Brung Ya Spring
by Mary Ann

Thanks to Melissa for picture, hint and corrections

Main Character - Vin

"Momma, Momma, look't wha' I's brot for you!"

The little boy, dressed in torn pants and large shirt, called out as he ran into the small cabin. His bare feet left dusty footprints on the swept boards of the wooden floor.

The pretty brown-haired young woman brushed her flour coated hands together. She turned slowly from the counter where she was kneading bread, hiding the grimace that crossed her fine-boned face. A warm smile crossed her pale features as her beautiful blue eyes took in the form of her son as she moved to sit down in a nearby chair.

He was covered in dust, from the waist of his pants that barely fit around his growing body, to his bare feet sticking out of the too short britches. One bony shoulder was partly uncovered by the too large, faded blue shirt. The long dirty-blond colored hair dotted with several leaves hung to his shoulders. His bright blue eyes that matched hers filled his elfin thin face. A large smile was on his face, a dusty smear on his cheek.

"Ah, Vin, what have you brought me?" she asked, pretending she didn't see her son's thin arms filled with bluebonnets.

"Momma, I brung' ya' spring."


Two men stood gazing at the spectacle in front of them. Vin Tanner, standing in front of his horse, stared at the large field of blue. Bluebonnets were spread as far as he could see. A slight breeze blew, stirring the carpet of blue flowers. They shimmered under the morning light. Their bright color tinted the landscape.

"It's beautiful Vin," the quiet voice of Chris Larabee barely reached Vin.

For a little longer the two men stood, their gazes taking in the sight of the bluebonnets in full bloom.

"Momma loved these flowers. They always remind me of her."

"They almost match the color of your eyes too."

Vin smiled. "Her eyes were that color." He bent down and picked a large handful of the flowers.

Chris did the same and then followed the tracker to the small old split rail fence that encircled an old, weathered, gray, falling-down cross.

Vin placed his flowers at the foot of the cross and then straightened it up. Chris laid his flowers next to Vin's.

For several minutes they stood silently side by side. Before Vin moved, his glance went to Chris.

"Momma, this is my Soul Brother Chris. We brung' ya' spring."


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