A Magnificent Seven tale set in the
universe of Dungeons & Dragons

A sequel to Dragons Tale


The seven men moved into the clearing following Master Aemon. He asked Josiah to stand to his right so he could help with his powers. Ezra and Nathan stood on the opposite side of Josiah. Greylin knew something was happening and ran to Vin. He picked her up and joined the others. Buck stood next to Aemon with Jaydee next to him. Chris was moved next to Jaydee and Vin stood nest to Chris.

"Everyone hold hands," Aemon instructed, "Now close your eyes. The flash can be rather bright.

Vin made Greylin hide her eyes against his shoulder. Aemon told them not to move. The flash was still strong enough that they all cringed.

"It's alright now you can open your eyes," he said.

They did and stood looking around in amazement, except Josiah and Aemon. They were in the great hall of the Tower of Wayrenth. The room combined all three colors of the orders of magic. White, red and black tiles were used in a geometric pattern on the floor. The vaulted ceiling towered above them and Jaydee leaned his head back and whistled as he looked up. All the windows were stain glass showing different legends of old. Lining the sides of the room were doors in the three colors. As they looked around one of the doors opened and three mages walked out. The mage in the white robes of Paladin was an old man with snow-white hair and a mustache. The red robed mage of Lunitari was a middle-aged man with blonde hair but the mage in black was the most striking. The mage of Takhisis was a beautiful woman with long black hair and violet eyes. She caught Buck staring at her and smiled.

"Isn't she an evil mage?" Jaydee asked innocently.

"Depends on your definition of evil," she said with a laugh.

"The mage in black is Loret, Cormac is in red and Roberson is in White," Aemon said as introductions. "Roberson is the leader of the conclave. The others are the heads of their order."

"If you will follow us," Roberson said. "The dragons are waiting in the garden."

They followed the three mages into the garden. Greylin began to fidget in Vin's arms when they heard a bugle. Greylin screeched and practically jumped out of Vin's arms. He put her down and she quickly stripped off her clothes and began running. As she moved away she turned back into a dragon and bugled. This time the call was answered by two different calls one deeper than the other was. Greylin disappeared into the tress and Vin ran after her.

"I see you were telling the truth Aemon," Cormac said.

"Yes the bond id very strong," Loret said. "It might cause a problem." "What problem?" Chris demanded as they continued walking.

"We'll wait to see what Silverclaw has to say," Roberson said.

Chris didn't like this and he looked at the others. He could see they were as confused as he was. They broke through the trees and the sight before them took their breath away. Silverclaw was the size of a large castle. His jaw was square and the color of his scales glistened silver in the sunlight. Ice was smaller with a long elegant snout that she was using to caress Greylin with. Her scales were paler than Silverclaw's. They walked cautiously towards the dragons. Chris could see Vin standing protectively at Greylin's side. The ranger's hand was resting on the hilt of his sword. Chris looked towards Silverclaw and realized he was keeping a close eye on Vin. As the group got closer Silverclaw looked up.

"Well met adventurers," he said.

"He talks," Jaydee said surprised.

"Of course we do little one," Ice said with a chuckle.

Jaydee was again snared by the dragon's gaze. Ice bared her teeth in what Chris hoped was a smile as Jaydee walked towards her. Buck grabbed Jaydee's arm and tried to stop him.

"Do not worry my mate likes humans," Silver claw said.

"I hope not for lunch," Buck mumbled as he let Jaydee go. Silverclaw laughed at Buck's remark.

Jaydee continued walking towards Ice. When he stood next to her head he reached out and scratched her cheek. As soon as he touched her the spell was broken.

"Wow she's really soft," Jaydee exclaimed.

"I'm glad you like the feel of my hide,' she said with pleasure. "I tried to get the elf to pet me but he can't decided if he wants to kill me or not."

"My lady it's because of the bond," Aemon said.

"I know,' She said with a laugh. "It's very interesting."

"Do you know how to break it?" Roberson asked.

"Oh yes," Ice said.

"SO I won't be able to feel her any more?" Vin asked. As he pet Greylin.

