by Kris

ATF Alternate Universe


Ezra's eyes flew open and encountered the real Vin lying next to him. Still feeling Vin's erection against him. The mischievous look in Vin's eye challenged Ezra to return the favor.

Ezra smiled up at Vin, a heart that's resting in his eyes smile, and Vin had to draw a breath so's to not combust at the explosive look of love that flowed from green eyes that promised more than Vin ever thought possible.

Ezra captured the lips that had driven all reason from his mind, and he wished to return the feeling. Ezra marveled at the sensuous feeling just touching those lips could evoke. And the taste, Ezra loved the taste that seemed to be as special as Vin himself. He paid homage to those lips until he extracted moans of pleasure from Vin. Ezra cupped one hand under Vin's neck, gently allowing the head to fall back so he could gain unfettered access to his neck. He kissed every inch of his face, then started on a neck that called out to be sucked and nipped. Sucking just below his adam's apple, Ezra could feel Vin purring and that one sound sent electrified desire through Ezra's body, making him harder than he'd ever been before. As he stayed at that place, enjoying the sounds that Vin produced, he let his hand roam across Vin's chest with a light, almost teasing quality. Never letting his fingers rest long enough to satisfy, it had Vin in a frenzy. His chest tried to follow the tormenting fingers, but Ezra wanted to keep Vin this way. He had his kisses follow his fingers, playing around the hardened nipples, breathing on them, just not touching them. As no relief seemed to be on the horizon, Vin growled aloud. A rumble that started deep and burst out with great force, still, Ezra did not relent. In fact he paused, bringing his face up close to Vin's, he whispered with little breathes into his mouth, "I believe you issued a challenge . . ." Ezra looked into eyes that held the same message that was in his own.

Vin let his body go boneless as he said, "I'm yours."

Ezra stopped in time, drawing a ragged breath, "A dream of a lifetime." He crushed Vin's lips in a soul sharing kiss. Their tongues caressed, explored, savored each other. Ezra renewed his efforts at pleasing Vin. He pulled his shorts off and Ezra ran his fingers about Vin's entire torso, not missing a spot with his feather light touches. He bypassed Vin's weeping organ and continued his fingers wandering down his thighs, knees, calves and feet. Vin moaned as Ezra caressed his feet, no one had even touched his feet. Ezra followed his nimble fingers with his tongue, his toes, ankles, the sensitive place behind the knee. Vin squirmed with the new sensations, yearning for more. He wanted Ezra's mouth on him and Ezra knew it. But still he ignored Vin's erection, giving his balls the attention instead. He licked them, then fondled them, then rubbed them with his whole hand, enjoying the feel of them himself. Finally the growls and writhing had Ezra taking pity and he slowly, teasingly placed his mouth near Vin's tip. Vin tried to thrust his way in but Ezra gabbed the luscious shaft and derived even more pleasure in Vin's growls as he stroked it, maneuvering his fingers to give the utmost pleasure. He let his tongue in on the fun and licked the swollen mass from the base to the tip. Once there, Ezra found he couldn't leave it and consumed the entire swollen arousal. He sucked and nipped lightly, then changed tactics and used his tongue to press against the rock hard cock as he suckled it. He could tell by the thrusting that Vin was close, so Ezra reluctantly withdrew his mouth from his personal candy. Ezra rubbed his body against Vin's, then whispered into an elfin ear, "Take me Vin."

Just the thought set Vin's blood to boil, his cock quivered in anticipation. But Vin took a second to check with Ezra, his brows showed the question. "Take me, I want to feel you inside me, no one has ever.." Ezra's words were silenced as Vin took his lips, treasuring the gift that Ezra was giving him.

