"I just don't think we all need to go out there again," Vin argued, leaning on a bar of the opened cell.

"You don't even know which way it's going," Chris argued back.

"That sheep was bleeding pretty bad, we can follow it."

"Who's 'we'?" Like Chris didn't know.

"Me and JD," Vin said matter of factly.

"You sure?"

"Chris, he thought this out by himself, he found the tracks, I think it would be wrong not to let him see this through."

"I gotta say he's right, Chris," as much as Buck didn't like the idea.

"How long's this gonna take you think?"

"Not more than a couple days, three at the most," Vin shrugged.

Chris let out a heavy sigh, he knew that he could say 'no' to the men standing in front of him, but with one look from the kid, and he would have caved.

"Why put myself through gettin' that look," he said out loud. "Where's he at?" Chris asked defeatedly, but a smile.

"Livery," Buck said.

"Shoulda known," he said as he left the Jailhouse, still shaking his grinning face.

"You sure you don't wanna come, Buck?" Vin asked

"I'd like to, but Nathan's heading to Fall Creek for somethings, told him I'd go with him."

"What for?"

"Get the kid's hat fixed," he smiled. The men left the jail and headed for the saloon.

+ + + + + + +

"I thought you'd be gettin' ready," Chris said to the boy whos back he looked at.

"Hey, Chris, for what?" he asked, never turning his back.

"Vin's heading out early tomorrow," Chris wanted to see if Vin told him he wanted him to go with him.

"That's what he said," not upset, not in anticipation, still not looking at Chris.

One of the things JD had learned to do was listen well. He had to deal with not being able to see, but he had sharpened his other senses, which had turned him into a better gunfighter. He could hear the clicking of a hammer through the bullets before he even saw the gun.

"I'd thought you'd want to finish this," Chris said, finally getting the young man to turn around and face him.

"You're serious?" JD was surprised, which made Chris smile.

"Yeah, so you wanna go or not?"

" bet..I mean..if you think I should," JD wondering if maybe Chris wasn't liking the idea.

"You did all the work, yeah.. I want you to go, Vin's in the saloon."

"Thanks, Chris!"

Chris watched as JD made his way out the livery. He couldn't help but notice more and more how much JD reminded him of his own son. The age difference was huge and he knew JD's childhood didn't hold very many pleasant memories and all he had left of Adam were memories, which he found easier not to have to drown in a bottle. He could only imagine that Adam would have grown into everything JD had.

Chris walked out of the livery and as he reached the door he looked to the sky, seeing a star in the dusk, he spoke to himself, "I hope you both understand, it's hard not to love him." The star twinkled as if to nod in agreement and he smiled and headed to the saloon.

Buck was on the boardwalk, waiting for Chris. He stood from the chair he was sitting in as Chris stepped up, he wasn't able to hide the smile peaking under his mustache.

"They're like two kids making a Christmas list in there," he said through the wide smile.

"I figured as much, question is who's more excited?" an odd twinkle in his usually clear blue eyes.

"Hard to tell. You okay?" Buck noticed a sadness had come over Chris suddenly.

"Yeah. He reminds me alot of..." he nodded towards the youngest member of the 'family'.

"I know, I see a lot of him in there, too," Buck said, placing a hand on his oldest friend's back. "Sarah would've gotten a kick outta him, too," he added a bit more lightly, at the thought.

"He thought you were a mother hen,too," he added, patting Buck on the back and entering the saloon.

Buck smiled again and followed Chris.


"You sure you don't want to come, Buck?" JD asked for what seemed to be the tenth time in just an hour.

"I'm sure, sides Mable's brother is gone," he added.

"You boys all set then?" Chris asked.

"We'll be fine, Chris," Vin reassured, knowing he had a father's worry.

"Be safe," Josiah stated.

"We'll be back in three days if we don't find anything." Vin had thought that the dog would be heading back to the ranch tonight and they might get lucky and meet somewhere.

The five men stood on the porch of the jail as they watched the younger members, brothers not only by heart but by blood, leave Four Corners.

"You ready to head out, Buck? We leave now, we'll be back by tomorrow night," Nathan stated.

"I thought you had an appointment?" Chris cocked a sideways smile.

"I do," Buck bent back and showed his mission to the others, "Gotta get JD's hat fixed," he faked a frown.