"Yes," Ice answered. "No more running to her side every time she calls."

"Will the procedure be safe for all individuals?" Ezra asked in concern.

"Yes," Ice assured them. "Shall I do it now?"

"I suppose," Vin said reluctantly. "Will she remember me?"

"She will always remember you," Ice smiled. "You are a part of her."

"You don't have to Vin," Chris said.

"I'm afraid he does," Silverclaw contradicted. "Greylin needs the bond with my mate to survive."

"I have to Chris, "Vin said. "The past couple of days the bond has been demanding more of my attention."

"Come Vindarin stand between Greylin and myself," Ice instructed and Jaydee moved back. "Place a hand on each of us."

Vin did as she asked and tried to relax. Greylin butted her head against him and he hugged her around the neck. Ice began to chant and a purple glow began to engulf Vin. Chris and the others stepped back as the purple glow expanded to include Ice and Greylin. At first it didn't look like anything was happening. Chris was the first to notice Vin starting to shake. The energy being used made their hair stand on end. Vin's shaking increased when suddenly he let out a blood-curdling scream and dropped unconscious to the ground.


Vin slowly pushed the darkness aside as he regained consciousness. He didn't remember anything after touching Greylin. His mind reached for the bond and he became frantic when he realized it was gone. Vin struggled to wake thinking Greylin was in trouble. He felt something nudge his shoulder as he opened his eyes.

"Uhhh," Vin groaned as the sun hurt his eyes. The gentle touch was back and the pain was gone.

"Welcome back Vindarin" Ice said.

"What happened?" Vin asked looking around. He was lying on his back next to the Platinum dragon. Everyone was gone including Greylin.

"Greylin is with my mate," Ice said reading his mind. "And your friends are eating breakfast."

"Breakfast?" Vin asked confused. "We just ate breakfast."

"Oh my," Ice laughed and Vin felt the rumble through her body. "That was yesterday."

"You mean," Vin started. "What happened?"

"I didn't realize the bond was so strong," Ice admitted. "Greylin was reluctant to give you up. She tried to resist me which caused you pain and you were knocked unconscious. Your friend Chris was not happy."

"I bet," Vin laughed.

"He tried to come to you," she explained further. "Silverclaw was forced to stop him. If he had touched you he might have killed you. I needed you keep you at my side until the transfer was complete."

"That bad huh?" Vin smiled. "I'm sure Chris and the others have been driving you crazy."

"Yes, especially Chris and Nathan," Ice agreed. "Jaydee has found many things to keep him occupied. Josiah is getting reacquainted with old fiends. While your friend Buck has been chasing some of the female humans. Your friend Ezra has been seen hovering close by a few times but he never approaches. He cares but doesn't want anyone to know."

"I guess I better go find them," Vin said as he stood up and swayed. He kept himself from falling by grabbing the ridges on Ice's snout.

"No need," She said letting him lean on her. "I have already summoned them."

The first to come to her call were Greylin and Mystra. The little dragon came running out of the tress and almost bowled Vin over. Vin was happy to see her but was disappointed he couldn't 'feel' her any more. Mystra landed on his shoulder and wrapped her tail tightly around his neck. Vin was surprised at the overwhelming feeling of contentment from her. HE never realized Greylin's bond had over shadowed hers.

"Well Vin it's good to see you up and about gain," Ezra said.

"Thanks Ezra."

"Damn Vin you scared us when you screamed," Jaydee was as he walked up with the others.

"I don't remember," Vin admitted.

"Doesn't matter," Chris said gruffly. "At least you're alright."

"So what's it feel like?" Buck asked curious.

"I ain't sure," Vin said scratching Greylin. "I can't feel her inside me any more."

"It's for the best," Aemon said as he walked over with Silverclaw. "We should be heading back now that you're awake."

"First I wish to reward Vindarin for taking care of Greylin," Silverclaw said.

"Wasn't only me," Vin said. "Besides I don't want any reward."

Vin heard Ezra take a breath to speak. Chris jabbed him in the side with his elbow and Ezra remained quiet.

