The Physical III

by Linda. T

ATF Alternate Universe

Part 3 of The Physical

"Hello Heather?" Alexandra Styles spoke into her cellular phone as she drove down the freeway to make keep her appointment with her Vin Tanner.

"Doctor Styles?" The nurse at the medical wing of the ATF building responded over a cackle of static that was made even more incoherent by the rushing wind that sped past the 1955 red T-Bird convertible that Alex was presently navigating through the traffic.

"Yes," Alex answered coolly, perfectly aware that what she was about to do was terribly bad and completely unethical. Unfortunately, Alex could not resist doing so because Mr Tanner had it coming and poor Ezra needed some form of vindication following the gunshot wound he had received to his oh so cute behind. "Heather I need a little favour."

"Anything Doctor," Heather said pleasantly. "What's the favour?"

Alex outlined her request as she turned off the freeway and took the exit that would take her to the ATF building where she would be seeing Vin Tanner shortly. It was exactly one week ago today, she had first encountered the ATF agent who had been nothing but a source of consternation and irritation since their initial meeting. Despite herself, it was to Alex's deepest annoyance that she found the man so damn attractive. It had been awhile that any man could inspire the thoughts she had been entertaining about Vin and yet, while she was forced to admit that she did want him, she also hated that she did. Still their relationship, such as it was, had developed into a game of sorts and while she had no understanding of where it might ultimately lead, Alex had to confess one thing.

She was having fun playing it.

"Are you sure about this doctor?" Heather asked after Alex had told her what she needed done.

"Definitely," Alex said with a faint smile. "He's due in the examination room in about ten minutes. Give him the works before I get there."

"Okay," Heather replied, uncertainty oozing out of her voice as she regarded the doctor's odd request. "But he'll be plenty mad by the time you see him, though."

Alex was ginning now. "I know, but I'm still going to enjoy it."

+ + + + + + +

A steak with all the trimmings.

That was the only thought that Vin Tanner had on his mind at present. In little less than an hour, when his routine examination with Alex was over, he would be sitting down to a juicy steak, never more to look at another lousy salad. His entire day was planned around food. After work, he was going to get Mexican food and then stop for pizza on the way home. There was an all night John Wayne movie marathon on TV tonight and Vin intended to watch at least a third of it while accompanied by a really huge bag of potato chips. No bag of potato chips could be truly complete without a gallon of beer to guzzle it down with and he would pause long enough to make a toast to Alexandra Styles for the excess that was in her honour.

He sat at his desk, contemplating such happy thoughts with a dreamy look on his face while enduring the regular rumble in his stomach he had been forced to tolerate all this week. Besides the fact that he would be eating like a human soon enough, Vin also had to look forward to his next meeting with Alex Styles, wondering who would emerge the winner of their latest sparing match. The last two matches had gone to him and he prepared himself to win a third, wondering if his victory would result in his getting her to go out with him.

Even thought their previous meetings had hardly been the stuff that would make for ideal dating potential, Vin knew that she was attracted to him because she had been plaguing his nights for almost a week now. Every time they ran into each other, it only served to confirm that when she finally dropped her defences, they could really have a great time together.

"Going to meet Alex?" Buck Wilmington's voice snapped Vin out of this thoughts.

"Yeah," the younger man nodded as Buck sat on the edge of his desk. "I'll be able to finally get off this damn diet I've been on."

"And get to spend some quality time with that pretty doctor." Buck grinned.

Vin immediately tensed, wishing no one to know how he really felt about Alex, at least when he had no idea what himself. "Don't know what you mean." He shrugged evasively.

"Aw come on Vin," Buck leaned closer, revealing to Vin that he was fooling no one with this act of indifference. "I saw how you took care of the competition. Misfire my ass," he chuckled softly and then added, "Sorry, I meant Ezra's."

"It was an accident!" Vin exclaimed, trying not to show that Buck's words had touched a nerve. After all, he had been wondering how nice it would be to have Ezra out of the way so he would not be anywhere near Alex, however at no time did Vin wish to make those musings a reality. Ezra was his friend and Vin had not lied when he had denied to playing such an underhanded trick on Ezra. No matter how spectacularly successful the misfire he had suffered on the range had gone to achieving that end.

"Of course," Buck said trying to appease him but nevertheless throwing Vin a conspiratory look as he drew away from his desk. "Don't worry, I won't say a word."

Vin groaned in exasperation and decided that on this note, it was his cue to leave. Besides, he had to get to his physical and get certified that he was healthy and suitable for active duty.

Not to mention, seeing Alex.

+ + + + + + +

Vin arrived at the medical wing of the building on time and was promptly shown to the examination room by a pretty strawberry blond nurse name Heather. Why were all Heathers ultimately blond? Vin shook the thought out of his head as he heard her shut the door behind him prior to remarking that she would be with him as soon as he got out of his clothes and into a gown. Personally, Vin did not see the need to wear such a garment but was in no stead to argue with her. There would be enough of that when Alex finally showed up.

Naturally she kept him waiting even though the clock on the wall clearly indicated that she should have arrived by now. Vin knew that this was mostly a tactic on her part to make him suffer following their encounter yesterday, when yet again, he had sent her retreating in defeat from their verbal jousting. Vin could not deny how much he enjoyed seeing her eyes flare with indignant rage whenever he made a remark that properly infuriated her. There was so much passion barely concealed under that cool, professional demeanour and during the last week, Vin had been entertaining himself at night with thoughts of unlocking all that emotion in an unbridled wave of ecstasy.

Suffice to say it had been a week of cold showers and salads.