Buck and Nathan then crossed the street and got onto the wagon, with a snap of the reins and a wave, Nathan and Buck were headed to Fall Creek.

+ + + + + + +

Vin and JD rode to the outskirts of Hansen's ranch, to the spot where JD had spotted the track. JD had remained silent most of the trip, which unnerved Vin a little. He had worked so hard to overcome his self doubt, he couldn't imagine he was heading that way again.

"Somethin' bothering ya, little brother?"

"Huh?" JD looked to his brother.

"Somethin' eatin' at ya?" he asked again, pulling to a stop.

"No, why?" he asked, pulling up as well.

"You ain't said but two words since we left."

"Neither have you," JD pointed out.

"Ya, but I ain't the one noted for ramblin' on about everything under the sun," Vin said with a bit of a chuckle.

"You sayin' I talk too much?" he accused.

"You do have a knack of goin on a bit."

"What's that suppose to mean?" he said, with a hint of anger.

"It means that you don't always know when to keep it shut," Vin bit back, with his own hint of anger, moving his horse back towards his brother so they were face to face.

"Anything else you wanna add to that?!" JD yelled back.

"Yeah, you dress funny," referring to the Eastern style clothes he still wore.

"Least I don't wear dead animal skin!" jabbing about the buckskins.

"You don't eat enough!" noting mentally that his brother had the 'usual' for breakfast.

"Least I eat normal things," referring to the roots and plants Vin made JD eat while they had spent the day 'roughing it'.

"I don't forget important my hat!" pointing his finger into his chest.

"I couldn't find it," JD said in a dejected tone, rubbing the spot Vin had pointed with his finger.

Vin looked at JD, JD looked at Vin, still rubbing his spot. As suddenly as the argument started it had stopped, and the two burst into laughter.

Vin turned his horse around as the laughter subsided, he looked to JD, who still rubbed at his chest.

"You okay? I mean..did that hurt?" he asked apologetically.

"Well, I still got about ten stitches there," JD smiled back.

"I thought Nathan took them out?" Vin remembered Nathan had the day before.

"Well, I ripped that one open a couple times," sending a shy smirk to Vin.

"Sorry, JD."

"I'm fine, Vin, don't worry about it."

"So, why weren't you sayin' anythin?" Vin asked again, the harsh words all forgotten.

"I was just thinkin."


"This, just ridin' out here, cause I did somethin' right," he said quietly.

"You deserved to come, plain and simple. Guess trackin' runs in the blood," Vin smiled. It was the first time JD had shown any pride in anything he had done. He never did things for praise, he did them because he wanted to, sometimes not working out but his heart was always in the right place. This time, he showed confidence in what he was doing, and he showed his confidence to the others, never looking to the others to back him up. He was finally getting his self esteem back in order.

"How did you lose your hat?" Vin remembered, wondering if Buck had the hat.

"Someone stole it," he shrugged.

"No offense, but there ain't one person in town that wants that misshapen dirty 'Bat' hat," Vin shrugged, Except Buck

"Well, I put it where I always do and this mornin it was gone. So, unless it grew legs... someone stole it."

"There's Hansen," Vin pointed out, and the men made their way over to him.

"Tanner, Sheriff."

"Mr. Hansen," JD was about to tip his hat, but remembered there wasn't one, and continued, "Any problems?"

"Nope, you were right, nothing gone this morning."

"We should get a good track, Mr. Hansen. Hasn't rained so everything should be pretty sharp," Vin declared.

"Good luck to you two, I appreciate the effort," Hansen said sincerely.

"Thank you, Mr. Hansen," JD said and the two men entered the edge of the woods where they had spotted the blood trail.


JD and Vin had followed the trail, for nearly an hour. Vin had told JD they needed to rest the horses, not wanting JD to know he thought the kid needed a rest, he had noticed JD's left foot was out of the stirrup and had the feeling his leg was beginning to bother him a bit. They quickly set up camp, and as he saw JD limp from his saddle to the fire they had made, he was glad they had stopped.

"You figure this dog is up far?" JD wondered as he bit into a piece of jerky, the onslaught of questions were starting and Vin smiled to himself.

"Hard to say, all depends."

"On what?"

"How wild it is......let's say you got left, would you be afraid of people?"

"Well, no, guess not, but I wouldn't trust them much."

"Right. And if you was born wild?"

