"I don't like it," Buck Wilmington voiced.

"I'll be fine," JD defended.

"Vin's always been the one to go into this kinda situation, why can't he go?" Wilmington said, pointing towards Tanner as he spoke.

"If'n ya' ain't noticed, I don't look exactly 18 no more," Vin drawled out evenly.

"I said I'll be fine," JD said again, with a bit of force.

"They're always full of older people," Buck said.

"Sorry Buck, they're not looking for Vin's type, word on the street is there looking for a High School aged Ferret, " Chris said, understanding Buck's concern.

"Why not someone else? Ain't there someone on the other teams that can do this?" Buck asked, knowing that there probably wasn't, but felt it necessary to ask.

"No there isn't. Buck we've had this same talk 10 times already, the assignment stands," Chris stated firmly.

"I don't like it," Buck seethed through clenched teeth, not leaving anything to question how he felt.

"You're support is overwhelmin' Buck," JD stated sarcastically pushing himself away from the table and storming out of the meeting room, not hiding the fact that he was disappointed with Buck thinking he wasn't capable of this assignment.

"Way to go Buck," Vin said, Buck caught the full force of the sharpshooters glare as Vin passed him on his way out to find JD.

"Look up on the roof, most likely where he's at," Chris sighed.

"Figured that," Vin said before closing the door; he walked by JD's desk, grabbed the jacket that was still on the chair, after getting his jacket and headed for the stairs that led to the roof.

"You're gonna get that kid killed, you keep this up," Chris forcefully said, his anger and statement directed to Buck.

"What the hells that supposed to mean?" Buck shot back.

"Mr. Wilmington, did you ever consider that your display just now will put him in more danger than is already imminent?" Ezra questioned seriously, his head tilted to the side.

"What?" Buck asked, a questioning look on his face; he couldn't understand what the man had asked.

"I think what Ezra's saying is," Josiah said in his calm baritone voice, "that showing your disapproval may have made JD feel you don't have confidence in the fact that he can't do this assignment, and knowing JD he'll do as much as he can to prove you wrong".

"Putting himself in a vulnerable state of mind just to prove to you that he is capable," Ezra finished for Josiah.

"I'd never hurt him!" Buck said defending himself.

"What do you think you're doin by sayin he can't do his job?" Nathan asked.

"I didn't say he couldn't do his job, I'm tryin to keep him alive! Chris he's not even old enough to buy beer..and now you're gonna see if he can get into a gang to be their ferret!"

"I wouldn't put him there if I didn't think he could do it Buck," Chris calmly reasoned. "He did a lot of gang undercover in Boston Buck," Chris tired to reason again, trying to show that JD was more than able to deal with the operation.

"That was Boston Chris..this here's Denver..there ain't no comparin'," Buck totally refusing to accept the fact that Chris was right.

"Excellent point Brother Buck," Josiah smiled.

"Why don't I think you're bein' sincere with that statement?" Buck asked.

"Most likely cause he ain't," Nathan laughed out.

"Buck, we just started having major trouble with gangs, Boston's been dealing with it for years. JD's got more experience than any of us, including Vin," Chris pointed out the fact for everyone to see. "Hell, he had to tell 'me' what a ferret was".

"Besides a small rat like creature?" Ezra asked, he didn't know what 'ferret' meant either, and suspected that the others might not either= , but would never ask.

"Um..Chris? What exactly is a 'ferret'?" Nathan asked, least he wasn'= t shy about not knowing.

"Some one small, can get into tight spaces, hide real well..serves as a spy most of the time, getting rival gang information without getting seen; if the gang knocks over a store..they send the 'ferret' in through a small opening to open the doors..dismantle the surveillance camera's and what not," Chris said , almost word for word what JD had told him. What Chris didn't add was the fact if there was a situation that went bad..most 'ferrets' were considered expendable, but they, especially Buck, didn't need to know that.

"How's he know so much 'bout gangs and such?" Buck asked his thought, not meaning for it to be heard; realizing it had, he continued the thought, " I don't learn that much from just bein' undercover all the time, do you?"

"He was a highly recruited 'ferret'," Chris said, breaking the long pause that was caused by Bucks question.

"He was in a gang?" Nathan asked, to say he had a dumbfounded look on his face was an understatement.

"JD in a gang?" Buck laughed out loudly, "Nathan, this is JD we're talkin 'bout here!"

