Magnificent Seven Old West Universe
Get A Hat

by KT

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Note: A small ficlet that was inspired by an old picture I did way back.

Magnificent Seven Holiday Fic

Evie Travis stood in the open plan office and looked around at the assembled men. She was greeted with a mixture of looks; excitement, resignation, embarrassment, intrigue , outright hostility and whatever it was that Buck was doing that always made her blush ever so slightly.

"Orin - Assistant Director Travis - your boss, tells me that Team Seven are not entering into the spirt of this year's charity Christmas Ball," she announced, looking directly at Chris.

To her left Buck opened his mouth, she held up a single finger in his direction without taking her eyes off of Chris.

"I am fully aware that some of the team are more than happy with the arrangements and some are good little agents who would happily do as their boss asked if…" she paused for dramatic effect, "the team was in accordance." Her tone softened. "I know that no one will break with the team. I understand that it's seven or none."

It was the turn of the ATF to host the annual Federal Christmas Ball, an event high in the Denver social calendar. The ball was always themed, and in the past some of these themes had required elaborate costumes which were not always popular with people who could be the biggest contributors to that year's chosen charity. This year the money raised was going to a local charity called 'Get Ahead.' They helped people who needed rehabilitation after brain injuries and strokes, but couldn't afford it. With this in mind, Evie had made it a black tie event with 'festive head wear.'

"Come on guys, all you have to do is wear a suit and a Christmas hat and help out on the night; tend bar, park cars, check coats." She looked at Chris again. "Security?"

Larabee was seated at the empty desk opposite Ezra. He had been slouching, legs extended ankles and arms crossed. He unfolded his arms and sat up, holding her gaze, but not giving her a full-on death-ray Larabee glare. He gave her the slightest of nods. On the other side of the room Vin shot him a death-ray glare of his own but knew it was in vain. Chris had made up his mind. Ezra sighed with dramatic resignation.

"Wonderful!" Evie exclaimed. "I have hats for all of you!" She ducked out in to the corridor and collected a large bag. "You're going to love them!"

The End
Get a Hat

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