Reading Glasses

(or, I Didn't Think That I was Getting Old)

by Melody

ATF Universe

Disclaimer: Still don't own them and never will own them but if they are ever put up for sale then I would love to place a bid. : )

Notes: This nothing serious and just a glance into the real life of our guy Josiah. Also I don't know what the police force rules are of about the guys wearing glasses I just know that the ones on TV are allowed to wear reading glasses so I figure then it's okay for Josiah to wear them too. In short everything I ever wanted to know about the police force I learned from watching Law and Order and Perry Mason. Now on to the very short Josiah fic. Thanks goes out to Judy for fixing the grammar. : )

Thanks also goes out to Mog for creating the ATF universe.

Josiah looked back down once more at the small silver rectangle frames in his hands, and once more let out a long depressed sigh.

He didn't think he was getting old. He just turned 49, and 49 isn't old... is it?

He certainly didn't feel like he was getting older. The guys that he worked with and hung out with didn't make him feel any older, instead they made him feel younger than anything else.

Well there was that comment that JD made a couple weeks ago, asking if he was at the first Woodstock. Josiah was just surprised to learn there was more than one Woodstock concert.

It was at that time when his vision started to get a little bit blurry, and he soon found that he was having trouble reading the fine print on some of their cases.

Chris, the leader of Team Seven, pulled him into his office this morning and told him in no uncertain words that he had an eye doctor appointment in one hour, and for him to be there. Chris then said to him in his most kindly way, "If I find out that you didn't show up for the appointment, then I will make sure to make another one; and this time I will bring five others with me to make sure that you get there on time."

At first Josiah was surprised to know that Chris and the others knew about his eye problems. He tried to hide it from them. He really did try; but he must have done something wrong to tip them off, thus forcing Chris to make the appointment for him.

+ + + + + + +

He shrugged his shoulders once more, and then slowly put on the small silver frames and looked in the mirror.

Well, he didn't look any different. The light from the silver brought out the blue of his eyes more; but other than that he still looked the same, and he sighed once more. "Am I getting old?" he asked himself.

"Oh my," came a breathy sigh from the young lady who was helping him pick out frames. "Oh, Mr. Sanchez, if I wasn't a married woman I would take you home with me."

He raised his graying eyebrows up at her and said, "Really?"

"Oh yes, why they just make you look so much more handsome than before," she said as she leaned her chin on her small hand and looked more closely at him in the mirror.

"Really?" he asked once again as he looked back at the small mirror.

She nodded her head yes, and said, "Mr. Sanchez you were a very handsome man when you came in here to get your eyes checked. Why these new reading glasses of yours just make you look even more handsome, and besides Doctor Yang said that you only needed to use them for reading and nothing else. Either way, I still say they make you look very, very dashing, " she said with a dimple smile as she let out another dreamy sigh.

Without knowing it, Josiah pulled in his stomach and puffed out his chest and once more looked in the mirror and smiled.

Nah!!, he thought to himself. I'm not getting older. I'm just getting better-looking.


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