Twilight at Four Corners

Peta Collins and Leigh Richards

Nathan brushed his horse methodically. The coarse hair now shining from his efforts. He patted the horse's rump gently and gave her a carrot to munch on. The horse neighed in response, nudging her head at Nathan, who brushed her brow gently.

"Mr Jackson," Ezra greeted, leaning over the stable door to address the healer. Nathan looked appalling. His eyes were bloodshot, his clothing unchanged, Rain's blood still stained the front of it. He grimaced in distaste.


The black man turned around to face the gambler. Ezra tugged at his vest self-consciously. "Nathan. I have not yet expressed my condolences for your loss and I'm sorry. Rain was a beautiful woman, you were blessed."

Nathan drew a shuddering breath. "Yeah she was beautiful," he whispered, turning away. He attempted to compose himself. "Thanks Ezra. That's was too kind."

"Nathan, we are family. When one of us is hurt..."

"I know... How is your mother?" Nathan questioned suddenly, and Ezra flinched slightly.

"Mother's ... Mother," he responded quietly, his accent lilting on the words.

"What's that supposed to mean, Ezra."

"It means," Ezra paused his green eyes reflecting his pain. "She lied again."

"Ohh Shit, Ezra you're kidding," Nathan said reaching over and patting Ezra's arm sympathetically.

"Yes," he coughed self-consciously. "Aha, but we aren't here to talk about me. I am here for you, Nathan."

"Oh I'm fine."

"I've heard a better lie out of JD's mouth, Mr Jackson. Perhaps you'd care to try again?" Ezra deadpanned, entering the stall to stand next to Nathan, offering silent support to the usually taciturn healer.

Nathan shrugged. His eyes darkening with grief. "I don't know, Ezra. I feel like I am dying inside. Ya know I always thought I would marry her. Now..." his voice caught and broke. "I couldn't save her, I did everything I could. Maybe if I'd been a better doctor... knew more about healing. Then maybe."

"Nathan," Ezra cut off smoothly. "If you did everything you could what else could you have done? You have to believe that she is in a better place."

Nathan nodded, tears slowly sliding down his cheeks. "I know, Ezra. But I've made a decision."

"What's that?" Ezra inquired gently. Soothing the horse when she moved forward to exit the stable.

"Giving up the clinic. Ain't gonna do that no more," Nathan explained his resonant voice strained with anguish. He patted Ezra on the back and stepped around the Southerner to exit the Stable.

+ + + + + + +

Childish laughter filled the air, and Buck chuckled his eyes dancing. Chris gave him a sardonic grin. "Ya gonna help me out here?" He drawled.

Buck stepped back out of range, the two boys behind him and slowly shook his head. The ripple of laughter from Billy and Malcolm made Chris shake his head smiling.

Reaching out he slowly began to untangle the fishing line that the boys had wrapped around Chris when he had been trying to teach the two of them about threading the line. He'd been distracted for a moment, and a moment was all it had taken for the two mischievous boys to wrap him around their little fingers.

Ten minutes later the boys had scampered off to continue their exploration or as they'd said to the two men. "Scouting trip," Billy informed them.

Buck nodded seriously, "Best be careful then, don't go too far, you always have to keep the party in view."

"Works both ways, Buck," Chris muttered, settling down and casting a line so it landed with a hollow sound in the water.

Buck's hearty laugh filled the air as he watched the boys carefully examine the ground. "Shoot Chris, takes ya back, don't it?" He eased himself down on a rock and reached out with a twig to draw circles in the dirt.

"I reckon," Chris said, eyeing his friend. "So?"

Buck glanced over Chris and ducked his head tapping his chin thoughtfully. His smile slowly disappearing. "So," he returned.

Chris threw him a look. "Pass me that bait." Buck stood handing him the small tin of worms they had unearthed. "What's going on, Buck?" He asked softly.

Buck sighed seating himself down beside Chris. "Oh you know Chris, the usual. Made Ezra withdraw, JD's worrying himself into an early grave, he ain't dealt with getting shot, then Kate's back. There's a murderer on the lose. Vin seeing me - well you know...Not to mention Nathan, Maude, and Rain. Where the hell should I start, Chris?" Buck ranted sarcastically, throwing a rock so it skimmed gently over the water.

Chris sighed. "How about with you for starters."

"Me?" Buck laughed sarcastically. He glanced around suddenly. "Where are the boys?"