"Buck, JD was a 'ferret' for over 3 years," Chris said with serious eyes.

+ + + + + + +

"You'll freeze up here without your jacket," Vin said, handing JD his jacket.

"Thanks," JD said with forced partial smile, putting on the jacket offered.

"He's just..."

"Don't say it..I hate it when that's the explanation I get every time I'm up for somethin and he puts his nose in it and convinces Chris he's right," JD said with anger; remembering the last two assignments that he'd been up for, both times Buck riding and ribbing him so hard, JD'd lost his temper, basically proving to Chris that he wasn't ready.

"Well, kid, the way I seen just let Buck get at ya'; you pretty much showed Chris yourself," Vin said , also remembering; granted Buck did ride the kid pretty hard until JD'd had enough..but the fact was, Buck had gotten to him and JD had reacted; something he couldn't do under the most stressful of situations.

"S'pose I did it again," JD said, mentally kicking himself for letting Buck get to him, kicking his sneaker at a small rock.

"Naw, don't think so; ya' stayed calm and walked away, best thing ya' coulda' done, kid," Vin smiled.

"You don't think I can do this either?" JD asked, he saw what he thought to be a hint of doubt on the sharpshooters face.

"Well, I know you have tons of experience doing undercover in Boston; I ain't to sure you can walk into a High School and become a gang member in 30 hours or so," Vin voiced his doubt.

"Let me show you somethin'," JD said. He turned his back to Vin, he took his jacket off and grabbed the back of his shirt pulling it to reveal his bare back. JD turned his head to see Vin's stunned face by the fact 'innocent' JD had a tattoo.

"What is it?" Vin asked, getting closer.

"A ferret," JD said evenly.


"JD? In a gang?" Buck could barely subdue the laugh that wanted to escape.

"We're talking about the poster boy for the Boy Scouts of America here, the same JD Dunne that refused to incarcerate the 75 year old widow arms dealer who later, as I recall, broke her wooden cane on the young man's head that took 14 stitches to close?" Ezra asked, not hiding the chuckle, not only at the idea of JD being involved in a gang, but also remembering the widow Black.

"That would be the one," Chris said calmly.

"A man has many faces," Josiah stated, his eyebrows raised slightly, trying hard himself to imagine 'their' JD in a gang.

"I'm sorry Chris, I just can't see JD in a gang," Nathan snickered out shaking his head.

"No?" Chris said, pushing himself up from the table and walking to his desk; he opened a drawer, pulling out a file and laying them back on the table. He opened the file as he sat.

"Jesus..he don't look more than 9," Buck gasped, picking up a black and white picture of a very young JD Dunne, disturbing the lady's man the most was the fact it was a mug shot of the kid.

"Hell, Buck, he don't look much different than he does now," Nathan added, leaning over a bit to see the picture Buck held.

"He's 12 in the shot you got Buck, Ezra has the one when he's 15," Chris pointed out, the two men exchanged pictures.

"His loyalties changed," Ezra said absently. Both pictures were in black and white, but Ezra picked out a few differences in what JD was wearing. He knew that gangs usually picked out colors, and a dress code; once that was established it was law; no one ever changed.

"Yup, more than once. Like I said, he was highly recruited; he was the best at what he did. Everybody wanted him. He joined when he was 12, managed to get a lot of information on territory from a rival bunch, what turf they had in mind to take over, dates, fights. That's what he did, he was good..too good, lotta people wanted him dead. Some leaders thought it would be a good idea to persuade JD to join them, in exchange he was guaranteed protection, JD was involved with over 15 different organizations in those 3 years," Chris revealed to the stunned men in front of him.

"How'd he manage to be a cop after all that?" Nathan asked, gang association usually meant drugs and killing; how could they allow JD to be a cop?

"I made a phone call to his old supervisor from Boston; asked him pretty much the same thing," Chris cracked a smile, " his supervisor, Wilson, was a beat cop then; said everyone knew he was a ferret, but an honest one; if drugs were involved in a 'confrontation' or some dealing was going on..JD'd give the cops the information; daytime gang fights or a turf war that he knew would get innocents hurt, he do the same," Chris shook his head, a gang banger with a conscience; quite the oxymoron he thought.

"So gettin involved in gangs was a matter of survival," Nathan assumed; JD's size just begged for protection, and there was no stronger form of protection that 40 or so guys calling you family.

