All I Want For Christmas

by Bunny

Note: This is in response to a Christmas challenge on the list, and takes place in my Sevens Investigations AU.

JD paced the mall impatiently. He hated shopping! But, this would be his and Casey's first Christmas together, and he wanted to make it special. The other guys had come along, having Christmas shopping of their own to do. He was glad for their company, but, when they realized he had no idea what to get Casey, they were busy dispensing advise at every given opportunity. First, of course, came Buck. . .

Buck: (putting his arm around his shoulders) Kid, what you wanna get that little gal of yours is something romantic.

JD: (nodding) Yeah, that sounds about right.

Buck: (leading him) Come over here to this rack. . .

Buck then grabbed one of the skimpiest piece of lingerie JD had ever seen! Worse than that, it was completely tacky! It was this sheer, neon-orange top, with matching gloves, slippers, and thong. JD felt his cheeks grow hot and his face turned blood red.

JD: (in a strained voice) Buck. . . I can't give her. . . that! She'll think I'm a perv!

Buck: Not necessicarily. . . (grins suggestively) Maybe she'll just think you're a romantic guy, and maybe it'll give her ideas if ya know what I mean.

JD: Oh, it'll give her ideas, all right. . . She's liable to take that little Volkswagon of hers and run me over if I do that!

Buck: (shrugs) Okay;maybe y'all ain't reached that stage yet. . .

JD: Yeah, thanks, Buck. . .

Buck: (ruffles his hair affectionately) Anytime, Kid. . . Say, you think Inez'd like it?

JD just laughed and started walking off.

Buck: Was that a "yes" or a "no"?

Coming out of Victoria's Secret, he ran into Nathan.

Nathan: Hey, JD.

JD: (semi-embarrassed) Hey.

Nathan: Wanna go to Mining Mike's with me?

JD: Okay.

They go into the store, and Nathan starts looking at the crystals.

JD: Gettin' a present for Rain?

Nathan: Yup. . . You got Casey's yet?

JD: Not yet. . .

Nathan: Why don't you get her one of these crystal things? Is she into mystics?

JD: I don't think so. . . she's never really mentioned it. . .

Nathan: Oh. . . well, you'll find her something.

JD: Okay, thanks, Nathan.

Nathan: (nods) Sure.

Walking into the middle of the mall, he saw Josiah at one of the stands.

JD: Hey, Josiah.

Josiah: (smiling pleasantly) Hello, JD. Would you look at these carvings? Aren't they beautiful?

JD: (picks one up) Yeah, it's real pretty, Josiah.

And, it really was. The wood was polished so that it was smooth as glass, and as shiny as a new penny. And, the silver carvings on top were just georgeous!

Woman: (in a thick accent) Bethlehem.

JD: Pardon?

Woman: The wood comes from Bethlehem.

JD: Oh, cool.

Josiah: Perhaps Casey would like one of these?

JD: (shrugs) Maybe. . .

He picks up one and glances at the price, and tries not to wince.

JD: Um, I may come back. . .

Josiah: (in understanding) Yeah, okay.

JD shook his head as he walked away. $500! There's no way he could afford that! But, what was he gonna get her? It had to be something special, he knew that much. . . Next, JD walked into Zales.

JD: Hey, Ezra.

Ezra: (smiles) Hello, my young friend. Still on a quest for the perfect gift for your lady-love?

JD: Yeah, guess so. . . What're you getting?

Ezra: Just browsing. . .

JD: Oh. . . Um, what do you think I should get Casey? I mean, I've looked in about 4 different places already, and I can't find anything!

Ezra: (thoughtfully) Well, that is a conundrum. . . Why don't you get her one of these?

JD: (shocked) A diamond ring?

Ezra: (shrugs) It has been my experience that this is what the female of the species most desires. . .

JD: Uh. . . maybe it's a bit too soon for jewelry. . . (backing up) I. . . I'm gonna go look in another store. . .

Ezra bit back the laugh until he was out of earshot. . . Finally, he reached B. Dalton's, and tried to remember if she'd ever mentioned her favorite author.

Vin: Hey, JD.

JD: Oh, hey. . . What's that?

Vin: Book of poems.

JD: Ya think Casey'd like somethin' like that?

Vin: Yeah, I reckon most of 'em do. . . wanna hear one, just to see?

JD: (shrugs) Okay.

Vin: (opens book) How do I love thee, let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and hight. . .

JD: I dunno. . .

Vin: (chuckles) Sounds a mite like Ezra.

JD: Yeah, maybe. . .

Vin: (claps him on the shoulder) Well, you'll know when it's the right thing, JD.

JD: (nods) Thanks, Vin. . .

Finally, JD ran into Chris in Sears.

Chris: (coming up behind him) Take it from a guy who was married, JD. . . women hate appliances for gifts.

JD: (sets down the juicer) Okay, thanks. . . I'm just runnin' out of ideas. . .

Chris: (sympathetically) Hard to know what to get that first Christmas together. . . Just get her somethin' from your heart, son.

With that, he patted him on the shoulder, and left him. . .

2 days later, on Christmas Eve. . .

Casey: Oh, JD! It's beautiful!

It was an ebony box, with a rose carved on top, and the name "Casey" underneath in gold inlay.

JD: (happily) I had it made special for ya. . . open it.

As she opened the box she heard the familliar tones of her favorite song, voice and all.

Casey: Oh, JD! I love it! (gives him a big kiss and hug)

JD: (shyly) I'm glad, Case. . .

Casey: Wanna dance?

JD: Okay. . .

Casey opened her music-box, and JD pulled her tight to him, as the song played on. . .

Once in your life you find her.
Someone who turns your heart around.
And, next thing ya know, you're closin' down the town.
Wake up and it's still with you;even though you left her way 'cross town.
Wonderin' to yourself, "Hey, what have I found? "
When ya get caught between the moon and New York City,
I know it's crazy, but it's true.
If ya get caught between the moon and New York City,
the best that you can do, the best that you can do is fall in love.
Arthur he does as he pleases.
All of his life his master's choice.
And, deep in his heart he's just, he's just a boy.
Livin' his life one day at a time.
He's showin' himself a really good time.
And laughin' about the way they want him to be.
When ya get caught between the moon and New York City,
I know it's crazy, but it's true.
If ya get caught between the moon and New York City,
the best that you can do, the best that you can do is fall in love.
If ya get caught between the moon and New York City,
I know it's crazy, but it's true. . .


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