Once he had climbed out of his clothes and put on the demeaning hospital gown, Vin tried not to feel completely exposed. As he sat on the examination table, he wondered why this was necessary when he was only here to have a routine check up in order to put to rest the issue of his weight and get himself certified for active duty. This was probably one of Alex's instructions, he told himself. Her way of making him suffer just a little bit more before she was finally forced to relent and sign the paper that would proved nothing she threw at Vin Tanner could faze him.

Suddenly the door swung open and Vin looked up, expecting to see Alex, but instead of his doctor, Heather made her appearance again. "Oh good," she said with a perfectly innocent smile. "Doctor Styles is running just a little late but she has given me instructions to conduct some routine procedures. Is that all right with you?"

Vin did not see why not, if it meant bringing and end to the last of these examinations for the next twelve months. Although he liked seeing Alex and looked forward to coming here, he did not at all like being poked and prodded. He knew the agony of what was usually a half-hour physical had been prolonged mostly because of his fiery relationship with Alex. In baiting her as he had, she had thrown everything she could at him, to enrage Vin with just as much chagrin as he had inspired in her. This, unfortunately, was the battleground in which she chose to make him squirm.

Well if that was her game, he was up to playing.

"No problem." Vin said with a smile, showing no fear as he prepared to endure this latest trick in Alex's worn bag of magic. "What do I got to do?"

"Nothing at all," Heather said pleasantly, still wearing that smile on her face that was starting to become a little unnerving. Vin had only seen used car sales men with expressions like that and usually just before they tried to sell you an Edsel.

"Just lie flat on your stomach." She instructed.

The request seemed simple enough and Vin complied, watching her go to the sink at the far end of the room and wondering why she was slipping on a pair of latex gloves and what that odd device with a tube attached to it was meant to do'..

+ + + + + + +

Alexandra Styles arrived at reception area of the ATF's medical wing and greeted Penny, the young woman who took the point and greeted all visitors and staff when they reached that section of the building.

"Is Vin Tanner here yet?" she asked after the cordialities were exchanged, wondering how her little revenge was transpiring.

"About ten minutes ago Doctor Styles," Penny informed dutifully as Alex breezed past her and continued down the corridor. As she made her way to the examination room, she noticed the door was close but imagined it would not be for much longer. She glanced at her watch and made a few rapid calculations in her head to know that Vin would make an appearance in approximately five seconds.

Alex leaned against the wall next to the door upon reaching it, trying to keep the smirk of her face as she read into her leather case and retrieved Vin Tanner's paperwork. Removing the gold pen she had received from her father following her graduation from medical school, Alex signed her name neatly at all the appropriate places on the form. The ink had yet to dry on the crisp white paper when suddenly, she heard nothing less than a squeal of indignation mingled with downright horror. The cry was followed by the sounds of shuffling feet and furniture being bumped into.

"But Agent Tanner'!" Heather's voice exclaimed just as loudly a few seconds later.

The door burst open and Vin Tanner stumbled out of the room, wearing only his jeans while clutching his clothes in his hands, barefoot. The buttons to the Levis he was wearing were open and the fly half way done. His face was crimson with embarrassment and there were no words to describe the exact expression that Alex saw on it except that it was extremely amusing and she could not help but start to laugh as she heard him shouting at Heather.

"Nurse, I at least expect dinner before someone tries to do that to me!" Vin declared, unable to believe what she had just tried to do to him.

"Mr Tanner," Heather implored, playing her role so well that Alex swore that she would have to give the woman another twenty when it was all said and done. "An enema is a perfectly natural procedure! There is nothing to be ashamed about'.!"

"Lady, you were about to shove a tube up my ass!" Vin roared back, not caring that half the wing was now looking on in amusement and astonishment. It was hard to say which was the more prevalent emotion, really. "Since when was that natural?" he barked again.

"Oh lay off Mr Tanner," Alex announced herself, unable to resist from speaking after such an entertaining show. "Heather was just doing her job."

Vin turned to her and immediately understood what had happened. His eyes narrowed and he took a slow step towards her, seething in rage as he stared her down like she were the lowest thing on this earth. His anger was such a joy to watch, she could do nothing but chuckle in his face even though she knew that it would only infuriate him even more.

"You are despicable," Vin sputtered in fury. "I ain't got the words to describe how despicable you are!"

"Try me." Alex grinned from ear to ear.

"You'you'you'.." he could not even think of the words to say it. His mind was too paralysed with anger to make coherent sentences. "That woman had'.rubber gloves' a tube the width of the New York subway'.!" he faltered then as he ran out of words to say as his face turned a deeper shade of crimson.

"It's'called''..enema." Alex said slowly, wearing that same triumphant smile on her face and knew that it would be there for the rest of the day. Earthquakes could come and go, civilisation itself could crumble tonight but she was still going to have the memory of priceless look on his face to comfort her through it all.

"Nobody," Vin growled. "Nobody makes me take it up the rear."

"At least without dinner." Alex quipped. "Should I have got Heather to serve Mexican first?"

Vin glared and her and started walking away, a storm cloud forming over his head just as the one that held back her hysterics broke. Alex laughed despite herself, knowing she should not humiliate him any further since she had enjoyed quite a bit at his expense already. His jeans were drooping down his extremely nice butt as he drew away and Alex had to confess it would have almost been worth trying to give him an enema to see all of it. She would have to ask Heather to describe it in greater detail later. In the meantime however'.

"Oh Mr Tanner," Alex sang out once she had managed to contain her laughter long enough.

Vin looked over his shoulder, his cobalt blue eyes still sparking with anger as he continued walking down the corridor, still barefoot and clutching the rest of his clothes.

"What?" He retorted fiercely.

Alex could only smile when she answered. "Cute butt."


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