by Raquel

An ATF "Virtual Season" episode

Disclaimer: I don't own them. They do (MGM, Mirish Corporations, TNN, and the rest of people and companies that own them). I'm not making money. This is just for fun.

Rating: PG - 13 for language.

Thanks: To everybody who encourages me to keep writing. To Mog for this great universe and to Nancy who allows me to archive my stories on her great site. To Carla who beta read this doing a great job and for giving me her support and good ideas. To Maggie and the people from the VS who were very patient with me. To Mady Bay who answered my law enforcement questions. That doesn't mean I have idea of how ATF and law enforcement work, so I'm sorry if I got something wrong. Think about it as fiction.

Comments: You can't imagine how difficult it had been to me to take this out of my head and fight a writer's block. Hope you like it.

Guest cast: GREG: Christian Kane; JIMMY: Courtney Gains; DEAN: Chris Masterson; DAISY: Jessica Tandy.

Feedback is really appreciated.

April 2001

Size: Approx 140K

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