Magnificent Seven ATF Universe
The Power of Friendship by Sue M

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Main Characters: Vin, JD, Chris, Buck

Ratings/Warnings: Some bad language

Summary: A serious accident, a good deed, and strong friendships, aid the rocky path to full health.

My thanks to Blackraptor for keeping my stories safe.

Every sinew strained as JD Dunne, novice rock climber, grunted and clung to the cliff face before him. The soft laugh from one side caused him to face his tormentor. "Shut up, Tanner."

"I ain't laughin' at your efforts, Kid, you're doin' great. Just wishin' I had a free hand to take a photo of the faces you're makin' is all."

'Thank God for small mercies,' JD thought. Both men were attached to ropes as they made their way up, but in truth, Vin could easily have got by without them. His rippling muscles were the only sign of exertion, while the nimble Texan followed his course as if it were marked out in fluorescent arrows. JD 'ummed, and aahhed' over every foot and hand hold, and was confident he would ache like hell in the morning.

However, they were having fun. Both being of slight build, the pair often worked out at the gym, or swam a few lengths in the center's pool after work or on rest days to keep toned. Talking about rock climbing after one session revealed Vin's love and expertise for the activity. And so the sharpshooter introduced JD to the gym's rock wall.

That was four weeks ago, and Vin was so impressed with JD's progress, they rode out to a small mountain range to try the real thing. JD met the suggestion with his usual enthusiasm, but today, almost half way up a cliff face, he was starting to have doubts. "I've lost all co-ordination," he wailed. In seconds, Vin had swung over next to him.

"No you haven't. There's always a part of the climb that goes a little slow. Just relax and take a breather."

Grateful for the respite, JD did just that, and allowed his rope and harness to take the strain as he shook the tension from his arms. He looked up to the summit, where earlier Vin had driven in their anchor. If this climb went well, the pair hoped their next expedition would be on an easy route, but rope-free, to eventually progress to more difficult, rope-free climbs…or more accurately, free solo climbing. That plan had not gone down well with Buck and Chris, but neither young agent was concerned, they could usually talk the older men around.

Noise and small rocks falling on the pair from above, drew their attention. Looking up, they saw several faces leering down at them. JD's head turned sharply toward Vin when he heard him yell out a warning.

"Don't be stupid, man."

"I'm not the one halfway up a cliff and dangling from a rope, dummy!" With that, the youth who shouted, and others with him, disconnected the pair's ropes from the anchor…and watched them fall.


Enjoying his and the team's seven days vacation, Chris stood at the corral in his yard and looked out toward the mountains. Rubbing pony's nose, his mind was out there, with his two friends, while regretting not accompanying them to where they were climbing today. His confidence in Vin's ability, and the sharpshooter's determination to tutor JD to his level, was not in question. However, while Chris knew Vin would look out for the younger man, as JD would for Vin, something felt wrong, and he was fighting the urge to take a ride out to check on them.

When a familiar red Chevy rolled up his drive in a cloud of dust, he couldn't help smiling. "Guess I'm not the only one clucking, huh, boy?" The big black nickered as if in agreement. Offering up a piece of carrot to the snuffling horse, Chris turned and went to greet his visitor. "I thought you had a date?"

Exiting the truck, Buck nodded. "Oh, I did. Had the lovely lady on the couch and minus most of her…" he waggled his eyebrows, and then shook his head. "But it's sure hard to give a lady a good time when images of a five foot eight, dark haired, human roadrunner, halfway up a cliff and dangling from a rope, keep popping into your mind, you know?" He shuddered. "Very unsettling. Needless to say, it turned into a bit of a disaster."

Chris was laughing, hard. It warmed Buck's soul to see his old friend so at ease these days…well, at least off the job or around his friends.

Chris relaxed into a grin. "So, what do you think you should do about it?"

"I didn't hear a we in there, Stud."

Glancing back out toward the mountains, Chris shrugged. "Couldn't hurt to drive out with some food. Climbing makes a man mighty hungry."

Buck slapped him on the back. "Shoot, Chris, yawning can make those two need a snack."

"My truck?" Chris asked.

Buck snorted. "Hell yeah. You think I'm nuts enough to screw up my Betsy's suspension on those trails?" He watched Larabee move toward the Ram. "Uh…you forgetting something?"

Looking back, Chris frowned. "If I am, I've got a feeling you're about to enlighten me."