"Are you sure?" the dragon asked. "I can give you magic items or great wealth."

"Well Jaydee could use some magic armor," Vin began.

Vin asked for gifts for each of his friends and the dragons were more than happy to grant them. Josiah was given a wand of wonder, while Nathan received a wand of resurrection. Jaydee was rewarded with armor that would protect him from missiles. He laughed and said he could have used it earlier. Buck and Chris accepted magic swords from the dragons. Bucks sword could heal once every other day. The sword Chris was given was as black as night. He was surprised to find it was intelligent. The sword spoke to Chris and told him it would warn of evil whenever it came within five feet. As soon as Chris sheathed the sword the sword no longer spoke. Ezra was surprised by what he was given. The mandolin could provide protection spells depending on what Ezra sang. If they need protection from fire all Ezra had to do was sing about it. When all the gifts were given out Ice turned to Vin.

"Is there nothing you want?" she asked.

"No," Vin said hugging Greylin. "I already got my reward."

"I insist you accept this," Silverclaw said and a silver torque in the shape of a dragon appeared in the air. "Just touch the torque and call out names and we will come to you."

"I can't," Vin began.

"O course you can," Ice laughed. "It will also let you see Greylin if you touch it and think of her."

"Thank you," Vin said.

He took the torque and placed it around his neck. As soon as the ends touched they sealed themselves. Ice explained that it could only be removed if he spoke a magic word. Vin heard the word in his mind and smiled. He reached into the pouch on his belt and pulled out a green stone hanging from a leather cord. Ezra was surprised but didn't say anything when the others didn't recognize what it was. An elf stone was only given to elven nobility and Ezra wondered where Vin got it.

"I want Greylin to have this," Vin said.

"It is a worthy gift," Ice said knowing what it was. "We will have a chain fastened for it."

Vin gave it to Ice and gave Greylin one last hug. The others came and said good bye to her also. The little dragon wasn't sure what was going on. When they began to walk away Greylin gave a cry and followed Vin. Ice thrilled and she stopped not knowing which way to go. Von turned and saw her dilemma.

"I'll meet you in the great hall," Vin said. Chris nodded and they left.

"You have to stay," Vin said walking back to Greylin. "You can't come with me."

Vin walked away again and she followed. He knew what he had to be done but was reluctant to do it. She still continued to follow and he had no choice.

"GO!" he yelled. "I don't want you any more!"

Greylin jumped back surprised. When she didn't move Vin slapped her on the nose and yelled at her again. He pulled his sword and waved it over his head yelling. Mystra flew off his shoulder and went after her as well. Greylin became frightened and ran to her mother. This is exactly what Vin wanted to happen but it hurt. He looked at Greylin cowering under her mother's wing and fought back the tears.

"Thank you Vindarin," Ice said in sympathy. "I will explain it to her when she's older."

With a heavy heart Vin turned and followed the others. He left the garden and entered the tower. He was startled when Aemon stepped out of the shadows.

"I know that was hard," Aemon said. "But it was the right thing to do."

"I know, but dies it have to, hurt so much," Vin sighed. "Remember what we talked about yesterday?"

"Yes I remember," Aemon answered.

"I lied," Vin said and started walking. Aemon smiled and followed him.

"Do you ever plan to tell them?" he asked.

"About what?" Vin asked knowing exactly what he was talking about.

"The bard recognized the stone," Aemon said. "You'll have to tell them some day."

"Some day," Vin agreed and kept walking.

Chris had watched Vin scaring Greylin away. He knew the little dragon wouldn't leave Vin willingly. Th others also knew what would happen and they felt sorry for their elven friend. When he entered the tower talking to Aemon Chris could see he was pretty upset.

"You ok?" Jaydee asked as he got closer.

"I suppose," Vin said looking at them.

"Your braver than I am," Ezra said with a smile. "I do not believe I could have done it."

"Sure could Ez, if you could win a wager on it?" Vin joked trying to ease the tension.

"You wound me?" Ezra said willing to be a target if it help Vin.

"Come on let's go home," Chris said and they followed him out.


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