"Rock pool twenty feet, ya can just make out Malcolm's head."

Bucks' head whipped around and he rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Right. Guess I am a little tired, Chris. JD..," he paused. "Do you think that as well? That I am a sucker for a pretty face?" He raised a hand. "No don't answer that. I like women hell Chris, I love women," he smirked, when Chris laughed. "Yeah I don't deny that. But that I would believe in a killer just because-"

"Kate's no killer."

"Not what you first thought, Chris."

"Nah, I'll admit I was worried, but one look at that girl. Hell it was obvious."

Buck sighed. "I could love her Chris, and it's scaring the hell out me. I only loved two women in my life, but with Kate..." His voice dropped almost reverent in tone. "It's like what you had with Sarah, what you could have with Mary."

Chris shifted abruptly staring at Buck, before turning back to gaze at the still water.

They were silent for a few moments. "Scares me too," Chris said softly. Buck yawned and Chris frowned about to ask him if he'd...

"Ain't been sleeping," Buck supplied curtly. "I don't know how long I can hold it all together Chris," He said honestly, his eyes sad and troubled. "They all leaning and counting on's the least I can do to support them."

Chris reached and placed a hand on Buck's back in a gesture of reassurance. "You have a right to your feelings too, Buck. Don't push them aside just because you are putting them all first."

Buck nodded bowing his head. "JD hurt me Chris," he whispered softly. "He got me right here." He tapped his chest over his heart. "I didn't know about Ezra, after everything it was me..." His voice broke off and he swallowed hard.


"Nah it's okay Chris. Ezra explained everything. He was looking for us to betray him and I gave it to him." Buck could still see Ezra's face in Purgatory then the other day in the Cemetery. "I gave it to him" He repeated. "How could he face me after all that..."

"Buck, Ezra blames himself for you as well," Chris interjected, pulling the line in, before placing it on the ground beside him. Buck raised his eyebrows at that, he had known that, but it hadn't really registered to right now. "Yeah that's right. Ya can't blame yourself for something that was out of your control."

Buck smiled wryly. "Don't you ever take your own advice?"

Chris's eyes darkened for a moment before he smiled. "One day I will, the past is the past. Maybe it's time you let go."

"That's the trouble, Chris," Buck returned softly. "I'm just having trouble ignoring the voices of my childhood. Do you think I got Rain killed by letting Kate go? I got JD shot as well... Why does everything I touch turn to shit?" He asked plaintively, he closed his eyes and bowed his head.

"You can't honestly believe that. Everyone makes mistakes, Buck. Hell I've made some huge ones... Look at Malcolm over there playing, you can't honestly believe that he would've been better off without your interference. JD wouldn't be the man he is without your guidance. You're his brother, Buck..."

"Scared the bee gee-zus out of Vin as well," Buck sighed sadly ignoring the words of the man beside him. "God, it must've been awful for him--"

Chris breathed out, choosing his next words carefully. "It's really no different to what happened between you and me. You saw me at my worst Buck, you're still here... So is Vin. In the end that's all that matter's. They worry about you Buck, because they care, I am sorry we didn't tell you about Ezra, we just wanted to be sure you were okay."

Buck nodded thoughtfully. "Best intentions, huh?" Chris glanced over at him and raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"Yeah. Guess keeping the truth hurts more."

"Nah." Buck shook his head. "You were right. If you told me when I came back from the ranch..," he halted shaking his head. "Proved you right though didn't I, reacting the way I did. Didn't I?" He laughed self-deprecatingly.

Chris re-cast his line. "It's a fair reaction to news like that. Whichever way we did it was gonna hurt ya. I'm sorry-"

"BUCK! CHRIS!" The boys called, interrupting the two men. Buck was almost relieved at the interruption. He saw Chris smile at him and shake his head. His relief wasn't that tangible was it? "Hell Chris, at least I came to you this time," he murmured, walking past him to where the boys were chattering excitedly.

Chris barked a laugh. "It's a start Buck. But don't think this is over," he promised the other man as they finally reached the two boys. Buck acknowledged the words with a slight nod. Malcolm and Billy were squatting next a large bush, what they had found was obscured from view by their bodies.

"Look at what we found!" Billy exclaimed running over and grabbing Chris's hand. "Come on!" He urged excitedly, pulling at the older man so he had to trot to keep up with the boy. Squatting down he squinted, looking for what had them so excited.