Afraid that he would pop, Vin pressed a hard kiss on Ezra's lips then held one finger up, telling Ezra to stay there as Vin went to get a tube of lubricant from the bathroom. He laid down again, picking up where he left off, kissing lips that were to die for. He put lubricant on his fingers then let his tongue trail along Ezra's nipple line and his fingers played with the tender skin of his inner thighs. Vin's fingers traced the tender flesh until he found the hole he was seeking. He placed a lubricated finger at the opening and gently outlined the virgin ring. Ezra trembled at the sensations, little moans escaped his throat. Vin inserted one finger, then paused as Ezra naturally tightened at the unknown invader. "Relax, I won't hurt ya, relaxing will enhance the feeling." Vin leaned up and kissed his favorite lips and whispered into his mouth, "Trust me."

Ezra leaned into the kiss as he said, "With everything."

Vin paused at the joy that shot to his heart at those two simple words. He slipped his finger in as far as it could go, then drew it out slowly and repeated that again. When he heard the moan he slipped a second finger in slowly, pushing in, now searching for the way to give Ezra an unexpected pleasure. He located the walnut sized nub and prodded it with his fingers. Vin knew he was successful when he felt the shudder that shook Ezra's entire body while at the same time Ezra called out, "Ahhhhhh, Vinnnnn, oohhh, what was that?" The tingle had yet to subside. Ezra wanted more.

"That my love, is your reward, I think you could come to like it." Vin smiled at the look of ecstasy on Ezra's face. He pulled his fingers out and heard the grunt of complaint. He used more lubrication and inserted three fingers, spreading the opening, making it ready. Ezra pushed himself onto Vin's fingers as far as he could go. Vin knew that Ezra was ready, as he withdrew his fingers he rolled Ezra onto his side, "I want you to see me, what I'm doing, I want to see you. It can burn a bit as I first enter you, relax, Ezra, I want you to have the pleasure too." Vin shifted his body to meet with Ezra's and he pushed his solid cock at the opening that wanted this intrusion. Vin pushed in, almost coming at the sweet tightness of Ezra's anus. He controlled himself solely by concentrating on giving Ezra pleasure. He froze in place at Ezra's drawn in breath, but he could feel Ezra relax. Vin pushed himself in all the way, again hitting the gland that elicited growls, gurgles, and moans, all at the same time. Vin established a rhythm and worked it faster. He reached for Ezra's weeping shaft, but Ezra brushed him away.

"This is for you," Ezra said in a raspy, aroused voice.

Vin ignored the brush, "This is part of my pleasure." Holding the quaking member, he matched the rhythm to his thrusts, increasing them on each thrust. Each thrust hitting the gland, each thrust extracting another yell of excitement. Ezra could take no more as he trembled and bucked against Vin and shot out his seed into Vin's hand. Ezra's intense orgasm caused fierce contractions around Vin's cock and sent him over the edge as well. Vin growled out his gratification loudly. Spent, he curled himself all about Ezra's body, pulling the sheet about them. Purring into the chest of his lover. Vin's thoughts centered on the joy of calling Ezra, finally, his lover. Ezra wrapped his arms around Vin, drawing his as close as possible. The two men fell asleep.

Ezra awoke as the sun began to crack through the darkness. Ezra likened Vin to the sun, a radiance that cracked through the darkness in his life. He looked at the light brown hair sprawled about his shoulder, the keeper of his heart was entwined with both his arms and legs and Ezra had no wish to move from this embrace.

"Mornin Ez, I want ya to know somethin right off, I love ya. Have for the last two years." Vin didn't want Ezra to think there was any other reason for last night.

Ezra's innards tightened at Vin's words, afraid to hope that they were true. "Lordy, Vin, I've . . ." he reached down and lifted Vin's chin, he wanted to see his eyes, "I started loving you that second month. You are a man of incredible strength, and infinite gentleness. A combination that has grabbed and held my heart hostage. There are so many aspects to you, that daily I make a new discoveries." Ezra paused to allow his throat to untighten. He continued in a hushed voice, "I never thought . . .I never dreamed . . .and I know I don't deserve you, but I do love you with every inch of my being."

"Ezra, ya do deserve me, you are such a worthy person, only you don't see it. I'm just lucky you even looked at me."

"Oh, my god, Vin, you're beautiful, and you are so much more than I ever imagined."

Vin smiled a pleased smile that his lover liked the way he looked, "Had your thoughts on me, huh?"

