blackraptor 15th anniversary challenge


January 3, 2013, will mark the 15th anniversary of the premier of The Magnificent Seven TV series. In honor of this happy occasion, blackraptor hereby issues a challenge for stories centered on the theme of 15 years with the following guidelines applying:

Any author may participate, of course.

Any genre of fic is eligible, so long as it is normally accepted at blackraptor (see Submission Guidelines).

Alternate Universe stories are acceptable, so long as the universe already exists and is not "closed."

No death fics involving the Seven. We prefer to bury our heads in the sand and assume that 15 years down the road, all of our Seven will still be alive. Deaths of cannon characters who were not one of the Seven is allowed.

No original characters taking "center stage," please. Original characters can be used, but the story must be about the Seven and not about the OC.

The basic premise must be that of 15 years having passed since the Seven got together. (If your story is written in the Little Britches AU, Vin and JD should be young adults.) The core of the Magnificent Seven is seven souls who have banded together to serve the cause of justice, and your story should reflect this. Our Seven must not be depicted as having become evil, cruel or criminal - unless you can provide a very good explanation. It is not necessary to feature all Seven equally - the focus can be on only one or two characters, if you prefer.

No drabbles - it must be an actual story.

Stories must be completed by July 4th, 2013.

Stories can be submitted to Please be sure to note that it is a response to the challenge.