"Here Buck!" Malcolm added, pointing at a bloody handkerchief.

Chris frowned, exchanging a look with Buck. "Is it important do you think?" Malcolm asked eagerly. "Do you?"

Buck smiled at the boy, ruffling the boy's hair. "Don't know, son. It might be. Is that all you found?" He looked at the handkerchief, embroidered in the bottom left hand corner was a 'K'.

"No we found this as well," Billy supplied, handing Chris a gold ring.

Chris gave it a brief look before handing the object to the ladies man. Both men could see the remnants of crusted blood on the piece of jewellery. Chris sighed, "Guess we had better head back it's getting late."

Buck nodded, looking at the boys crestfallen expressions, he grinned. "Don't worry boys, we can always come back another day. Besides, it's lunchtime already and you never know what Mrs Potter has cooked up for you two boys."

Malcolm squealed in delight, shoving Billy in excitement. "Cake?"

Buck laughed. "You bet, buddy. Come on, let's go."

Chris chuckled as they scampered off to gather the gear together. "Eager aren't they. Must be good cake." He looked down at the handkerchief that he still held. "This might be connected."

"I reckon," Buck agreed, his blue eyes darkening with compassion and grief. "How's Nathan doing, Chris?'

"He's doing all right I think."

"Maybe I should talk to him.'" Buck said cautiously.

"I think that'd be a good idea," Chris said, lifting Billy up on to the horse, and checking the saddle and gear, he swung up behind him. "You ready?" He asked Billy who nodded, his curly hair ruffling against Chris's chin.

Buck chuckled hoisting Malcolm up. "Let's ride," he bellowed once he had settled into the saddle. Malcolm whooped with glee. Buck's eyes met Chris's and they shared a grin. Aha to be young again. Buck's smile twisted wishing his childhood had been like Malcolm's or Billy's. Maybe then, things would have turned out different. Then again maybe things had turned out as they were supposed too.

+ + + + + + +

JD's hazel eyes roamed over the land that surrounded Four Corners. They had been on patrol hunting and searching for some sign of the killer. He hadn't seen anything, but the man riding next to him on the black gelding hadn't said a word, eyes focused intently on his surroundings.

"See anything?" Dunne asked as they came to a halt at the edge of a small clearing.

The tracker didn't answer sliding from his horse, his movements were careful as he gazed intently at the ground squatting even as his horse nudged him on the shoulder.

He stood carefully motioning for the kid to stay where he was, picking up a stick he quickly tied a rock to it. He then moved back handing the reins of the horse to the younger man.

"Move back, JD" he said quietly waiting until the man had moved the horses back so it was just on the edge of the clearing.

Taking a deep breath, Vin squatted throwing the handmade weapon down into the centre of the clearing. JD bit back a surprised yelp as the clearing came alive, his eyes shut against the sudden stirring of dust around them. Blinking slowly he rubbed a hand across his eyes even as he steadied the two horses.

He looked around not seeing Vin, before he saw the tracker kneeling studying the ground. Vin picked up the weapon again and then in a movement JD had never seen the man do, and he wasn't sure if he could describe it, the man danced around the clearing seemingly to effortlessly avoid the potential traps in the clearing as he sprung each one.

It seemed time had slowed as he watched the man move. Then the bounty hunter stopped even as the last trap was sprung. He stood hat off, breathing hard, hands raised slightly as his head was cocked to the right, knees bent slightly as he studied his surroundings.

"Gosh..," Dunne breathed knowing that the image would be forever etched into his memory.

"Stay where you are, kid" Tanner breathed as he walked easily through the broken traps.

Dunne remained silent as the tracker swung up into his saddle, clicking the horse he turned heading around the edge of the clearing through the well-beaten track on the far side.

It was a long minute after they had moved away from the clearing before JD asked the question.

Vin didn't turn, eyes still roaming around, seemingly seeing everything.

"Keppel likes to play games," he replied softly in his Texas drawl as they moved into the wide open clearing that surrounded Four Corners.

"Yeah but how did you do that?" JD questioned in awe taking his bowler hat off as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Lived with Comanches that was a ritual obstacle course, you pass that you're a man," Tanner responded blue eyes dancing seeing the amazement on his comrades face.

"You passed it," JD breathed, watching as Tanner laughed as he shook his head.

"Yeah I passed it, guess that means I'm a man then," he grinned as he lazily looked over at the man beside him.