"I guess I'd be afraid of people. That why he's draggin' the sheep off?"

"Either way, yeah."

"Vin?" JD had a bit of concern in his voice.

"Yeah?" he looked up from the ground to JD's concerned face.

"We gonna kill it?" he appeared almost...sad.

"We can't leave it here, JD, it'll just keep comin' back."

"What if it was left behind. Like you said, I mean.. It ain't the dog's fault."

"No, I guess it ain't. What you got brewin' in that head of yours?" Vin was almost afraid to ask.

"I was just thinkin.. I mean..maybe.. Maybe he ain't all that wild..maybe.."

"Maybe you can tame him?"

"Is it that bad an idea?"

"Yeah. I mean it's nice to think about, but I don't think it would be smart."

"Guess not," JD smiled sadly at the thought, but if Vin said it wasn't a good idea, he was probably right. Vin respected animals as much as he did and if his brother thought they had to kill it, then it would be for the best.

Always thinking with his heart, Vin smiled to himself at the thought, taking a drink from the canteen before passing it to JD.

"Thanks." JD took a sip.

"We brought four of those, you can have more," Vin laughed out.

"I'm fine, thanks anyways," JD smiled, handing back the canteen.

"Okay, lets get back on the trail then," the tracker smiled, and stood to break camp.

They were back on their horses, following the dwindling blood trail. The blood became less obvious to find to the point JD couldn't see it anymore, but Vin would be able to pick up an overturned leaf, or a small stone and find the trail again.

JD didn't know if it was him, but he began to smell something. He looked over to his older brother for a sign he was smelling it, too, he didn't see any so he thought about just waiting, but decided, since this was Vin and not Buck he was riding with, it would be safe to say something.

"Vin?" JD asked

"What?" Vin answered, not looking up from where he had dismounted, trying to find a track or an old blood spot.

"You smell that?"

Vin lifted his head. He stood and began smelling the air. He turned to JD and walked over to him as he sat on his horse, with a sour look.

"No, what's it smell like?" Vin didn't even question the fact that he didn't smell anything.

"Like..I dunno..remember we was comin' back from Springville? And I told ya I smelt somethin a couple of times?" Vin nodded. "Like that, just not so bad."

"Can you tell which way it's comin' from?"

"No, I can just...smell it. What ya think it is?"

"Might be comin' up on a carcass, what you smelled comin' back from Springville was a dead guy by the river an his horse further down."

"You guys.." JD began.

"He run his horse down, then he kept goin..Nathan said the heat got to him, and he drank too much water," Vin remembered as he made his way to his horse.

"Oh, you loose the trail?" quickly changing the subject.

"Not really, got your nose to follow," Vin quipped.

"Great," and he urged his horse next to his brother's.

They rode for close to an hour, when the horses began acting nervous. Vin looked to JD, who had already dismounted, taking the bridle off his horse and rubbing her nose, trying to calm her down.

"Can't you smell that yet?"

"Yeah, have been for a bit. It's definitely somethin dead." Vin led his horse on, JD going beside him in the same manner.

As they walked closer to the source of the stench, the horses became more skittish. The men went back a few steps and tied them to a tree, continuing to the source in silence. JD saw Vin unholster his gun and he did the same, watching for any movement; other than each others. Vin was pleased at how quiet the man next to him was being.

They continued in this manner for close to twenty minutes, finally coming to a clearing. As they stepped into the clearing the source of the stench, which had become almost unbearable, was revealed. Scattered bones and scattered wool, the remains of sheep.

"That all of them you think?" JD gagged out, swallowing back his breakfast.

"Looks like it, if it ain't all of them, it's most of them," Vin said trying not to loose his breakfast as well. The silence between the two of them became almost deafening for JD, so he broke it.

"Now what?"

"We go back to the horses and find a good place to set up camp, then we wait."

"It's been using the same path," JD pointed out to the left of the clearing, noticing the vegetation had been mowed down.

"Which way's it coming down?" Vin saw the other spot in the clearing, and started the 'game'.

JD walked over the clearing he had spotted, squatted down and looked closely at the signs, then went to the other spot Vin pointed out and repeated the action.

"He ain't headin' in any set way to the ranch, he's draggin' it in from there, he's coming back from there and he doesn't leave in any set way."

"How ya figure that?" Vin asked his hands folded in front of his chest.

"Well.. All the plants are leanin' into this place."

