How the Seven Eat Their Reese's

by Monica

Inspired by a question proposed on the M7 fiction list...

JOSIAH: Gives thanks to God for giving us chocolate before partaking of the yummies

NATHAN: Cuts his into neat equal pieces with his knives so he can share with his friends

BUCK: Has a companion of the night drop Reeese's Pieces, like grapes, into his mouth in preparation for the tricks to follow the treats

VIN: Is out on the wind-swept prairie under a full moon, lonely, cold, loveless, virile... (ok, ok) determined to track and find the #&**! who made off with his chocolates

JD: Currently tied for first place in the "All You Can Eat Reese's" contest

EZRA: Madly taking bets as to whether JD will win/survive the contest; holding his trump card, i.e. Vin's bag of Reese's cups, in one hand while stuffing the contents into a sugar-dazed JD

CHRIS: Is alternating shots of whiskey with the remains of his Reese's cups (after carefully shooting the centers out); this is a man who likes his chocolate straight!