"But why would he...?" he queried gesturing back to the clearing.

"Keppel didn't, his mother's Indian and his father some white soldier," Tanner drawled slowly. "He failed the test, got thrown out of the tribe because he went against nature's law. Started enjoying the killing a little too much, guess he's telling me that now's the time for him to become a man." Vin shook his head "Or maybe he's just having fun." Tanner shrugged as they continued on their way back to town.

+ + + + + + +

Josiah Sanchez studied the blonde woman that stood scrubbing hard at the worktable in Mary's office. She was oblivious to the fact that she was being watched so intent on her task. The blue dress seemed to fit her, and the preacher was startled at the impression it gave the petite woman. It hardly seemed as though she had been a bounty hunter, one to be feared at that.

"You gonna stand there all day, preacher man?" she suddenly asked eyes never leavingthe wood that she scrubbed so firmly.

He started, his blue eyes widening as for a fraction of second he saw Mady the sister of this woman.

"No," he responded smoothly, walking in and sitting down on the vacant stool.

"Ya know you might as well just spit it out, I ain't got time for your games," Kate stated rising to full height as she placed the table between herself and the preacher.

"Well, I ain't here for that."

"What, you gonna save my soul Preacher man, because if you are, you're wasting your time," she drawled, blues deadly serious as she dried her hands on the towel.

"Nope, ain't here for that either," Josiah replied, unsure why he had actually sought this woman out. Only knowing that he had.

"Well...," Kate drawled slowly blue eyes calculating as she studied the man before her. "Ya here for forgiveness then?"

Josiah rose abruptly to his feet anger rising as he stared at this lady, no woman. She was no lady.

"Is that what you think huh that I ain't no lady?" Kate remarked icily, eyes glinting with some inexplicable emotion. "Maybe I ain't but I sure ain't going around pretending to be a preacher and atoning for my mistakes, while I turn on my friends."

Sanchez struggled inwardly trying to retain control of the anger that threatened to spill over. If he was calm he would of seen the fact that she was lashing out at him, but he wasn't, her words had struck too close to the truth of why he had actually come.

"I ain't pretending to be a preacher," he said between gritted teeth swallowing tightly, fists unclenching as he forced himself to relax. "An' I sure as hell don't need your forgiveness," he fumed; anger seemed to radiate from him.

Kate never flinched or backed away from it, she had faced men's anger countless times, felt it emotionally and physically as they lashed out with their fists and words. No, she wasn't afraid of what this man could do to her.

"You sure about that Preacher man?" she mocked raising an eyebrow, eyes widening even further. "You didn't help Mady, you sure as hell were bad luck for her don't you think?"

"She shot JD," he countered, barely retaining the lid on the anger, he wouldn't strike a woman.

"Yeah she did... but that's not the point, is it? You're seeking forgiveness for bringing those crows of yours to seek out Mady," she finished waiting and watching for the anger to burst forth.

Josiah biting back the angry words he wouldn't hurt her, she was still suffering. And it wasn't Kate Stokes before him now; it was his sister. That's what he wanted forgiveness for, the fact that preachers had been bad luck to her was true. He wanted absolution, he needed to feel at peace.

Kate watched the battle waging in this man before her and was surprised when he turned and stalked angrily out of the Clarion. She wasn't sure why she had pushed him. She had just wanted to feel something.

+ + + + + + +

Mary smiled at the stable hand as he saddled her horse. She patted the nose gently not really listening to the conversation, her mind replaying when she had first laid eyes on this horse.

"Mary," a voice called and she was pulled from her thoughts to see Mrs Potter standing in the door to the livery.

"Yes, Mrs Potter?" Mary said forcing a polite smile on her face even as she straightened her brown skirt.

"Just wanted to ask if you wanted me to feed Billy lunch?" she asked moving closer to the younger woman.

"Yes Mrs Potter, if you'd be so kind," Mary responded smiling warmly, both women jumped when John the stable hand muttered. "Damn it".

"Oh 'scuse me ma'm's, Mrs Travis... the ol' girl's shoe's coming loose, I've gotta run over to the store and get me some nails, was planning on doing it this morning," he said apologetically.

"That's fine, John," Mary responded warmly patting the chestnut horse again.

Mrs Potter straightened herself at the prospective customer. "Well, I'll walk you over John," nodding at the blond woman she was gone.

