by Sabro

The two men had been out on the trail for nearly two weeks, and both were looking forward to returning home, in so much as Four Corners was a 'home' to either of them. Vin really didn't mind being out on the trail too much, though he had to keep an eye out for lawmen and bounty hunters. Buck, on the other hand was pining for the company of a soft, willing woman. Being on the trail didn't hold much excitement for him anymore. Now, if Vin had been a woman, or even a willing bed-partner... He paused in the middle of his story telling and glanced at his mostly silent companion. Vin was listening to Buck's yarn with his normal bemused detachment, occasionally accenting Buck's words with a few notes on his harmonica.

Vin glanced over at Buck as his narrative suddenly ground to a halt. "Bucklin? Seems a mite strange place to end a story."

The tall gunslinger looked up a little startled. "Huh?" He hadn't realized that he'd stopped talking. "Uh, no, I mean....heck, the rest wasn't any more interestin than what I already told you." He shrugged and waved his hands in dismissal, trying to remember exactly what he had been talking about. His explanations were looked at in some surprise by Vin, since Buck had been in the middle of a comment about a female companion, and it was just getting to the good part. And Buck didn't usually end his ruminations before the good part.

Vin tilted his head and squinted at him a bit. "Ya sure you're all right Buck?

"Uh yeah, fine... just fine. Just missing the companionship of a warm and willin body is all." Buck finally looked back at Vin. "So why is it, that a healthy young feller like yourself ain't a bit more interested in the lovely ladies, Vin?"

Vin gave him his little half-smile and replied, "Well, I just got a mite more control than some. Learned it from the Indians."

Buck returned his comment with a disbelieving look, "Sure, and what else did you learn from them, besides tracking and all?"

"A few things." A sly smile accompanied Vin's pronouncement.

Buck half smiled back. Is Vin flirting with me? Well, one way to find out, and hope it doesn't get me shot. "A few things, huh? And knowing you, you won't elaborate on that. Maybe you got other ways of satisfying your needs?" Buck was trying to trod carefully here, after all a man could get himself killed by asking the kinds of questions he was considering. And Vin wasn't a man who missed what he was shooting at. Then there was the fact that he considered the man a friend--a very good friend, and those weren't easy to find. Oh sure, Buck made acquaintances very easily; he was a easy-going, charming man. But finding a true friend; one you could trust with your life and soul, well those were much harder to come by, and he considered the scruffy young man sharing his campfire to be in that category. He looked back at Vin--to see how he was taking that last question.

Vin was squinting at him again, no expression on his face. Uh, oh, maybe he'd pushed too far with the very private hunter, and he was getting ready to apologize for his less than subtle comments, when Vin replied.

"Could be. What ya askin?" Vin had certainly seen Buck after enough women to know when he was pursuing one, and now he looked like he was fixin on charming Vin into his bed. Vin's only concern was how far Buck wanted to carry this plan.

Buck squirmed, not sure if he should continue this. After all, it wasn't that much further home--a couple more days or so. Damn! If only Vin wasn't so hard to read. "Uh well, it ain't real important Vin, just a stray thought you know. No need to pursue it." Buck was sweating a bit by now. He'd been accused in the past of jumping into things before fully thinking them out, and usually they got him into hot water. Looks like he hadn't lost that ability at all. He felt himself being examined by the tracker's piercing blue eyes.

"Ya sure? You're lookin mighty uncomfortable for something that ain't important." Vin was pretty sure he knew what Buck wanted to know, but his perverse sense of humour just plain enjoyed making the man squirm just a bit.

By now Buck was really regretting starting this conversation, but his pride demanded that he didn't back down, and he was curious. A quick look at Vin didn't help--he had on his stoic face, but since he didn't look angry Buck decided to chance it. "Fine, but remember, you wanted to know! Just wondering if you'd ever lain with another man." There, he'd said it, now he just had to hope Vin wouldn't blow his fool head off. He couldn't look at him.

After a long pause, a soft, raspy voice drawled. "Yeah, been with a few."

Buck's head whipped around to judge the seriousness of the statement. Vin looked perfectly serious, and his eyes said he was telling the truth. Buck exhaled rather loudly in relief. "Yeah?" he asked. Though it didn't really surprise him; Vin was very attractive, otherwise Buck himself wouldn't have been thinking along these lines to begin with.