"Food? Can hardly turn up promising a picnic without it, can we?"

Chris walked toward the house. "Quit cracking wise and come help me, then."

Buck chuckled. "Well…seeing as you asked so nicely…"


JD groaned as someone manhandled him and searched his pockets. He tried to tell whoever it was to piss off and that he wasn't carrying money, when a hand found his ID wallet and removed it from his hip pack.

"Aww fuck…they're cops. Beat it…go, let's get outta here!"

Waiting until he was reasonably sure they had gone, JD slowly got into an upright position. His face and head felt scraped and wet, and his left arm was numb. Ignoring the pain, he thumbed off his safety helmet as his mind tried to process events prior to hitting the ground.


It only took a few seconds to locate his friend and, he awkwardly scrambled over to the prone, bloody figure. Hand trembling, JD reached out for a pulse. His eyes closed in relief when he felt one, and he sat down hard on his butt. A soft sob passed his lips. "Oh God, Vin…why'd you do it?"

It was all coming back. He would never know how Vin accomplished it, but the instant they started falling, the lanky Texan grabbed him and wrapped his arms and legs around the smaller man. The result was Vin had cushioned JD from some of the blows as they bounced off the rock face during their descent. What happened when they hit bottom, JD failed to recall until the point he came to while being robbed.

Emotion and pain flooded through him. JD reached out and grasped the Texan's arm. "Wake up Vin…please." He eased off Vin's helmet and was relieved to see it had done its job - no major injuries.

Despite the pounding in his head, JD glanced around. "Got to get you help." Patting his clothes, it quickly became evident his cell phone had gone. He checked. Vin's, was missing, too. Unsure of where his energy was coming from, JD struggled to his feet and zigzagged away into God knows what direction, his only thought was to get help for the man…the friend…that probably saved his life.


Finding two familiar motorcycles parked up was clear evidence Chris had driven up the right mountain. Refusing to allow foreboding thoughts of disaster befalling the two young agents, Chris and Buck scanned the area.

"Were they climbing down?" Buck asked.

"No, up. Vin was gonna anchor the ropes here, before they walked down to the base of the cliff and climbed back up." He walked toward the edge. "Seems odd they haven't…" His words caught in his throat; the sound he finally emitted came out on a raspy breath. "Oh shit…no."

One glance over the rim to see Vin splayed out awkwardly on the ground below, was more than enough to send Buck racing after Chris. They sped off in the Ram to their injured friends. While Chris drove, Buck dialed.


Vin was numb…and not entirely sure he was fully awake. However, it was the lack of sensation in his body, which filled his thoughts. He couldn't move, he couldn't feel…he couldn't remember why he was lying on the hard ground in a puddle of his own blood. As his vision cleared, something dark on the ground a few feet ahead of him caught his eye. It took him a while to process the image…more blood. Blood?


Despite knowing his brain was telling his body to move, nothing was happening, except for two fat tears escaping gritty eyes. One drizzled into the dust beneath his cheek, while the other trailed a path over the bridge of his nose and tickled. Damnit, he wasn't even able to raise a hand to brush it away. He took a deep breath. Oww…he felt that.

Why couldn't he move? Could he speak? Where the hell was JD? He was clearly hurt, so where'd he go? The questions were a welcome relief to the one thing he truly wanted to ask himself, but couldn't.

Was this lack of feeling…permanent?

Fear gripped him at the sound of a vehicle pulling up. Seconds later the welcome sight of his best friend soothed his nerves.

"Don't move, Vin," Larabee warned, his face etched in worry and fear.

"Can't," Vin replied, his voice barely above a whisper. Their gazes locked. "Why can't I move?"

"I don't know," Chris admitted, slipping off his jacket and pulling down his shirt cuff a little to dab at a bloody scrape on Vin's forehead. "But help's on the way." He eased his jacket under Tanner's cheek, mindful not to move his neck, and then took his hand. "Stay calm."

Vin huffed. "Can't do much else." Buck came into his eyeline and Vin felt panic well up in his chest. "Buck! JD…"

While desperately fighting the terror of not knowing where his roommate and best friend was, Buck squatted down, his face a mask of concern. He gently touched the Texan on the cheek. "Where is he Vin?"