"Started out that way; JD wanted out when his Mom got sick. Every gang organization was after him for his services by then, and well..the only way out is the dead way out. JD did the only thing he could think of, went to the Captain he'd gotten close to, told him the situation. Guess JD had that look back then too, cause it worked," another smile crossing the leaders face.

+ + + + + + +

"So what did the Captain do?" Vin asked JD, who was in the middle of telling Vin the same story that was being told down stairs in the meeting room.

"Called my Mom from the station, she grabbed a few things and came down to the station. We left Roxbury for Boston and lived with Cap'n and his wife for couple months till we found a place; I went to school 'til I was a senior; by that time Mom was getting sicker, Cap'n's wife was a teacher and she got me caught up so I could graduate; went to college with a lot of help from Cap'n and Mrs. Cap'n, graduated early and went to the Academy," JD smiled as the memories flooded his mind.

"Sounds like you had a lot of good people 'round you," Vin said with a nod.

JD nodded and continued, "Mom was real sick a few months after I started at the Academy; Cap'n called me one night and told me they moved her back in so not to bother goin' back to the apartment when I came home for break, she died there," JD hung his head, remembering the phone call two days before graduation from Cap'n telling him he needed to came home, he arrived and his mother died 5 minutes later.

"Still keep in touch with the Cap'n and the Mrs?" Vin asked, not having too; he knew JD considered them family.

"They died a year after I graduated from the Academy, had a bad car wreck on their way to Maine," JD said shaking his head.

"Sorry to hear that," Vin said sympathetically, he'd lost people too, his mother and people he considered family; he understood.

"Why is it so hard for Buck, why's he gotta stick his nose where it don't belong?" JD asked quietly after a long silence. "And don't go tellin me it's cause he worries 'bout me," JD added.

"If ya don't wanna hear the answer, ya' shouldn't ask the question kid," Vin smiled, "There ain't any other answer but that one, hell kid, we all worry 'bout ya', just the way it is," Vin sighed.

"If I couldn't do my job why'd Chris recruit me then?" JD pointed out to Vin, knowing that the only reason he'd come out to Denver was the fact that Chris had requested him.

"I ain't questionin' if'n you can do your job. It's're the kid, kid".

"You ain't much older than me Vin and I highly doubt Chris and everyone else treated you the same way," JD laughed.

"I look my age, you on the other hand..."

"..look like I'm 15," JD sighed, knowing it was true.


"You ready?" Chris asked JD.

"Can't believe Buck didn't talk ya' outta this too," JD said accusingly.

"Weren't much he could talk me out of, JD. This is one assignment I never questioned giving to you," Chris stated.

"S'pose ya told the others, 'bout the gangs," JD said, recalling that he didn't receive the normal speech that Buck felt was his duty to tell the young agent every time they went on an assignment or job; Buck told him to be careful, but offered no other information or instructions in the art of keeping himself alive when dealing with gang members.

Chris pulled his truck to a stop in front of the school, "Well, didn't have much choice, son".

JD nodded his understanding, "Let's go get me registered Pop," JD smiled.

"Dad will do just fine," Chris instructed, leaving no room to guess that he didn't care to be called 'Pop'.

"Okay...Dad," JD chuckled as he opened the door, grabbed his overloaded backpack, slung it over one shoulder and copped an attitude as he waited for his 'father' to get out of the truck.

"Don't look so happy son," Chris scowled a look, his light voice betraying the look on his face, knowing that appearances were very important.

"I'm goin' back to High School and this thing is killin me," JD rolled his eyes referring to the weight he carried on his shoulder.

+ + + + + + +

JD ignored the glances, looks and pointing fingers from other students as he entered the High School; knowing that being pointed at and talked about in hushed tones was a customary greeting when being the 'new kid'.

"Thinks he's tough," was said more than once, loud enough for JD to hear, as he walked to the office.

JD gave an unsuspecting look to the group, he recognized the one talking as Joey Hall; the leader of the gang he was to infiltrate.

"We'll have to 'introduce' ourselves," Joey said, again it was said loudly, most likely to try and intimidate the new student.

JD turned his head as he passed the group, hearing the words Joey said, he turned, smiled widely, raised his hand and gave him the finger as he turned his hole body around to face them. He walked backwards as he continued his 'greeting' until Chris grabbed him, turning him around forcefully and shoved him into the principals office.