"Yeah. It ain't considered wrong among the Indian people." Vin didn't elaborate further, but that was enough for Buck anyway. He stared intently at him. "So, are you interested in a charming, *handsome* gunfighter?" No way could he ask this seriously, just in case Vin wasn't interested and turned him down. He wasn't trying to put any pressure on him--just asking.

"Maybe. Who ya got in mind?" This time Buck was watching and knew the younger man was teasing him. He figured something more direct was in order. Buck leaned over slowly enough not to startle Vin, and brushed his lips against Vin's, who returned his touch enthusiastically. Buck pulled him closer and wrapped his arms around Vin, who responded in kind.

Damn! Vin had been kissed by men before, but not like this! No wonder all those women kept coming after Buck. He seemed to put his whole personality into his kissing, and Buck was very personable. Vin tried to respond as best he could, wanting the infamous lover to know that he was enjoying the kissing, but he was soon out of breath and pulled back a little. Buck immediately stopped, checking to see if his partner was trying to back out. But he smiled when he noticed the flushed features and soft panting.

"Looks like you're getting a mite warm there pard. Maybe we should remove some of these clothes?" He didn't want to push Vin, but it was an easy way to see if he was interested in going any further with this. Buck sincerely hoped that he was, because beyond wanting some relief, he was truly enjoying kissing the other man. Vin was likely less experienced than Buck, but he was eager, and he tasted really good. Vin took a few quick deep breaths and looked up at Buck, his blue eyes twinkling.

"Race ya for it." And Buck was quickly informed of what the race was, when Vin reached for Buck's jacket and started to slide it down his shoulders. The older man just threw his head back and laughed. "Ah, pardner, you got about as much chance winning this, as JD has winning cards against Ezra. I am the master, boy!" and with that he flipped Vin's hat off, and grabbed his hide coat by the front and pulled it down over his shoulders. Of course this tied both mens' arms up and neither one could get the other's coat off, so after some tugging they let go and allowed their coats to be removed, but then they were back at it. Only Buck decided to stack the odds in his favour, and started to kiss Vin again as he untied his bandanna and quickly slid it off. Vin of course got a bit distracted and he was enjoying the kiss, until he felt cool air on his neck. His eyes flicked opened and he moved back from Buck, giving him a glare which seemed not to bother Buck in the least. So Vin immediately tried to play catch up, pulling Buck's bandanna over his head, and knocking off his hat in the process. Then he grabbed the suspenders and tried to pull those down, but they got tangled on the long arms that were busily undoing Vin's shirt and underwear shirt buttons.

How the hell had he got those undone so fast? Vin wondered, and while he was busy kissing me too! He quickly resumed his efforts trying to reach Buck's shirt buttons, which was a little difficult since Buck's long arms were in the way, and they permitted the taller man to keep out of Vin's reach while he undressed Vin. But Vin wasn't without a few tricks of his own, so he figured to even things out and flipped Buck sideways to land in the dirt, and immediately pounced on him. Buck let out a surprised "Oomph!" and muttered "More Indian teachin's?" in a sour voice. Vin just grinned at him and went to work on the shirt buttons.

By now Vin was pretty much wearing a shirt on his arms only, and had busy hands at his pants' fastenings while he was still struggling to get Buck's shirt open. However Buck was doing some mumbling of his own. "Damn Vin, you wear almost as many clothes as most of the ladies!"

Vin answered back, "Just be happy I ain't wearin no corset!" Buck started to chuckle at that image, when Vin nipped at his neck.

"Whoa! Hey now there, Vin, I ain't no meal here!" He wrestled the smaller man to his back, pulling the shirt and underwear off one arm. Vin used that hand to get the rest of the shirt buttons, and tried to pull the shirt down Buck's arms while pushing them away from his now open fly. Buck was enjoying the warm hard body wriggling against him, and allowed Vin to get his shirt off of him, and then pulled the shirt and underwear off Vin's other arm.

