by Winter

ATF Alternate Universe


A nondescript car waited in front of the Four Corners General Hospital. It had been out there for two days now. The man inside watched all visitors that entered. A black Dodge drove by and pulled into the hospital parking lot. From the car the man watched as a gentleman dressed all in black exit from the drivers side. Next the man in black walked around to the passenger side and helped a younger longhaired man out. They disappeared inside and he smiled to himself and picked up his cell phone.

"I found them," he said. "I will be ready."

+ + + + + + +

Chris held the door open for Vin as they entered the doctor's office. She was on the phone so they took a seat and waited. Twenty minutes later she hung up and smiled at them.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," she said. "Are you ready Mr. Tanner?"

"Not really," he admitted.

"I promise it won't hurt," she laughed.

They followed her down the hall to one of the exam rooms. They left Vin alone to change. When they went back in he was sitting on table.

"Make yourself comfortable," she said. Vin did as she said and lay down on his side. "Let's take a look."

She removed the bandages and checked the laceration. The wound was healing nicely. She touched it in a few places and asked if it hurt. He told her no.

"Well, this looks fine. The staples can come out."

Chris took a seat next to Vin as she got everything ready. She placed everything on a table and rolled it over She picked up a syringe filled with clear liquid.

"I'm going to give you a local anesthetic. I don't want you jerking away if they pinch while I'm taking them out."

She gave him a shot every five inches down his leg. After a few minutes his leg was numb and she set to work. She started telling stories about her brothers in the fire department to distract him. The one that got them all laughing was when her brothers had to get a lady's monkey out of a tree. Of course the monkey hadn't cooperated. After an hour she was finished. Some of them had bled and she cleaned the wound before bandaging it.

"Your leg will be numb for about another half hour. It might hurt after the antithetic wares off so you might want to take a painkiller before that," she said. "Come back in two weeks so I can check it."

"Thanks Doc," he said. She left and Chris waited while he got dressed.

They walked out and climbed into the Dodge. Chris turned left out of the parking area and passed a white beat up Lincoln. The Lincoln waited until three cars went by and pulled into traffic. The car followed behind the Dodge as it pulled onto the highway. Chris noticed that a white car had been following them from the hospital. He wanted to make sure and pulled into another lane. The white car passed him and Chris felt stupid. Another car had taken the Lincoln's place. A black pickup followed the rest of the way to the ranch. When Chris pulled in the driveway it drove by and parked two miles from the house. The man inside the truck picked up his phone and gave directions to his location.

They walked into the house and Vin had a seat on the couch. The doctor had been right. It hurt like hell and Chris went to get him a painkiller. Chris came back from the bedroom and handed him the pills.

"I'll get you some water," he said and went into the kitchen. He came back and handed him the glass. "So what do you want for dinner?"


"That doesn't help me."

"Alright, how about pasta?"

"Sounds good," he said. "You take it easy."

Chris went into the kitchen and started dinner. Vin turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. He stopped when he came to a rodeo. From the kitchen Chris could hear Vin criticizing the bronc riders. Twenty minutes later dinner was ready and Chris carried it over to the dinning room table. Vin joined him and they were about to sit down when a shot crashed through the sliding glass door. Vin watched in shock as a crimson spot began to stain Chris's shirt. The fact that he was shot finally registered to Chris and he raised surprised eyes to Vin as he began to sink to the floor. This all took place in a few seconds that seemed like an eternity. Vin grabbed Chris as he began to fall and dragged him into the corner of the dinning room. He put Chris on the floor then grabbed the table and flipped it on its side to act as a barrier. Vin's frantic mind realized that Tommy must have found them. The first priority was to get Chris's guns.

Vin made a dash for the grandfather clock in the hall. Next to the clock was Chris's gun cabinet. He unlocked it and grabbed the bag at the bottom. He started throwing the guns in along with ammunition. He loaded one of the Sig Sauers and stuck it in his waistband as he went down the hall to get some towels. As he was coming back down the hall he heard a noise at the front door and plastered himself against the wall. Two men burst through the front door and Vin took them out. He waited to see if anyone else decided to come in before he moved back to Chris. When no one did he grabbed the bag and towels and went back to Chris. Once behind the table Vin dumped the guns and ammo and began to load the guns. His heart screamed out to check Chris but his mind knew if he didn't load the guns they were both dead. Once they were all loaded he checked Chris. He ripped open his shirt and Vin saw that the bullet had entered Chris's upper right chest. Vin cursed because he knew there was no way it had missed Chris's lung. Vin put pressure on the wound and searched Chris for his cellular. When he found it he dialed Buck.

"Answer the damned phone Buck!" he yelled in frustration as the phone rang for the eighth time.

"Hello?" said JD.

"JD" Vin said in relief.

"Hey Vin, what's going ......."he never finished.

