deirdre, who wrote With Eagle's Wings. She and I have discussed her story due to the content of my story. I have not read With Eagle's Wings, but I was told by a friend it reminded her of my story. Deirdre has been informed that I will not read her story until this one is posted due to the possible similarities between the two, especially between our ending scenes. She has eased my mind regarding this and we even shared our ending scenes at her suggestion so that I wouldn't be freaking out. (I'm a jigsaw piece writer. I do not write scenes in chronological order, so my ending scene was all ready mapped out before this discussion.) I sent her mine, she sent me hers and though the 'book' is the only similarity between the scenes, it must be stated that the idea for the 'book' came up between us separately.great minds and all that. From what Deirdre also told me the only other similarities are that the two stories have to do with Vin's learning how to read, and the title's. Both of us came up with the image of Vin spreading his wings to fly. Again, there's that 'great minds' thing. So with that being said, I can now read Deirdre's story and enjoy it to my heart's content. -WR-

Poetic and dramatic pieces are from Shakespeare.

A line from Achilles, a poem written by Chad Everett, is included.

Vin's poems in this story and Chris' poem from my other story Poet's Heart are written by Janalyn Robnett (aka: White Raven). Please do not quote these poems without permission. Thank you.

As with all interpretations of characters, my take on Chris and Vin may differ from others. My desire is the bow. My interpretation is the arrow. My concept is my aim. Hitting the bullseye is a talent that solely belongs to Michael Biehn and Eric Close. I figure if I hit the target at all, I'm doing good.

I see things that never were and say, 'Why not?' - Robert Kennedy

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