Vin glanced up at him and decided that he would have to use some underhanded means to give him any chance of winning this. He relaxed and shifted his hips--moving them against the fork of Buck's legs, and was rewarded with a swift intake of breath and Buck's eyes flaring open. Buck looked down at Vin, and was met with a totally unrepentant smirk. Fine, if that's how he wants to play it, we can fight dirty. He gave Vin a nasty little smile, and looking him in the eyes, slid one hand into Vin's open pants and into his underwear. The tracker's smile disappeared, and was replaced with an involuntary jerk of his hips and a gasp. His eyes were huge and the pupils were becoming dilated, as he attempted to move away from the searching hand. But Buck had a firm grip on him and continued stroking him, reaping the benefits as Vin's movements brought him into contact with the gunfighter's own sensitive area.

"I told ya Vin, you haven't got a chance against me in this game. Now, are you gonna admit defeat, or should I teach you another lesson?" Buck could afford to be smug, since he knew that Vin was getting too aroused to really be able to think clearly. As long as he kept him from doing that, Buck was in charge. Since Vin hadn't answered his question, he gave him a little squeeze, evoking a soft moan from his victim.

Now Vin wasn't one to admit defeat often, but he was a practical man and Buck certainly had him in a very delicate position. "All right, you win.this one." He grumbled. Buck accepted his surrender and released his hold a bit, leaning back in to kiss the slightly sulky mouth. Vin slid his arms around Buck's back and pulled him down on top of himself, returning his kiss and squirming against him--trying to arouse him with his whole body. Buck didn't need much encouragement and concentrated on kissing his lover into complete capitulation; moving from his swollen mouth, down his neck and sucked on the hollow at the base of his throat.

Vin groaned his pleasure and arched his body against his tormentor. He could feel Buck's arousal pressing against his belly and the rapid thrumming of his heart next to his chest. By now the tracker was acting pretty much on instinct--Buck's movements against him and his warm musky scent were driving him out of his normal pragmatic nature back into his baser needs. His movements against the other man became more rhythmic--striving to relieve the pressure building in his groin. Vin pulled Buck tighter to him--his rough nails leaving long red marks on Buck's broad back. A particularly deep scratch penetrated Buck's haze of pleasure and he wrenched his head away from the nipple he had been licking.

"Hey! Easy there boy." He regarded Vin with some surprise--the sharpshooter was flushed and thrashing his head from side to side, the long hair damp with sweat and clinging He to his face. The large blue eyes were closed and he was panting as he thrust up against Buck. Buck smiled to himself; he had no idea that Vin would be this passionate, but he was certainly enjoying it. Vin opened his eyes to see why the wet torture had left his chest and Buck could see the heat in his eyes. A nudge of a firm thigh against his hard cock brought him out of his woolgathering, and he ran a hand up Vin's flat stomach and massaged a peaked nipple.

"Ok, Vin, ole Buck'll take care of you...just be easy." A low growl was his answer when he continued to caress Vin and lightly licked along Vin's lips. Buck resisted Vin's attempts to pull him closer, and concentrated on tracing the smooth skin of the younger man's belly and lower abdomen. Vin growled in frustration, as his attempts to pull his lover to him were smoothly avoided and those talented hands continued their southerly journey. He tried to glare Buck into compliance, but the lean gunfighter only smiled and winked at him--his eyes full of merriment and promise.

Vin groaned in desperation. "Buck, please....I need ya now."

Buck leaned in so close that his mustache tickled the rim of Vin's ear..."What do you need me to do, Vin? A little more of this?", he stroked Vin's swollen flesh again, smiling as it pulsed and Vin bucked against him. "Or maybe a bit of this here?" and he slid his other hand under Vin's back and down into his trousers to caress the smooth skin of his butt.

"Dammit Buck! Stop teasing and do it!" Vin ground out through clenched teeth.

"Do what, Vin?" Buck soothed softly into Vin's ear, enjoying the gasp of pleasure. "Maybe you'd like me to lick you like one of those hard candies in the store?" and he punctuated his question with a demonstration as he licked the underside of Vin's leaking cock. The pure male scent of Vin's arousal warned Buck that his own needs were becoming paramount. He reached to ease his trousers down his hips and sighed with relief as his shaft was freed. His expression quickly changed to one of acute pleasure as Vin grasped him and squeezed. "I want ya to fill me Buck. So hard that I can taste ya." He gave another squeeze and pulled on Buck's member as the big ladies's man gasped and eagerly thrust into the encircling hand. "Ok, Vin...", he panted, "Ya ever done this before?"