Ezra blushed, "I haven't been with anyone in over two years, no one could compare to my imagined image of you. And that image didn't do you justice." Ezra was already rock hard just looking at his . . .lover.

Vin sucked in his breath at Ezra's words, the feelings behind them stole Vin's heart. If this man didn't already have it, he would have won it then. Vin was so full of emotion, that no amount of words would work, so he showed him instead. He took Ezra's lips and kissed them with all the tenderness he felt. Trying to convey the depth of feeling he had no words for. But when Ezra grabbed his tongue with his teeth, he lost control on his mounting desire and ravaged him. He sucked on nipples and he ran his hands all over Ezra's body. He recaptured Ezra's lips as he ground his cock against Ezra's. Ezra's desire matched Vin's and his tongue fought for control, then followed it owns path across Vin's body. Ezra got the upper hand when he swallowed Vin's manhood to its base. Sucking at first, getting the little moans he desired, then he changed tactics again, but this time he squeezed Vin's cock with his throat. Vin had never experienced a feeling such as this, he couldn't control a thing. He grunted his imminent orgasm and Ezra backed off only a tad, ready to swallow, but sucking as hard as he could to wring out every bit of pleasure and last seed.

Watching Vin orgasm was the most powerfully sensual vision Ezra had ever experienced. Knowing he caused that look of ecstasy on that beautiful face had him growling into Vin's stomach. Vin opened his eyes on that growl and gave Ezra the most delightful mischievous smile. He licked Ezra's stomach, causing contracting ripples wherever he dragged his tongue. Ezra purred and Vin reveled in how vocal a lover Ezra was. He sucked and nipped his way to Ezra's swollen balls and took them into his mouth. He rolled them with his tongue, and Ezra's hips gyrated in cadence. Vin let his balls escape only to take his fully engorged cock into his mouth. In Ezra's opinion, the only explanation was Vin worked magic. Vin's tongue stroked the shaft all the while Vin sucked it. Ezra's thrusts became erratic as he lost all his control and emptied every last seed into Vin's mouth. Vin looked like that cat that got all the cream. Vin loved the taste of Ezra's cum and savored every drop. He kissed Ezra, liking his taste in Ezra's mouth, as did Ezra. They snuggled close and just before they dropped off to sleep, Vin said into Ezra's throat, "I love you, my heart."

When Ezra awoke the next time, the sun was truly up. Vin was still asleep, and Ezra thought he would make a special breakfast for Vin, but first a shower. The jets of hot water felt good against his skin, but not nearly as good as the hands that started rubbing soap on his back. The lather was thick and frothy and after his back was definitely clean, the hands traveled to his buttocks. The lather found it way between his crack and brushed the sensitized opening, but the ministrating fingers only hesitated a second before continuing on their sojourn to the back of Ezra's thighs. This all made Ezra weak at the knees and they buckled slightly. Vin quickly pulled Ezra back to lean against him, placing his rear square on his hardened shaft. Vin wasn't finished wish his cleaning assignment. He placed great care into cleaning Ezra's penis.

It, of course, didn't know that it was just being cleaned, so it reacted with a full, hard core erection. Vin seemed to take advantage of this interesting phenomena, and cleaned this extended version as thoroughly as he had the smaller version. Vin seem to find a difficult to clean spot, so he continued to go over this spot, repetitively, up and down, with greater force in the hope of attaining full cleanliness. Vin became satisfied with his results as he was able to extract that creamy fluid out of the tip of the engorged organ, now it would be clean.

Ezra sagged as his seed exploded and hit the shower wall. Vin continued to support him with his body and Ezra could feel Vin's chuckles against his back. Ezra leaned his head back against Vin's shoulder, the spray hitting him in the chest and little droplets bounced and rested on his lashes. "What has tickled your fancy?"

Vin pressed a hard kiss on Ezra's lips, then licked the water spray off his throat before answering, "Besides you?"

"What were you laughing at?"

"At how a simple cleaning seemed to exhaust you." Vin's mischievous grin told the tormented, just how much fun the tormentor had.