Tanner's eyes were closing as he slowly lost his battle to stay conscious. "Lost…'im…"

Running a shaky hand over his face, Chris looked at Buck, the message clear. 'Find the kid'. Buck stood and glanced around. The blood on the ground was evidence JD had been there. Further scrutiny revealed a clear trail into the brush just ahead. As the sound of rotor wash from a rescue helicopter dew nearer, Buck followed the trail. He ran the last few feet when a slumped form ahead of him caused his heart to constrict. "Kid!"

The first thing Buck did was check for a pulse, the second was to, for now, overlook JD's bloody features, and lie on the ground, parallel to the unconscious, younger man. He talked up a blue streak of soothing litany, until a medic appeared. Within ten minutes, both men were treated, strapped to spinal boards, and on their way to Denver General. Grim faced, Buck and Chris jumped into the Ram. It was going to be a long ride back.


At the hospital, having the rest of the team with them while they waited for news on their two friends, calmed the two agents. JD was being x-rayed; Vin was undergoing an MRI to determine the severity of his injuries. All five stood when a doctor approached and introduced himself.

"John is suffering a concussion, cuts, contusions, bruised ribs and a broken collarbone. He's in a lot of pain so we've sedated him, and placed him on a course of painkillers and antibiotics. He'll be in his room shortly." He paused for them to take in the information. "Vin has several cuts and contusions, one broken rib and a concussion, but the main concern is the swelling around the base of his spine."

The doctor waited for the reaction, then nodded. "I know it sounds scary, but it's not an uncommon injury after a fall. However, it is restricting his lower body movements, and causing some numbness, but it's too early to determine if his condition is other than temporary. All we can do is wait…and be supportive and positive. There was reaction in his feet when I did some tests, and whereas he had limited movement to his upper limbs on arrival, they are working fine now, so I'm sticking my neck out and saying the prognosis is hopeful."

"When can we see them?" Chris asked, the words catching in his dry throat.

"Vin will be in his room within the hour. When they're both settled, someone will come for you."

Afraid to dwell on the doctor's words, the five men passed the time with coffee and sandwiches, but it became one of the longest hours of their lives.


Finally entering the room allocated to the two agents, the five friends noticed JD was asleep, but Vin's crystal blue eyes tracked their every move. Buck moved between the two beds so he could rest a hand on JD, and turn to face Vin.

"How you doing?" Chris asked, offering his hand and relieved when Vin took it and gripped it firmly.

"How do you think I'm doing?" Vin retorted, bitterly.

Chris closed in. "Come on, Vin…keep positive. Your scan shows no permanent damage…"

"So how come I can't move my legs yet?" he snapped.

"Once the swelling eases, so will the pressure," Nathan assured. "You're just gonna have to be patient. Doc says there was reaction in your feet when he tested them."

"Never felt it," Vin said softly. "Not sure I got much patience to wait on it right now, either."

"I can't think of anyone with more patience than you, Tanner." Buck winked. "Except Chris, maybe."

Vin laughed, softly, and it caused a ripple effect. "Sorry…I guess it's freakin' me out some. It was my third worst case scenario…after my death."

Shuddering at the dreaded 'D' word, Josiah frowned. "What on earth was number one?" He watched Vin's eyes track across to JD, and smiled his understanding. Buck felt a lump in his throat and squeezed Vin's arm, before turning to sit with his roommate and self-professed little brother.


Several hours later saw all but Buck and Chris gone home. Noticing he was awake, Chris leaned in to his friend. "Talk to me, Vin."

Tanner glanced across at Buck. The man was slouched down in a low armchair and appeared to be sound asleep. "Damn, would you look at the ass on that nurse?" Vin's gaze never left Buck's unmoving form. He looked at Chris. "I guess he really is asleep." JD had yet to wake up from his sedation, so Vin felt free to speak.

"It's not that I can't talk to Buck…or JD, I just don't want them to hear this," Vin said, softly.

Chris nodded, and waited.

"I know all the signs are good, so I'm not gonna settle on it, or panic, but…" he sighed, casting another quick glance toward JD and Buck. "I'd rather have died than be in a wheelchair for the rest of my days."

Chris swallowed. "Come on, Vin…you can't mean that…"

"I do," he breathed. "I can't think of a worse fate for me than bein' chair bound and relyin' on people to do for me." His eyes filled. "Or havin' to see the guilt in JD's face every time he looks at me."

Chris frowned. "Firstly, I know you better than you think, and this isn't the Vin I recognize saying this. This is the Tanner that we rarely get to see…the one that gets scared sometimes. Secondly, why do you think JD would feel bad? You already said earlier that others caused the accident."