"Just shut the hell up JD and listen to me! Tommy and his men are here at the ranch. They shot Chris and were pinned down in the house. Get the others and get your asses out here, fast! I'll hold them as long as I can!"

+ + + + + + +

"BUUUUCCCCKKK!!!!!!" screamed JD as the receiver went dead. He raced up the stairs and into Buck's room. He collided with the bigger agent as he came out of his bathroom.

"Whoa there. Who lit a fire in your pants?"

"ThatwasVinonthephoneTommyHongisoutattheranchandChrisisshot!" in a panic he strung the words together.

"Shit!" yelled Buck after he deciphered the information. "Call the others. I'll call the office for back up."

JD ran for the apartment phone and called the team. Buck picked up his cellphone and called the office. He hoped Vin could hold out until they got there.

+ + + + + + +

Now that he wasn't moving his leg was killing him. Chris's wound was still bleeding but he had it under control. He was starting to get worried that Chris wasn't responding to him. He was also concerned that it was getting dark. If Tommy decided to rush them when it got dark he knew they didn't stand a chance. He was checking Chris's wound when the lights went out. Vin cursed. He saw movement passing the sliding glass door. He grabbed the Winchester and waited. He didn't wait long when someone passed by again and he fired, dropping him. He heard cursing outside then all was quiet. After a few minutes Vin heard glass breaking in Chris's room. He grabbed the two Sigs and military crawled to the end of the wall. He peered down the hall and it was empty. He took aim with his left hand and waited. After what seemed an eternity two figures walked out of the room. Vin waited for them to come down the hall before he fired. He double tapped the first one center mass and he went down. The other tried to run back to the room and he shot him in the back. When he was satisfied they weren't getting up he went back to Chris. When he got back to their meager shelter he could hear Chris having trouble breathing. He pulled the towels off and could see that every time he breathed air was escaping out the bullet wound. Vin knew he had to find a piece of plastic and some tape. He had to get to the kitchen but to do that he had to pass the sliding glass door. He crawled to the edge of the window and stood up. He took a deep breath and dived to the other side. A shot rang out but he made it across. Vin got to the kitchen and rummaged in a draw and found masking tape. He opened another draw and grabbed the plastic wrap. He went to the edge of the window dived across. Another shot rang out and he could feel the bullet rip through his right biceps but at least he made it. He crawled back to Chris and ripped off a piece of plastic wrap and laid it over the wound. He taped it tight on all side but left a small opening in one corner!

. He let out the breath he was holding when it did what he wanted it to do. When Chris breathed out the air escaped through the small opening. When he breathed in the plastic was pulled down and sealed the wound. Vin felt his pulse and it was weak.

"God damn it Chris!" Vin yelled. "You promised!"

Vin wiped the sweat from Chris's brow and held his hand. He just hoped the others got here soon. They didn't try another attack for thirty minutes, but Vin knew it was just a matter of time. Suddenly he heard Tommy giving order in Japanese to some of his men to move in. Vin stuffed the Sigs in his waistband and grabbed the Winchester. He wanted to get the shooting away from Chris so he crawled over by the couch. As he was crawling towards the couch two figures rushed in the sliding door firing. Vin opened fire and killed them. At the same time someone rushed in the front door firing. Vin rolled behind the couch, took aim, fired and missed. He flattened down as the attacker took aim on the couch. Vin waited for him to use his ammo and had to reload. He took a deep breathe and looked around the couch. He could see a head sticking out just passed the wall. He took careful aim and fired. The assailant dropped to the floor. Vin waited for more when he heard the sweetest words.


Vin knew some of Tommy's men would try to make a run for the house so he made his way to the front door. He stood up next to the jam and waited.

+ + + + + + +

The team rounded up a few of the men but there was no sign of Tommy. Buck said he was heading for the house. JD followed him and they cautiously headed for the front door. Buck motioned for JD to get behind him and he entered the ranch. Suddenly he was grabbed and thrown on his back to the floor. A knee landed in the middle of his chest and an apparition from hell pointed a gun at his head and his heart. Buck had never been so scared in his life.

"NO VIN!!!" JD screamed. "It's Buck!"

Buck didn't move. Vin held the gun steady to Buck's head and he felt blood land on his cheek from the wound on Vin's arm. He could see Vin was wired from an adrenaline rush and waited for him to register that he was a friend. Buck watched as the blue eyes finally 'saw' him and he backed off.

"Christ Buck!" he swore. "That's a good way to get yourself killed."

Buck looked over to JD and could see the kid didn't know what to do. He waved him off and cautiously approached the younger man

"Where's Chris?" he asked as he moved towards Vin.

"What the hell took you so long?" Vin asked as he dropped at Buck's feet.