Ezra turned around and pressed Vin against the shower wall. "Well . . .Vin," Ezra placed a kiss on Vin's lips between each word, "Seeing . . .as. . . .how . . .you . . .like . . . cleanliness . . ." Ezra first took the shampoo and put some in his palm, then applied it to the top of Vin's head. He rubbed it in with a gentle massaging motion. Making sure every pore on his head was touched. He kissed Vin's eyes as he told him to keep them shut as he rinsed the soap from his long hair. Ezra lovingly combed the long locks away from his face as he make sure all the soap was out. Vin's delicious sounds made it hard for Ezra to continue, and he had only just started. Ezra used the liquid soap and soap 'thingy' to lather up his neck and torso. He followed the 'thingy' with his fingers, rubbing his neck and back and spent extra time concentrating on Vin's chest. The little protrusions seemed to require extra care and Ezra willingly prolonged his visit there! to make sure they were tended well.

Ezra whispered, "Vin, it's hard to tell with all the moaning if you're actually enjoying this?" Ezra put enough of a question in his tone that Vin's eyes flew open in case Ezra was unsure. The extremely devilish look resting in the green eyes told Vin he'd been had. Vin just brushed his swollen cock against Ezra's and then pulled back. The twinkle in the blue eyes told the green that two could play. Ezra whispered into Vin's mouth, "but it's my turn now." Then kissed him with a loving tenderness that quickly changed into a passion charged kiss and Ezra forced himself away from the lips that threatened to undo all he was trying to build up to. His raged breaths were exact duplicates of Vin's. He looked into blue eyes that mirrored his own desire.

Ezra poured more soap, directly into his hand this time, and continued his cleaning of his lover's body. He washed his stomach with such tenderness that the skin quivered with the care. Ezra cleaned the lower back and had planned to just brush by the buns, but he didn't have enough will power and his hands stopped there, grabbing a cheek in each hand and pulled Vin flush to his body, rubbing their cocks together. Again the passion threatened to consume him, but somewhere, down deep, Ezra wanted to complete what he'd started and forced Vin back. Vin didn't want this at all and tried to fight it until Ezra began washing his testicles. Ezra had to hold on to Vin as his body went liquid and seemed unable to hold himself up. He leaned Vin up against the side as one hand took extreme care in continuing the bathing of the keeper of the seed. The skin was taught, that seed wanted out. Ezra's other hand washed Vin's thighs, calves, knees. He used both hands to wash Vin's feet. Going between each toe, the ball, the instep, Vin moaned anew with each place. Never realizing how erotic the feet could be.

Vin growled, "Please, I'm so hard it hurts, please Ez." Vin was begging and Ezra couldn't resist the plea.

Ezra poured more soap into his hand and coated Vin's cock then handed the container to Vin, Vin's eyes widen at the implied use. Ezra turned and rubbed his cheeks against Vin's weeping erection. Vin's cock jumped and thickened even more at the thought of taking Ezra. Vin slicked his finger with the soap and inserted the finger, Ezra wanted to feel Vin inside him so much that he impaled himself on it. Vin withdrew it and placed two inside, searching for the nub and knew he'd found it by Ezra's howl. Ezra pressed himself as close as he could get, but Vin again withdrew his fingers and placed three. Although Ezra felt slick, Vin wanted to make sure he didn't hurt his lover. Three fingers went in without trouble and caused Ezra now to plead, "Viiin, I need you."

Not being able to deny his love anything, Vin placed his cock at the prepared opening. Not really intending to tease, he pressed but hesitated, making sure that no pain was felt. Ezra couldn't wait and pressed back and impaled himself on exactly what he wanted. His outcry was a moan and growl combined. Vin almost lost it as Ezra completely covered him. Vin tried to take it slow, making the thrust long and smooth, hitting Ezra's gland, but he could feel Ezra's orgasm building and changed to hard, fast thrusts. He grabbed Ezra's cock and matched thrust for thrust and Ezra yelled Vin's name as he came hard, pumping his fluids against the tiles, his cries echoing off the tiled walls. This much reaction to his loving pushed Vin completely over the edge and he filled Ezra's cavity with his warm seed. Spent, he leaned against Ezra, holding on, to hold himself up. He stayed still for several minutes, then Vin stared chuckling again.