Mary watched them go, lost in her own thoughts of when Stephen had given her the horse in happier times.

+ + + + + + +

Josiah Sanchez strode through the saloon; he could see the gambler smiling as he entertained the few unsuspecting ranchers of the skill of their opponent.

He had seen Maude standing staring through the window at the young man, and his heart practically broke for the other men. He didn't see Nathan sitting in the shadows at the back.

He saw Ezra frown in mid comment as he marched up the stairs, furiously grabbing Ezra by the lapel of his jacket. Ezra felt the jacket rip. Tightening his grip, Josiah roughly dragged the gambler towards the office in the back of the saloon.

Ezra bit back the angry retort shaking his head at Nathan when he rose in his seat, he could handle this... well, at least he hoped he could. He stumbled as the preacher threw him into the room. Righting himself he turned to face the irate man. His mind flashed briefly on Larabee and Tanner's description of the man's anger when he had been accused of murdering the women.

He had never faced it till now, but seeing the wide angry eyes and the vein throbbing in the forehead, he realised it was quite a formidable sight. The preacher stood breathing hard as he stared back at him.

"Well Mr Sanchez, are you going to talk or have you had your fun?" he drawled looking at the damage done to his jacket. Damn it, he rather like this red one.

"You think you know everything don't you, boy," Josiah snapped, furiously pacing in front of the gambler.

Ezra watched him warily; the man blocked his only exit. He thought he could see Nathan hovering in the doorway behind him. But he couldn't tell as he brought his eyes back to the man that stood before him.

"No," he answered truthfully, but the man wasn't listening to him. Focused only on what had driven him to forcibly remove the other man from the saloon.

"Well ya don't, do you have any idea what she's going through?" Josiah continued pausing in his pacing. "Do you have any idea of what she suffered? No, all you care about is yourself. Suppose you were always like that, your birth was like you took two lives to get into this world." He shook his head as he rolled his sleeves back.

"Mr Sanchez..." Ezra began trying to force the words past his suddenly dry mouth.

"She lost everything for you, and you can't see past the fact that she ain't your mother! Well, I'm telling you that woman loves you like you're her son. You're killing her just as surely as her mother did when she turned Maude away. God, Ezra you're a selfish bastard," Josiah stormed his anger fuming inside him, needing to be released. He had handled everyone's problems but he had reached his limit, he needed to drink but first he would set this boy straight.

"You know what happened? She lost her child in an accident protecting your mother, she had just lost her husband and then she lost her own child. Why is it that you survived and she lost her child?" He shook his head as he pondered that before the blue eyes snapped back to the gambler. But he wasn't seeing Ezra he was seeing the con woman's distraught figure as she pleaded with him to talk to Ezra. Well by god he would. He'd set this man straight.

"Your own father didn't want you, but Maude took you in. Gave you a home, a sense of family and you throw it back in her face. No wonder she occasionally wishes that her son had lived and not you," he finished angrily before striding past Jackson as he stood just outside the door.

Sanchez didn't see the shocked pale expression of the other man. Ezra felt as if the ground had been ripped out from underneath him. The anger and hostility in the words that were so callously thrown at him. He shakily made his way out into the saloon, he needed to maintain the facade that he was okay. It wouldn't do for him to lose his control that he had only just got back. Ezra made his way back to his table, his posture stiff as if he was walking on eggshells. His winnings were still there and he sank down into his chair, eyes glassy but he couldn't think on it now. He rested his shaky hands on the table, before reaching a trembling hand to the shot glass before him. He downed it quickly. Looking up in surprise as the glass was re-filled, seeing Jackson was there with a bottle of whisky.

"You okay?" he asked seriously, his face hollow and shadowed with his own pain, but their was concern for him.

Ezra swallowed trying to focus on the words, trying to pull on his poker face as he replied. "Fine"

"You really need to work on that poker face," Jackson said a slight smile tugging at the mouth, as he sat down.

"Really?" Standish murmured his green eyes refocussing on the table before him. The other players had long since gone, but now he watched as Vin and JD approached the table. He wanted to run, but he had done that once and he couldn't do it again. He also knew that he needed to be here for Jackson especially after his revelation that morning, the black man healing no more?

"Were you serious?" Ezra asked, his green eyes swinging to meet the other man's. Jackson shrugged, accepting the change in topic knowing that he couldn't push the gambler when he wasn't ready to talk yet.