"Yeah, I know what to do." He gave Buck's cock a few more strokes just to inspire him. Buck took the hint and dragged Vin's pants and underwear down his legs and yanked off his boots and clothes. Then he stood and quickly removed his own garments and left Vin to head for his saddlebags. Vin watched the retreating figure with a crooked smile. For a tall man, that Buck sure moved gracefully. Vin enjoyed the play and bunch of long muscles as Buck bent to retrieve something and then stood and turned to come back. Vin had to take a deep breath to keep himself from spilling his seed. The man was huge! He'd never been with a man endowed like the large scoundrel before and swallowed hard at the thought of that immense shaft riding him.

Vin rolled over onto his belly and Buck sucked in his breath at the sight of the pale, round butt presented for his pleasure. While Buck loved women--their softness, and gentle curves, the vision of Vin's firm body ready and willing for him was even a greater turn-on. He crossed quickly to him and knelt down to stroke Vin's back, feeling the lean muscles flexing beneath the soft skin. Buck gently massaged the tracker's back and butt, and then reached for the oil he had retrieved from his saddle bags. Vin was panting and rocking against the bedroll, enjoying the friction and trying to wait for Buck to prepare him. He didn't have long to wait, as long fingers traced the curves of his ass and slid into the cleft.

"Open your legs a bit, Vin." Buck moved between Vin's thighs and with a slick finger, found the secret place between his ass cheeks. Vin jerked in response and lifted his hips slightly so Buck would have better access. Buck was taking it slow, not sure how experienced his lover was and unwilling to hurt him, but Vin was grunting and pushing back on his invading fingers-- trying to force Buck to hurry.

"In a hurry are we Vin? I'm just don't want to hurt you now, is all."

Vin merely growled out, "Ya ain't hurtin me....I'm ready."

Since Buck could slide his fingers in easily, he had to assume that Vin was right. He quickly coated himself and swatted Vin's butt. "Up on your knees, pard." Vin let out a soft yelp, but quickly climbed to all fours and was gratified to feel Buck press up close behind him.

Buck was thrilled to find that their heights were almost perfect for this position; Vin's smaller stature caused his butt to fit right into the curve of Buck's body and Buck's cock nestled in between the smaller man's ass cheeks. A little maneuvering and the head of the larger man's shaft pushed against the secret hole in Vin's body. Buck grasped Vin's hips, and asked, "You ready Vin?"

Vin answered by pushing back hard and then shuddered when he was penetrated by the tip of Buck's cock. Buck gasped at the heat and tightness, pausing as much to regain his equilibrium, as to make sure his partner was all right.

"More...want more, Buck. Do it!" Vin was highly aroused and desperate for Buck to move and finish the entrance. Buck fought to stay seated as his mount jerked below him--his concerns about hurting Vin diminishing as he sank deeper into the writhing, hot channel. Vin was wild beneath him, bucking and twisting as he growled his pleasure at being totally filled by Buck's huge cock. It hurt him a bit, but he reveled in the feeling of being stretched and stroked from the inside. By the time Buck managed to slide completely in, he was no longer too concerned about hurting his lover. Vin's groans and growls were extremely arousing and he only paused for a quick minute before he started to slide out again. His partner apparently had no desire for slow and languorous sex, as he began to rock back and forth rapidly, trying to impale himself even deeper on Buck's cock.

When Buck closed his hand around Vin's shaft, the tracker started bucking even faster. Vin couldn't believe how much pleasure he was experiencing, so he almost went out of his mind when the huge cock hit something inside of him that caused him to see lights flash before his eyes--it was so intensely powerful. He cried out and his whole body convulsed. Buck had to use his other hand to grab the long hair to remain mounted on Vin.

Vin's wildness was quickly driving Buck toward imminent release and he rammed into Vin as hard as he could, trying to bury his whole body in the slick hot passageway. Both men were frantic, thrusting and grunting and Vin howled as he finally spilled his seed into the big hand tugging on his cock. Buck used the sudden cessation of movement to grab Vin's hips firmly and plunge wildly into the clenching body beneath him.

Buck's sudden stillness and hoarse shout warned Vin to brace himself and he felt the hot liquid fill him. He managed to stay on his knees until Buck collapsed on top of him, then both men crashed to the bedroll totally spent.