"Okay, so how do ya know he's draggin' from there?"

"It's wider," JD stated simply with a smile.

"Can't argue with that," Vin smiled approvingly at his little brother, how'd he get so lucky to get him?

"We gonna set up camp now, or do you wanna see if we can spot him."

"We set up camp, then we wait till he gets here." Vin pointed to the clearing, "Or maybe we get lucky and he passes us on his way to the ranch. Just gotta keep our eyes and ears open is all."

JD nodded and walked to his brother as he holstered his gun. They made their way to the horses, still watching for movement, but not as cautiously. Untying the reins the man began looking for a suitable spot and set up camp. And waited.


"Care to partake in a game o.."

"Not now, Ezra," Chris said evenly.

"They're fine, brother Chris," Josiah offered.

"That obvious?" Chris didn't even hide the smile.

"Afraid so, Mr. Larabee. If I were you, which I certainly am not, I would be more concerned with our other comrades in Fall Creek."

"Why's that? I can't see Nathan getting into any trouble," Josiah stated.

"I was referring to one Buck Wilmington, Mr. Sanchez. You realize how 'dreary' the 'scenery' has been to our scoundrelous friend of late, I'm sure he has found something 'allustrious' to view."

"He said he was goin to get JD's hat fixed," Josiah defended, wanting to believe that's all Buck would do.

"Josiah, this is Buck we're talking about. You and I both know he ain't gonna sit and wait till the hats fixed with both hands in his pockets," Chris laughed out.


"Nathan.. Nathan! What the hell are you doin'?" Buck yelled.

"I'm keepin ya outta trouble that's what!"

"Excuse me, Mr. Jackson?"

"Yes, sir, Deputy Simmons?"

"You want him here till tomorrow when you leave?" the deputy, who was maybe a few years older than JD, of Fall Creek asked.

"Yeah, trust me, you'll be alot better off tomorrow."

"Who will be better off? Damn it, Nate!"

The room grew silent as the sheriff came into the jailhouse.

"Jack, somethin wrong here?" the older Sheriff asked.

"Well, no guess not. This here's Mr. Jackson from.." the deputy began.

"Four Corners, Nathan, picking up supplies?" the sheriff smiled, shaking Nathan's hand.

"Yeah, Lloyd, plan on leavin' first thing though."

"Howdy, Lloyd," Buck called from the jail cell.

"Howdy there, Buck, I take it you're going to be spending the night with us?" Lloyd smiled.

"Guess so, how is Polly doin'?" Buck tried to charm.

"Uhmm, Sheriff, sir. Would you mind explainin' this a little bit, I mean he ain't done nothin wrong."

"Thank you, son," Buck smiled through the bars.

"Yet, Jack. He ain't done nothing wrong, yet. You see, Jack, Buck here has a way with members of the other 'gentler persuation', and he tends to forget to use his head at times. Trust me, we will all be better off in the mornin," the sheriff grinned at the young Deputy.

"So what you're sayin'.."

"He's in there for his protection," Nathan added.


"I'll be back in the mornin to get him outta your hair," the healer smiled.

"Polly will be fixing supper, I'll send ya over a plate full, Buck," Lloyd offered.

"Gee, thanks," Buck sat on the cot pathetically.

"It's either that or Jack here cooks ya something, I seen grown men want to get hung before they'd eat his cookin' again."

"Tell Polly I'd appreciate it," Buck retorted.

"And you'll be joinin' us of course, Nate."

"Wouldn't miss it."

Nathan and the sheriff walked out of the jailhouse, to his house and sat down at a nicely set table to eat a home cooked meal, as Buck was given a tin plate full of what Nathan was eating on a 'real' plate, with 'real' forks.

Nathan came back to the jailhouse to say goodnight to Buck, and try and make him understand why he did what he'd done. Buck's head was against the wall, looking to the ceiling, the empty plate lay at his feet.

"They're fine, Buck," Nathan sensing the man was worried about Vin and JD, more so for JD.

"I know, Vin will make sure he's safe," Buck smiled.

"He takes bein his brother pretty seriously."

"Yeah, but he ain't changed his handlin of JD much," Buck admired.

"No, he ain't, and JD is still JD," Nathan smiled.