Ezra turned around and releaned Vin's body back against his, just facing each other this time. He raised his brows at Vin, wondering where his humor took him this time. Vin smiled at Ezra, kissing his throat. "Now I know you're clean, inside and out." Vin chuckled a bit more as he thought about which inside.

Ezra reached and turned off the cold water, and let the hot, that was just warm, run over their bodies, cleaning the last of their lovemaking off. Ezra towel dried Vin from top to bottom with infinite tenderness. Then he pushed him out of the bathroom, "Go get clothes on, or we'll never get any food and won't have enough strength to last through the next session." Ezra smiled, all his love shinning through.

Vin paused at the door, connecting with Ezra's eyes in the mirror, giving him a look that promised forever.

Ezra dressed quickly, pulling on clean sweat shorts and a plain black t-shirt. He headed for the kitchen, straight for the coffee machine. He quickly prepared Spanish omelets and toast. He brought it out to the patio, where Vin was reading the Sunday paper. Ezra kissed him on the head as he placed his food before him. He went back to the kitchen to get his food, when he was gripped by an intense wave of emotion. The simple act of kissing Vin on the head, the ability to share his love with someone, an act that was denied him most of his life, was a powerful feeling, one he'd never had before. On some intuitive level, Vin knew that Ezra needed him right now and wrapped his arms around the frozen Ezra and hugged him tight. His hug was returned instantly and Vin whispered, "Love ya, Ez." Tucking the shorter man's head under his chin, held him close until he was ready.

"Oh, and I love you too, Vin. I just can't believe how lucky I am." Ezra pressed a kiss against Vin's heartbeat on his neck. He sighed contentedly.

Vin grabbed Ezra's food, "Get moving, your food is too good ta waste."

The rest of the day was spent sitting together, sharing the little talk new lovers do. The first time you knew, the stolen looks, the fears when they were injured. Neither knew what they watched on the TV, as they were so involved in each other. This special of time of talking, holding hands, little kisses, sharing thoughts, separated their relationship from one just based on sex. Without knowing it, they both needed this, this simple affirmation that what they had was more. It was so new that both still had fears that only time together would lay to rest. Now they were just thrilled in the knowledge that two years of dreams could come true.


Driving to work together, Ezra commented, "We can't let on that our relationship has changed. I don't want this to hurt you or the team."

Vin hated the man that could cause this much anguish in the other half of his heart. "I'll play it as you want to. I get you at home, oh, and by the way . . . . .I hope you plan on cutting down on your running time."

Ezra smirked, "Oh, no problem there. I was only running to stop myself from jumping your bones."

"Great, so tonight, you can just jump my bones."

"Was already on the agenda." Ezra smiled at his lover. "Boy, I'm going to have to be a good undercover agent today," Ezra turned to look at Vin. Vin turned his head to the side, trying to track. "I'll have to hide my happiness."

"Don't ever hide it from me. You're mine now. I need to know you're happy."

Ezra thrilled at the ring of possession, "Vin, I 'm of the belief that you can always read me, that I am unable to hide very much from you." Ezra confessed honestly.

"Well, ya did manage to hide what you felt toward me for two years . . . don't do it again." Vin pulled his face over for a kiss.

They pulled into the parking garage. Ezra couldn't believe they were first. "Who'd believe that you've been able to get me to the office early."

"Oh, you seemed up pretty early this morning," Vin said with a swallowed chuckle.

Ezra pulled into his parking place, turned off the engine and faced Vin. "I'll have to make this one last for the whole day," with that pronouncement, he kissed Vin with his heart on his lips. Both men were purring when they separated. Desire lurked in both sets of eyes.

Ezra turned his head as he said, "I think Chris is here." His attention was shifted immediately back to Vin as Vin placed his hand over the bulge in pants.

