Buck and Inez

by Marian

He appeared in her dreams. Giving her happiness, love & understanding.

Whenever the Seven rode, her dreams became, nightmares...

They took hold of her heart. Causing her pain. Filling her with fear...

Just as Mary Travis worried about Chris Larabee, she too worried about Buck Wilmington.

The last time the Seven rode. she woke in a ------ cold sweat, shaking with fear...

This nightmare was different . This time Buck didn't come back.

Daybreak, she headed out of town. In search of Buck Wilmington.

+ + + + + + +

Their mission complete. Victory for the Seven. They started for Four Corners. They stopped once and set up camp. Buck taking first watch.

His thoughts drifted to her. He could only see her and her beautiful brown eyes. She had captured his heart & soul.

Buck wasn't going back. He needed time to think. When they broke camp, Buck rode off on his own.

Larabee would only say Buck would meet them in Four Corners in two days. No one dared to question Chris Larabee.

Buck rode, lost in his thougths. He never saw what spooked his horse. He went down hitting his head. Knocking him out cold.

+ + + + + + +

Where is he?

If not found before dark she knew she would never see him again. Inez kept going. She couldn't give up. Not when she needed him. It was this need inside that pushed her on.

Buck, where are you? Tears came to her eyes. Her fear was growing. She prayed she would find him. What was that up ahead? She couldn't believe her eyes; Buck's horse.

Where is he?

She rode on, finding him lying off to the side. Flying off her horse, she ran over to him. Her tears falling, she tried to wake him. Yelling his name, shaking him, she tried over and over again to wake him.

She checked for injuries and found a large bump on his head. With night falling, she cleaned his wound and bandaged his head. Then she set about to make camp. She built a fire and set about making Buck as comfortable as possible.

To her great relief he lived through the night. She knew if he didn't wake soon, he might never wake. Inez was panicked, she didn't know what her life would be without him.. All she knew for sure was that she didn't want to find out. She loved him so much. It hurt to watch him and not be able to do anything for him.

All night she sat, his gun in hand, keeping watch over him. It was a long night and she prayed he would wake up. She longed to see his funny smile again. Or just to hear him call her "darlin'."

+ + + + + + +

Was he dreamin? Was he really hearing her voice? Was that Inez he heard begging him to look at her? He felt strange.The pain in his head was exploding. Where was he? He didn't understand why she was crying. He could feel her tears on his skin

He didn't like her being upset. He wanted to hold her, to comfort her. To tell her that everything would be alright. She won't sleep as long as he needed her. She stood and stretched.

Slowly Buck opened his eyes. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Is it really her? He laid there watching her.She was so beautiful he couldn't tear his eyes away.

Looking down, Inez saw him looking back at her. She began to cry, then she started to gently kiss him. If this was a dream he never wanted to wake up. He would die a mighty happy man.

When Inez sat up to see him staring at her, she wondered what was wrong. "Buck? Buck... what's wrong? Are you alright? Buck, please answer me?"

When he realized that she was real and it was not a dream he began kissing her.

They lay there for what felt like hours. He held her, never wanting to let her go.

Buck realized that he belonged only to her. If he were to lose her it would kill him. He knew now that his wandering days were over.

It was settled, they both agreed there was no doubt they belonged together. Buck and Inez had found each other at last.


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