"All frosting and no cake," Alex snickered.

"Maybe not," Joey said, crossing his arms in front of himself.

"You can't be serious! Come on Joey. Word has it the guys s'posed to be a Junior..I seen Freshman who look older," another member of the group observed.

"So," Joey said. "he needs to be shown some manners, no one comes into my school and flips me off. Guess will see just how much fluff there is," Joey stated, a gleam in his eye.

+ + + + + + +

"Mr. Larabee, Mr. Dunne. I can't tell you how much I, we..the school in general, appreciates your help," Principal Ted Davis said, shaking Chris's hand then extending it to JD; JD took a cautious look and shook his head with a sarcastic grin.

"Sorry Mr. Davis, can't have JD being friendly with the principal if we want this to work," Chris answered for JD; JD, High School Junior, sat slumped in his chair, elbow resting on the arm, head resting on his fisted hand, appearing disinterested in the two older men as his leg jiggled up and down.

"Yes..I see..I'm sorry," Davis said as he sat.

"This is the only friendly contact you'll have with JD, any other will be due to any trouble he gets into...and trust me, he'll be in here by the end of his first day," Chris said, a small smile cracking the hard face. Davis smiled nervously then turned to JD, who gave him a smile raising his eyebrows several times in jest.

"You're either very good, or this is just the way you are ..truth be known, I don't think I like your attitude very much," Davis said, he was already intimidated by the group of 15 students that had caused him to pull in a favor to take care of the problem; and JD seemed to be just as menacingly innocent, if not more than the others.

JD smiled with self satisfaction.

"He's that good," Chris reassured the visibly nervous man.

JD lowered his head and blushed lightly at the compliment.

Davis chuckled, still showing the nervousness; he was glad for the help, he still couldn't help thinking that the young man sitting in front of him, full of attitude and disrespect wasn't just 'that good'.

"You have a rule book, so he knows what can get him suspended?" Chris asked.

"This has got to be one of the strangest parent/student meetings I've ever had," Davis laughed lightly, shaking his head as he reached into his desk drawer, he placed the student handbook on top of the desk.

Chris nodded his thanks and stood "Guess JD'll be seeing you tomorrow".

"I didn't see a student parking lot," JD finally spoke.

"We don't have one, allowing the kids to bring cars to school has proven dangerous at times; either their parents drop them off or they ride the bus," Davis said.

"I ain't ridin no bus...and you ain't droppin me off 'Dad'," JD said sternly.

"You can't possibly walk..can you?" Davis asked.

"No, I'll bring my bike," JD smiled.

"It's against school policy..." Davis reminded.

"I know," JD said, another mischievous smile crossed the young agent's face.

"You are a piece of work," Davis said, "If you were a true student I'd have to think of early retirement," the principal sighed out heavily.

"That means I'm doin my job Mr. Davis," JD said, the first serious tone Davis had heard out of the young man.


"We all set?" Chris asked the group of men sitting at the table in the meeting room.

"I do hope that someone has taken notes so I can be informed on what this meeting was about at a more appropriate hour; it isn't even 6 yet!" Ezra scowled, he wasn't even thinking of getting out of bed at this time in the morning, much less be fully dressed and at a meeting.

"I'll fill you in later, ' 7:30," Nathan smiled.

"Thank you..Mr...Jackson is it?" Ezra said as he focused his eyes.

Everyone just shook their heads, Chris grinned slightly at Ezra's annoyance and his kidding.. Well, at least at what he hoped was Ezra kidding.

"You better get goin, JD; you're gonna be late," Vin said seriously looking at the clock on the wall.

"So?" JD shrugged.

"I thought you were takin this assignment seriously JD, this attitude you have is.." Buck started to lecture.

" perfect," Chris interrupted Buck's rant, "Buck, he has a little over 24 hours to get into that gang, group..whatever you want to call them."

"Buck, I gotta give them a reason to talk to me..showin up late, breaking's all part of the game," JD said seriously and steadily, once again trying to prove to Buck that he knew what he was doing.

"Oh I think you gave Hall a good reason to talk to you yesterday," Chris smiled.

"Whadya' do?" Vin smiled, seeing the spark in Chris's eyes.

"Gave him the finger," JD smiled.

