What, Where, Who & Why?

by Marian

What was happening? Where was he? What did they want? Who were they?

Questions kept swirling in his head. He would drift with the swirling. His body would numb.

In his mind's eye, he could see faces. Who were they? He didn't know. Would they be looking for him? How long has he been here?

He heard voices all around him. They meant nothing to him. The questions sounded like noise nothing more.

All he knew was that his head and heart hurt. The pain was so strong that he felt as if he would explode. Why wouldn't it stop? He didn't know how much more he could take.

The tenision in his mind was growing stronger and stronger. Was there any reason for him to contuine? He couldn't think of one person who would care if he lived or died.

At least not the most important one.Was there such a person in his life? He wasn't sure.He didn't - couldn't - remember. Did such a person exist?

Voices again. Please just let me be. The voices hurt and it's all I can do to block them out... This voice is different...This voice is grabing on to my heart. It won't let go.It's stronger than the others. Why? I don't understand it keeps pulling and holding on as if its own life depends on it.

The voice is getting stronger, clearer, and there are tears. Why is this voice crying? Why is this voice special? My heart is responding. Who could this voice belong to?

She keeps calling me back. Is she an angel? Or is it just the voice of one? Does this angel really need me?

The words are getting clearer & stronger. It's getting brighter. This voice is warming my heart. The tears are pouring into my soul and her words are pulling me in. She's saying she won't stay here without me.

Her life began when we first said "hello" and her life will end with our "good-bye." How can I leave her behind? I can't. She has taken hold of my heart and soul.

There it is again the voice of an angel.

Casey: "Please, oh please, JD don't leave me."


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