"That he is, you ever seen anyone with so much energy? I mean," Buck pushed away from the wall, putting his elbows on his knees and looked seriously at the healer, " you can almost touch it, ya know. Things keep happenin to him, bad things, and he always comes back. I wish I could do that," Buck smiled.

"Didn't know if he was gonna come back last time," Nathan reflected with a frown.

"He had me worried," Buck frowned.

"He's made us into a bunch of sissy's with that look of his," Nathan laughed out.

"Yup, we're real dangerous until he does that. I think I figured out why we give into him when he does that though."

"Really? Care to fill me in?"

"Cause he don't even know he's got a 'look' much less have us wrapped around his baby finger every time he gives us that damn puppy dog look of his," Buck smiled out. And both men laughed. Nathan nodded his head, as he stood, said a pleasant good night and left the jailhouse.


"You sure you don't want any?" Vin asked again, knowing what the answer would be.

"I'm sure, last time I drank that.." JD began

"Okay..stop. I remember," Vin smiled.


Both men were silent. Vin and JD held their gaze on each other, both concentrating on listening.


JD's eyes grew wider, realizing whatever was making the noise was getting closer. Vin noticed his brothers reaction and slowly held up one finger and pressed it to his lips, silently telling JD to be quiet.

JD normally wouldn't be that nervous, but they had forgone making a fire so as not to scare off the dog if it came down anywhere near them.


JD slowly held up his right hand, indicating the sound was coming down between them. Vin was a good tracker, the best, but JD had been through an experience that seemed to sharpen his senses. He was more aware of things before the others were, like the smell of the dead sheep. And his hearing, Vin never questioned it, JD had had to rely on that a ot to get around in town. If JD said the noise was coming from the right, it was coming from the right.

The sun had started to set, impairing visibility a bit, but not impossible. Vin motioned for JD to move behind the fallen tree behind himself, as he went behind it as well. JD carefully, slowly, and quietly made his way beside his brother behind the rotting wood.


Both men unholstered their guns, eyes watching for movement, and JD tried not to shudder as they heard the low growl from the right followed by the animal sniffing.

JD pointed to the right very slowly, as the shadow emerged from the safe cover, stepping into the makeshift camp. It was what JD had found back at the ranch, not a wolf or a cougar, but a very large dog, not at all looking like other dogs he had seen, this was a wild dog. JD could see it in the dog's walk, and the way it carried itself, the way it would sniff the ground, stalking. The young sheriff knew that if his brother had not been there with him, he would have been physically shaking. Vin was a sharpshooter, and if the dog made a move, it would be dead with in seconds.

Vin watched the dog carefully. He was amazed at the dogs size, he must have weighed close to 120 pounds. The dog carried himself with confidence, not afraid of anything. He had to marvel at the animal, it's short fawn coat not being able to hide the well formed muscles that ran through its body.

The dog went to the spot where JD had been sitting growled in a very low manner, then seemed to look directly at JD, sending a shiver down JD, the dog's stare intimidated him more than any of Chris' looks. He regrouped his fear quickly, Vin was there, he'd keep him safe and JD would try to keep his brother safe as well, acknowledging the fact that he was a good shot, but not as good as Vin.

The wild animal's body language changed suddenly as it smelled the fear from the behind the fallen log, catching JD's eyes. The dog played upon that fear by snarling and showing its teeth, the dog growled and snarled, strings of drool adding to the menacing look, this dog wasn't afraid, which made it very dangerous. The dog took an aggressive step to the log, began to hunch on the back legs, the dog sprung from its position towards JD.

His eyes wide, he backed off from the log a bit, exposing his upper body. He was about to run when the shot rang out, the dog fell for an instant, Vin heard a ping sound, raised his gun for another shot, but the dog was too quick and was gone.

Vin sat back and gathered himself. He should have shot earlier, he thought, but the thing was just so spectacular, he couldn't help but admire it. He let out a heavy sigh.

"Well, I hit her but she took off, trackin' her 's gonna be easy, I'll start a fire," Vin said standing, never looking to his brother. He knew he was scared witless by the dog, but JD being JD wouldn't want Vin to make a big fuss, so he didn't. Vin bent down to pick up the spent shell, he was about to stand back up when a strong hand grabbed his arm.

He looked at the hand on his arm, in the dwindling light he could see the hand stained with blood. Dropping everything, gun, shell, he went to his knees and looked at JD.

"JD?" he said urgently.