"And what finger would that..Oh..that finger," Ezra nodded, the usual quick witted gambler took a minute to understand what the others were referring to.

"Guess I best be off," JD said, pushing himself away from the table and standing.

"Don't forget...." Buck grunted as he picked up the kids backpack, "What in Hell do you have in here? Rocks?"

"You don't wanna know," JD said simply; stating a fact.

"Well, lets just see what High School kids take to school with them these days," Buck smiled widely as he set the pack on the table and unzipped it.

"Buck, leave it..I gotta get goin'," JD said, a hint of a plea present in his voice.

" you're concerned about gettin to school on time," Buck smiled as he looked into the heavy backpack.

"Buck," Chris said, "Give the kid his pack so he can leave," he said, his tone only causing the lady's man to be more curious with the contents of the bag.

"Fine.." Buck said, shoving the bag on the table towards JD, who promptly zipped it back up and hoisted it on his back.

"See ya in a few hours," JD smiled to Chris, after he silently let out the breath he had held as Buck tried to inventory his pack.

"You plan on leavin early?" Vin asked with a mischievous grin.

"Maybe," JD replied with a smile that compared to Vin's, and headed for the door.

"Hey kid," Vin said, reaching into his jean pocket, "Everyone knows you might be showin up unexpected like if ya feel the need," he said referring to the occupants of his apartment building and tossed JD a key.

"Thanks," JD nodded, closing the door behind him.

"Your apartment key?" Buck guessed, his voice revealing he wasn't happy.

"Can't very well let him get followed to your's now can we," Chris said, knowing that if things went 'as planned' JD would be followed; hopefully sooner than later.

"I still.." Buck started.

"..don't like it," the remaining five agents repeated what Buck had said only a thousand times since the assignment was given.

"Well I don't," Buck spit out.

"He'll be fine," Chris assured, not revealing to Buck the other reason that the kid had Vin's apartment key.

"I hope so," Buck said quietly as he stood and left the meeting room. He wasn't too pleased with the situation JD was putting himself in; no back up, no help..just the kid in a school with no other agents to help him if he got into trouble.

"Will there be a test of loyalty for Mr. Dunne before he's initiated?" Ezra asked, his third cup of black coffee finally seemed to bring him out of his sleepy haze.

"Dunno really, JD said it usually ran that way; but it's hard to tell," Chris said.

"I assume Vin's apartment isn't being used just for 'cover' purposes, JD's going there if he gets initiated?" Josiah asked, knowing what an 'initiation' consisted of.

"Yup, if they follow him like he thinks and he's let in, they'll dump him where he lives" Vin said steadily; he'd seen enough in his day to also know what an initiation was all about and the last thing JD needed was for Buck to go postal when the kid was initiated.


JD pulled into the school yard, picked a place to park his bike near the entrance and walked into the school.

"JD?" he was greeted by a young blond girl, all of maybe 16.

"Yeah?" he answered, never stopping as he walked down the hall.

"I'm Lily, Mr. Davis asked me to show you around, help you get to your classes; it's a thing we do for new they don't get lost," she smiled warmly, her voice annoyingly bubbly; she extended her hand, trying to keep up.

"I think I can manage," he said curtly, giving her a sarcastic half smile.

"Well..I'm supposed to show you around," she pouted, she'd never been refused.

"Do I gotta sign a piece of paper sayin' ya showed me around or somethin'..cause if I do, so's you can get your congeniality badge I'll be more 'n happy to; if not..go away," JD spat out, finally stopping as he talked; he caught a glimpse of Joey in the corridor with a couple of 'friends'.

"'s policy," she said, almost apologetically.

"Fine," JD sighed, then smiled "You wanna show me around?"

Lily smiled brightly and nodded enthusiastically.

"Show me the bathroom," JD said seriously.

"Oh..sure," she smiled, and in a very cheerleaderly way, she began to bounce away.

JD rolled his eyes, not only for effect, but the girl was a ditz.

"Here you go..Boys' bathroom," she stood aside as if showcasing something on the Price is Right.

"After you," JD smiled.

"What?" Lily gasped.

"You're supposed to be showin' me around, hate to get lost in there," JD smiled, leaning against the wall as he titled his head and crossed his arms, 'studying' her..and not just her face.

"But..It's..I mean.." Lily stammered.

JD leaned in very close to the stuttering girl, "Go away Lila".

"Lily," she corrected.