It had been so unexpected that Buck didn't have time catch him. They rushed to his side and Buck checked for a pulse. It was beating so fast he was afraid Vin would have a heart attack. Buck listened as JD called over his radio for the medics.

"JD put pressure on his arm," Buck instructed. "I'm going to go look for Chris."

Buck searched the house and found Vin's fort in the dinning room along with several bodies. When he looked behind the over turned table he found Chris. Buck rushed to his side and felt for a pulse. Just then the lights came on and he saw Nathan rushing over to him followed by two medics. When the medics saw the wound and the dressing they were impressed.

"Whoever did this knew what they were doing," one said. "They saved his life. He's still critical. We're going to call for a chopper."

Buck just looked at Nathan. Vin had offered them another mystery. They watched as the medics started and IV and placed an oxygen mask on Chris. Buck looked to the door to find Ezra had joined JD next to Vin. They watched, as their wounded friends were loaded on gurneys. They waited for the chopper and watched it land in one of the corrals. Vin and Chris were loaded in to the chopper and it took off.

+ + + + + + +

Vin was dreaming. At least he hoped he was dreaming. He watched the bullet leave the gun and hit Chris. Vin watched in horror as the older agent fell to the floor. He sat up screaming.


"Whoa, easy there cowboy," Buck said as he laid a hand on Vin's shoulder.

"Where's Chris!!!" he demanded.

"He's still in surgery," Buck tried to explain.

"I have to see him!" Vin cried. "He promised me!"

Vin tried to get out of the bed and Buck stopped him. He was struggling against Buck when Josiah walked in. He moved in to help Buck. Vin's struggles set off the alarms on the heart monitor bringing the nurse. When she saw that he was fighting to get up she grabbed a sedative and gave him the injection. He stopped struggling and they laid him back down.

"I have to see Chris!" he protested weakly. "He promised."

"He'll be here later," said Josiah trying to reassure him.

"Josiah, please don't let the crows get him," Vin begged.

"I promise," he said as Vin closed his eyes.

"Damn!" Buck cursed. "Any word?"

"I came to tell you he was out of surgery when I found you wrestling with Vin," Josiah smiled. "The doctor's say he'll be fine. They said Vin did a great job with that dressing."

"He's just full of surprises isn't he." said Buck.

"Yes he is" Josiah agreed. "We're trying to make arrangements for them to both be in the same room."

"Vin won't stay in a separate room. They'd have to tie him down."

"Well let's go explain it to them."

+ + + + + + +

An hour later found the team together in one room. They had convinced the doctors to put the two 'brothers' in the same room. Vin was still sedated but would cry out every once in awhile for Chris. Ezra sat by him and recited some poems and he would relax. Chris was starting to come out of the anesthesia. They had him sitting up in bed to make it easier to breathe. He finally opened his eyes and looked around.

"What the hell happened?" He asked in a gravely voice.

"Tommy Hong attacked the ranch," Buck explained. "And the cowboy over there held them off until we got there."

"Yeah Chris it was something," said JD in admiration. "He killed a bunch of them."

"Is he OK?" asked Chris worriedly.

"He's fine," Nathan said. "Took a bullet in his right bicep. He reopened the leg wound around the knee from all the bending and crawling."

"He doesn't look to good," said Chris. "Why is he still unconscious."

"They sedated him," said Buck. "He came to looking for you. I tried to explain you were still in surgery but he wasn't hearing it. He kept saying he had to see you and that you promised."

"Promised what?" asked JD.

"That's between Vin and me," answered Chris. JD sighed exasperated.

"Well Brothers why don't we leave the two of them to sleep," suggested Josiah.

"Good idea," said Nathan. "See you later Chris."

"Wait, did you catch Tommy?"

"Yeah we got him. He killed himself out in the barn." said Buck.

"He committed Seppuku," added Josiah.

"Huh?" asked JD.

"It is the Japanese form of suicide my friend," answered Ezra. "He took a knife and sliced open his stomach."

"That's gross," said JD.

"Damn," said Chris. "I guess he just couldn't live with being beat by us."

"I guess not," smiled Josiah. "We'll come back later."

"Hey do me a favor before you go?" asked Chris.

"Sure anything," agreed Buck.

"Turn Vin's bed so that when he wakes up he can see me."

They did as he asked then left him to rest. Chris dozed off but was woken some time later to a light touch on his shoulder. When he opened his eyes he saw Vin standing over him. He looked up to blue eyes filled with emotions.

"What the hell are you doing out of bed?" demanded Chris.

"Hello to you to," smiled a relieved Vin.

"Get back in that bed before you fall over," said Chris.

"I'm fine!" protested Vin.

"Want me to call the nurse," Chris threatened holding up the call button.

"I'm going, I'm going," said Vin as Chris watched him limp over to his bed and climb in.


"Yeah Vin?"

"You kept your promise."

"I always do cowboy!"