Birthday Miracle


ATF Alternate Universe

“Vin, what’s this?” Chris said, while looking at the object like it came from outer space.

“It’s a cake. What’s wrong with it?” Vin asked, in his heart he knew the answer. The cake was not fit to be eaten.

“What’s wrong with it? It looks like ‘The Blob’,” Buck exclaimed after taking a good look at the ‘cake from outer space’. It was their day off and Vin had invited them over to his apartment in Purgatorio, on account of AJ’s surprise birthday party. On arrival, the sight of the worst-looking birthday cake they had ever seen had greeted them.

“Well, you guys try baking a cake with kids running in and out all day,” Vin said, trying to protect his dignity.

“Who may I presume this,” Ezra made a gulping sound and continued. “This cake is for?”

“AJ. It’s her birthday today remember? Thought I’d stop by Nettie’s and give her a surprise,” Vin answered.

“If that is the point, we’ll all make AJ’s birthday cake,” Chris said. He then went in to the kitchen and took out the needed ingredients.
Finally after hours of hard work, seven sweaty men came out of the kitchen, carrying a smaller but edible cake.

“We are ready for a birthday celebration,” shouted Buck and JD in unison.

Vin was half-way to his jeep when he stopped dead in his tracks. “I knew I forget something. Chris would you take the cake to Nettie’s? I’ve gotta pick up her birthday present.”

“Sure.” With that, the remaining seven left towards Nettie’s house.
Vin was lost in thought by the time he stopped at the intersection. The truth was, he didn’t forget to pick up AJ’s present. He had completely forgotten to buy it. He was so busy thinking about what to get AJ that he didn’t see a car that had run the red light.

Suddenly, he felt his car jerk and the passenger side advancing towards him. Then, everything turned black.

Everyone at Nettie’s was having a good time. They were still waiting for the birthday girl and her brother to arrive.

“You know, I think Brother Vin did the right thing. Letting AJ live here,” Josiah said.

Suddenly, Chris’s hand phone rang. The expression on his face changed, from joyful to sullen. With a ‘I’ll be right there’ he hung up.

“Guys, Vin was in a car accident at the intersection.” As soon as he finished, the living room erupted with question’s of ‘How is he?’

“I don’t know,” Chris knew he didn’t need to say anymore. Everyone was thinking the same thing. Grabbing his car keys, he ran out of the door. The others followed behind him.

“Nettie, you know what to tell AJ,” Nathan said before bounding out the front door.

At the hospital, everyone was quietly waiting for the doctor’s diagnosis. AJ had just joined them. Finally after what seemed like hours, the doctor finally made an appearance. Immediately, she was bombarded with questions.

“Slow down. I know you all are eager to know Mr. Tanner’s condition. His condition is stable. His left side is going to be sore for sometime, he broke his ankle and has a serious concussion. Lucky for him the other car was not going too fast.” Before she even finished her sentence she was hit with another question.

“Which room is he in?” instead of Chris asking that question, it was AJ.

“Down the hall to the right.”

Chris found himself racing against AJ. They were running towards Vin’s room like cheetahs casing after their prey.

In front of the door, they finally hit the brakes, not wanting to disturb Vin. As soon as AJ walked into the door, she was greeted with an ‘I’m sorry’ from Vin.

“I know it’s suppose to be your birthday and all,” before Vin could finish his sentence AJ interrupted.

“You already gave me the best present, being here and all.”


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