"Whatever," smiling, he casually leaned against the door and slid into the bathroom.

Lily stood there, mouth opened; she was going to stay and wait and do her duty but was deterred at the voice behind her.

"Go away 'Barbie'," Joey Hall said coming up from behind her.

She was already shaken by JD's actions, but was more so with Joey. She nodded her pale face and nearly ran down the hallway.

JD heard the door open and casually looked to see who was approaching; not that he had to, he'd heard Joey talk to the girl.

"Tour guide from Hell still out there?" JD asked, not looking at the kid.

"Nope. Gotta say you got a lot of nerve comin into my school and disrespecting me in front of everyone," Joey said, menacingly.

"So I been told," JD laughed out.

"You have one hell of a mouth on you, too," Joey said, a smirk crossing his face.

"Been told that, too," the young agent smiled.

"I have a mind to let Jack and Lou loose on you," Joey said, leaning against a stall post.

"Naa, I don't think so. I heard you been lookin for me," JD said, pushing himself off the wall that he'd been leaning against.

"What makes you think that!" Joey laughed out.

"I got ears, people gotta a hard time keepin their mouths shut sometimes, heard you need a ferret," JD said, walking confidently towards the three young men.

"Really, you been here what..a day?" Joey snickered.

"Nope, been here two months".

"You just registered for school," Joey tried to trip JD up.

"Old man's kinda slow, thought I was already here 'til I got busted," JD smiled, mentally thanking God that he wasn't wired, if Chris had just heard what he'd said..he'd rather face four different gangs alone and unarmed.

"Runs in the family..two months and you're telling me your some kinda ferret, if you knew we been looking, what took you so long to say something," Joey still questioned JD; he'd been set up more than once..he wanted to make sure this wasn't another.

"Wanted to see if you was worth it," JD said, turning his back to the group and retrieving his backpack.

"Us? Good enough for you, got that backwards don't ya ferret?"

"Nope," JD said, back still to them, shaking his head.

"Oh..and are we?" Joey asked sarcastically.

JD turned, swung his pack onto his shoulder and walked to the men, he stopped next to Joey and leaned over, he looked the two 'body guards' up and down then simply smiled and said "You'll do I guess," and walked out of the bathroom.

+ + + + + + +

JD pulled his bike to a stop in front of Vin's apartment, as he suspected he'd been followed; he sighed heavily as he took his helmet off, hoping that Vin had remembered to speak to the apartment dwellers to keep an eye on his bike and make sure it was still intact when he came out, not a good impression to make if your property was stripped where you were 'lived'.

JD shoved his bike keys into his pocket and bounded up the stairs and into the building, he climbed the stairs and unlocked Vin's door, shut it and locked it again. He unloaded his burden from his shoulder and sat heavily on the overstuffed chair that sat in the living room area. He sighed again as he put his head back and ran his fingers through his hair.

The phone rang, causing JD to jump slightly. He listened to the phone ring for a third time and the answering machine pick up.

'Yeah?' JD listened to his voice, if he was supposed to be living there Vin and the others thought it was important for it to sound like he lived there too.

"JD, pick up," the answering machine said.

JD did as asked, "Hey Chris".

"How'd it go?"

"Good, I think I'll be stayin here tonight though; their car is still down the street," JD relayed as he looked out the window, seeing the car that had followed him, two teenagers sitting on the hood, not caring if they were spotted. JD waved to the two teens, letting them know he knew they were there.

"So they followed you, must've made an impression," Chris said dryly.

"We had words, told them I knew they were lookin for me; been with them most of the day".

"You told them?" Chris asked, voice slightly concerned; they had decided they wanted him to be 'recruited'.

"I know you wanted to wait, but I played it by ear," JD assured, making his way to the window again, and peering out so he wouldn't be seen; the two teens were gone as was the car, JD looked around some more to see if he was still being watched.

"They interested?" Chris asked.

"They followed me home didn't they?" JD said sternly, knowing that if they weren't interested they wouldn't have followed him.

"Don't need to snap my head off," Chris replied, hearing the defensive tone over the phone.

"I know what I'm doin'," JD said, still defensive as he hung up the phone, sitting back into the chair.

Of every member on that team, JD was the only one who had first hand knowledge of gang life and the rules and regulations. The last thing he needed was the person who'd given him this assignment, based on that association, to begin second guessing him.


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