"Don't see any other way," Nathan replied looking around as the saloon began to fill up. He couldn't do this, he needed more solitude, and he nodded at the tracker as he patted him on the back and moved back into the corner table.

"He okay?" JD asked as he placed the new bottle on the table watching the healer.

"As he can be," Ezra drawled hands resting more firmly on the table now, even as he became aware that Chris and Buck were approaching the table before Jackson intercepted them.

Tanner watched him for a second, his eyes examining the stiff posture and the pale expression, he saw JD also looking closely at the gambler. There was something about the way he was sitting that reminded him of when they had come across the man on the way to purgatory. His blue eyes flicked to Buck and Chris each had paused in the movements analysing the other men as they heard what Jackson revealed to them.

Larabee motioned to the jacket, and each man studied the normally impeccable jacket noticing the torn fabric.

"Ezra..," JD began before falling silent when there was no acknowledgment.

Standish didn't appear to hear him. His mind replaying the conversation with the preacher. His hand trembled as he reached for the cards, shuffling them, he sat oblivious to the concern that radiated around the table.

Tanner frowned as he saw Nathan tap the tip of his hat at Chris and Buck before striding out of the saloon, doors swinging behind him.

Chris watched the black man depart, his face expressionless. Buck rapped him on the back declaring quietly to his friend. "It would be all right," Chris nodded, making his way through the patrons to their usual table.

The four men fell into uneasy silence as they watched the con man, who abruptly pushed his chair back not even excusing himself he exited the bar, their concern deepened as they saw the winnings that sat still on the table.

"Shoot, I reckon this day couldn't get any worse," Buck drawled tiredly tossing back the amber liquid.

Tanner bit his lip, he had the distinct feeling that it could. Looking away he grabbed the cards the con man had left behind dealing them out, he began to tell the gunslingers of what he and JD had discovered on patrol. Even as Buck placed the bloody handkerchief onto the table. Buck nodded briefly at the other men, his eyes sliding away from JD and Vin smiling a little falsely at the two men. "Better go see to Nathan, he's liable to rip Josiah in two."

Chris grinned laconically. "It happens when you keep it all inside." He raised his eyebrows at JD who ducked his head sheepishly.

Buck laughed hollowly, drawing sharp looks from the other men. "Shoot Chris, you're one to talk." Slapping his back the ladies man was gone.

Vin smiled wryly. "He's got you there, Chris."

JD moved to go after Buck, but he hesitated when Ezra re-entered the Saloon seeing that the red torn jacket had been removed and replaced with the maroon one. The former Sheriff nudged Vin who raised his head, his eyes quickly assessing what JD wanted from him. "Ezra," he smiled.

"Where was our resident Lothario departing too so hastily?" Ezra interrogated seating himself down at the table. He eyed the handkerchief curiously and glancing up he waited for the explanation. Maude, Josiah and everything could wait. This looked like it had something to do with the murders. And nothing was going to stop Ezra from finding the man that caused that young woman such pain and fear in her last moments.

"Gone after Nathan," Vin explained, eyeing the gambler carefully. Before seating himself down next to JD and Ezra.

Chris kicked out a chair to sit down. JD looked at the swinging doors worriedly. "It'll turn out all right JD, you and Vin laid some stuff on him last night. That ain't easy thing to deal with," Chris reassured both men glanced at him in surprise. Chris shrugged, turned in his seat he regarded Ezra seriously. "Ezra, you okay? Nate told me."

Ezra nodded slowly, "Josiah is quite a formidable man when he's -"

Vin grinned. "Pissed."

"Indeed," Ezra concurred, his hands reaching out to the handkerchief. "But enough of me, gentlemen. What's this about?" The 'K' once more visible to the four men.

Tanner frowned "Keppel's gonna make his move," he stated firmly, eyes never leaving the items on the table. He felt something tug at his brain, something about this was familiar. If only he could think what it was.

"Hey guys, you should have seen this thing Vin did today. Honest to god it was amazing."

"Was it?" Ezra deadpanned, shuffling the cards expertly, he raised his eyes to the Boston man and grinned. "And what pray tell did he do."

"Oh Ezra, I ain't ever seen something like that."

Ezra nodded, grinning at Chris. "Yes JD, you've already said that."

Vin ducked his head embarrassed at the admiration he heard in the former sheriff's voice. "It wasn't anything, just something Keppel wanted me to find."

"And what was that, Vin?"