"Vin..." he pleaded quietly, he took his other hand from his right side, looked down at his hand, also covered in blood, exposing the bullet wound. JD lifted his head and looked at his brother as two tears rolled down the pale sweat ridden face, and began to fall backwards.

"JD!!" Vin yelled as he caught him, laying him carefully to the ground. He looked at the wound, the sudden realization that he'd shot his own brother.

"Oh God, shit! Oh god," Vin chanted 'Oh God' as he opened JD's shirt to examine the wound. He rolled him over hoping to find the exit wound, but was disappointed. He removed his coat covering JD with it, and ran back to the horses, grabbed the extra shirt JD always carried and knelt back down.

"Aw shit, JD! I'm sorry ..oh God, I'm sorry," not fighting the tears back as he pressed the shirt to JD's wound, causing the young man to gasp as his eyes flew open.

"JD ..I'm sorry..I'm sorry.." he cried out, stroking back the black hair.

" It'" he smiled, between breaths of air, trying to ease his brother's guilt, knowing it was an impossible task.

"I ..I shoulda shot sooner," the pain in his voice still present, adding to the younger man's worry.

"Don't..Vin..don't...blame.." again through ragged breaths. "Please..don't ..blame...your..please.." he begged his brother.

"You gotta stop talkin', like I said before, ya don't know when to shut up sometimes," he said lightly, with a smile.

"I ... know..." asking if he'd killed the dog.

"I hit it, but it took off," Vin said, lifting the shirt to see if the bleeding had at least slowed, he was disappointed to find it hadn't.

"" the younger brother reassured through a weak smile.

Damn, kid. Always worried about everyone else. The sharpshooter had failed his shot, he hadn't taken into account the rock that JD had been sitting against when he took the shot. The bullet grazed his target and bounced off the rock and into his brother's chest. How could JD say it wasn't his fault?

"We need to get ya back to Nathan's, we can follow the path out before it gets too dark," Vin thought out loud, tears still blurring his vision, and grief clouding his mind.

"Hansen's," JD said still trying to smile and ease Vin's heart, as he brought the weak hand up and touched his face. "Hansen's," he repeated, knowing it was closer than going all the way back to town, the hand falling heavy.

"Hansen's," Vin nodded as he said it. "I gotta get some things packed up, okay?"

"Kay," the voice was getting weaker, and paler, and the smile had disappeared.

Vin touched his brother's cheek with an open palm, his thumb stroking his temple, then stood and turned to quickly get the things they would need. Vin bent down and grabbed at the jerky and the canteen they had shared, and made his way to his horse to pack it away in the saddle bag.

He heard the brush clear, the low snarling growl and he turned in time to hear his brother.


Vin ran to JD's spot, the dog lunged onto JD, who brought his arm up instinctively, as the dog latched onto his forearm, pulling and shaking its head. The dog released and prepared for another assault, giving JD enough time to curl into himself, he found the strength to try and move but the dog was quick and grabbed onto JD's lower leg.

He could feel the dog's power, but was thankful he had boots on, keeping the dog from penetrating to his leg, he tried to pick up his left leg and kick the dog off, but he was weakening too fast. The dog, once again, let go and lurched again, JD had rolled over to his stomach, not even aware of the hurt of the bullet wound, and the dog bit at his shoulder.

It felt like hours had passed getting to JD, it had all happened so quick. Vin was horrified, everything had gone wrong, so miserably wrong. His gun was aimed, but he didn't dare shoot, so with a strength he didn't know possessed, he kicked the dog. It wailed at the force, but wasn't deterred. It gathered itself and lunged at Vin. All he could see were teeth as the dog landed on him, and he squeezed the trigger. The dog almost looked stunned as all the growling stopped, and all the dog's weight fell onto him heavily.

It was silent, Vin pushed the dog off from him and looked at it, making sure it was dead. It didn't move, eyes still open and the dog's heaving chest was still. Vin hung his head and sighed, he heard a movement that brung him from his thoughts and went to JD.

"" JD asked as Vin rolled him on his back.

"Yeah, she's dead."

"Jus.. Think.." he tried, his speech becoming lazy and quiet, showing a small smile.

"No more talking , and that's an order from your big brother," Vin said with a forced smile. "Let me get these cleaned up, and will get ya home."

"Hansen's," JD reminded.

"Hansen's," Vin remembered.