Blackraptor Policy on Linking to Our Adult Stories:

Those of us responsible for the blackraptor website have some strong, if occasionally unpopular, feelings about allowing young readers (17 and under) to access the adult fan fiction stored on our site. We do not feel that it should be available to them simply by clicking a few links. This is why an age statement is required before the URL is provided to access our main index page.

We realize that children can lie and gain access, however, this is not the same as a child innocently following links that lead to material that their parents may not want them to read, or that they are not emotionally mature enough to appreciate. It also protects our authors who would prefer not to have their work made available to young readers.

For these reasons, the policy on linking to stories in the adult section of blackraptor are as follows.

Stories containing explict sexual content should be linked only if access to your page/site is controlled by requesting an age statement in writing (not via a "pop-up," even if it requires the user to input a number indicating her age). If you do not use age statements, then the story title should be linked to the Blackraptor Age Statement page and we will be happy to deal with such requests. The URL for the Age Statement page is:

Stories that contain excessive violence (torture, rape, child abuse, etc.) may be linked to pages that request an age statement either in writing or via a pop-up, and include a warning that the story contains elements that may be too intense for sensitive or young readers. If your page/site does not have these safeguards, again, we are happy to handle requests for access, and titles may be linked to our Age Statement page at:

Slash stories (routinely archived in the "Adult" section at Blackraptor) that do NOT depict explicit violence or sexual acts (that is, scenes that would warrent anything above a PG-13 movie rating) may be linked directly, although we would appreciate a notation on your page/site that the story contains slash elements.

We are not the 'Thought Police' and do not purport to tell you how to run your website. However, we hope that you will respect the way we have chosen to run ours and will not link our adult stories in such a way that they are readily available to young readers. This includes posting the URLs to "all ages" forums such as mailing lists, bulletin boards, and chat rooms.

Lastly, most authors would appreciate being asked before you link their story to your page or site. Most Blackraptor fics have an e-mail link to the author on them; however, if you have difficulty contacting an author, we will be happy to help if we can.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

Blackraptor Administrator