"I really like it that I can turn you on like that." Vin's voice was husky with desire. He leaned over and kissed Ezra with that desire.

Ezra's groan of matching desire startled himself at how caught up in the feeling he had become, he had forgotten where they were. He looked over to see Chris enter the elevator.

Vin's voice still husky, said casually, "I think Chris knows, that's why he suggested our living together." Ezra turned his head. "Oh, he's never said a thing, just a feeling he won't be surprised."

Ezra felt a twinge of something and his expression went sad. Vin, extremely sensitive to Ezra, asked, "What ya worryin' on now?"

"I know Chris is your best friend, but . . ." Ezra didn't even know how to ask, afraid of the answer.

"Chris is my friend, my brother. You're my friend, my lover. That day that Chris found me, I knew instantly that we were kindred in spirit. The day you joined the team, I was drawn to you, recognized my heart."

"You never desired Chris?" Ezra had to ask.

"Never 'desired' any other man. Chris is my special brother. That won't change. The team is my family, my first family. But you Ezra, you rocked me off my axis. I never knew if I was gonna find real love, not like Charlotte, but the forever kind. One look at you and my heart called out to me through you. Now I'm happy."

Ezra never ceased to be amazed, this man could go days without saying a word. Then could come up with words that would rival the world's best poets. Ezra cupped Vin's cheek with his hand, "I love you. And Vin, you're mine. I can't go back."

Vin smiled the smile that only his lover would ever see.

Cuervo jumped on the car waiting to be acknowledged. Both men got out of the car and Cuervo received treats from both.

Buck and JD pulled in and life at ATF headquarters went on as usual.

+ + + + + + +

Later that morning, after Ezra had put some finishing touches on his cover for the Pitman case, he still had had too much time to think. Knowing that Vin was completely occupied, Ezra knocked on Chris' door. Chris bade him entry.

Ezra closed the door, and sat out of window sight. Chris waited, knowing Ezra would come to the point.

"May I assume that you set up the living arrangements on purpose?" Ezra asked forthright.

Chris nodded, no desire to lie. In an unguarded moment, Chris saw a wide gamete of emotions run through the undercover man's eyes. So much more than Chris had suspected.

"May I take it for granted, Ezra, that by the very nature of your question, that you and Vin have found each other?" Chris asked seriously, caring about both his friends.

Ezra nodded, but the happiness that Chris expected was not there, instead he saw loneliness and regret. Then Ezra spoke his fear, "Chris, what if being associated with me tarnishes Vin?"

At that moment, Chris' heart ached for Ezra. A man that had so much confidence in his work could have so little in matters of the heart. And at a time that should be filled with joy, that his thoughts should jump ahead to ramifications of a relationship with him, filled Chris with sadness. What had happened in his life, that he doesn't expect anyone to really stand by him. We all have our hells. Chris hoped he could lay the groundwork for a path out.

"Our Vin is special, and I've known from the day I dragged your ass here, that Vin cared for you. It wasn't till that asshole's accusation came in that I saw hope dawn in Vin. I did what I did cause it was what was best for the team."

"What if inadvertently, I ruin things for him? This job, his family, it's so important to him, I can't be the cause of his losing it." The fear of a lifetime rested in his eyes as he asked of Chris. "I can't leave him, I don't have the strength, but Chris, you could send me away, save Vin." A scared tremble started in the center core of Ezra's being just at the thought of leaving Vin, and this after just one weekend. He'll never have the strength later.

Chris smiled a sad smile, "Ez, I think you under play your importance, but irregardless, it's Vin's decision. He's not an innocent. Vin has seen and been through a lot in his years. He knows what's best for him. And Ezra, . . . you just may have to accept it's you."

Ezra stared at Chris, Chris was siding with Vin, when he should be helping Vin. This perplexion showed on Ezra's face.

Chris added softly, "I am helping Vin, matters of the heart are our first priority, to ourselves, and to our connection."

Ezra, while not convinced, nodded at Chris and looked out the window at the clouds floating by.


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