Dakota for the Holidays

by Kris Mashburn

Fate brought them together.
Destiny would make them heroes.
Against overwhelming odds, they fight for justice.
The legend rides again...

Disclaimer: All the characters from the "Magnificent Seven" TV series are property of Trilogy Entertainment, The Mirisch Group, MGM Worldwide. I repeat this to myself daily. The story is just for entertainment, I want no profit from this story. Katie Harper and Jeffery Albright are figments of my imagination; no resemblance to any persons living or dead is intended. Kristen created the name Chaucer for Ezra's horse, and frankly I can't think of him any other way.

Authors note: Using the few clues from the show, Four Corners is somewhere in what was then, the New Mexico Territory; Anztwoki pronounced (ans-two-key) & Rokuri (row-cure-ee).

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