"They did, and he shouldn't," Vin assured. "But you know how the kid is. He'll burden himself just for bein' there. I couldn't bear that, Cowboy."

"Well, it's a moot point anyhow," Chris replied. "Doc says they're gonna have you doing exercises tomorrow…it's gonna be fine. Trust me." He raised his arm and the pair clasped forearms, neither man aware of the tear trailing from JD's closed eyes.


Four days on and Buck sighed at yet another full plate of food going down the waste disposal. Released home two days earlier, JD was healing well physically, but spiritually, not so good. Buck had no idea what the problem was, and it was wearing him down to see JD so disconsolate. In a desperate bid to restore his spirits, Buck talked to Chris, and the pair was invited out to the ranch, where a wheelchair-bound Vin was already ensconced.

Despite his exercises being well underway, Vin had yet to attempt to walk with the crutches provided. Chris was convinced the Texan was simply afraid of failing, despite assurances to the contrary. Vin had never been a quitter, so Chris knew he would come around, but as time slipped by, and seeing the self-doubt in Vin's face and his changed demeanor, it was a hard process to watch. As Tanner headed for the downstairs bathroom that was just off the guest room he was staying in, Chris decided on a new tack. Sympathy was clearly not helping the situation. Beating Vin to the bathroom door, Chris bent down over the wheelchair and placed his arms under Vin's upper limbs, and thighs.

Tanner went rigid. "What are you doin'?"

Determined not to grunt with the effort, Chris lifted him. "I can't see you struggle, Pard, so let me help you." It hurt to hear Vin's protests, but he continued on until the Texan was perched on the edge of the tub and next to the toilet. "Yell when you're done."

Vin glared after him as Chris exited and closed the door. With a white-knuckled grip on the edge of the bathtub, Vin's chin dropped to his chest. Chris had tapped into the very thing he was terrified of…helplessness. Why couldn't he walk? Alone, and away from prying eyes he tried, God knows, he had tried, but nothing worked.

"Useless…useless…" He slammed a fist into his thighs, willing for some feeling and pounding harder to achieve it. It took several seconds to register Chris was crouched in front of him and holding onto his clenched hand.

On hearing Vin's self-admonishment, Larabee walked back into the bathroom, his heart aching to see the anguish in the man's eyes. He grabbed the hand pounding into unfeeling legs and waited until Vin looked at him. "Come on, get a grip. It'll be okay."

Vin shook his head. "I'm not so sure."

Chris offered a tight smile. "I am. Hang in there, Vin…for me, for JD…for you."

Tanner sighed and dropped his gaze. A long, silent pause followed. Finally, he made eye contact. "You played the 'Kid card'."

Chris nodded. "I know, low blow, but Buck says JD's struggling, too." He raised a hand and squeezed Vin's shoulder. "Look, we both know it's tough right now, but we also know all signs are good, your physical therapist has said so, and so's your doctor…it's just a matter of time and a lot of self-belief." He straightened. "When you're done here, we'll get into some of those home exercises the therapist gave you…then I'll run you a bath before you take a nap. Buck's bringing JD over to stay, and I thought, tomorrow, the rest of the guys could come over for a cook-out. You in?"

Vin swallowed. "Damnit Chris, why are you takin' time like this over an ornery cuss like me?"

"You really have to ask?"

After a pause and a long hard stare at his friend, Tanner shook his head. "No." He snapped himself out of his misery "Yeah, I'm in, thanks." With a glint in his eye, Vin offered a lop-sided grin. "But you ain't putting my naked butt into no tub!"

Chris laughed. "You got that right. Just keep your shorts on and we'll do fine." He walked toward the door, turning when Vin softly called to him.


"I ever tell you…you're a good friend, Larabee?"

Chris nodded. "Maybe not in words, but…yeah, every day, Pard…every day."


JD arriving seemed to perk Tanner up some, but it was clear the pair was dodging the issue. Chris cooked chicken and dumplings for dinner, which, these days, was something he only did for special occasions…or special people; but very little was consumed by the two younger men. Buck tried to get them talking about their accident, but got shut down before he barely finished the first sentence. The fact that the men who attacked them were still at large wasn't helping. JD's earlier rise in spirits plummeted as the evening progressed, and no one was surprised when he said he was heading for bed. Tanner soon followed, and with a wave goodnight, wheeled himself to his room. Buck and Chris stared after him.

"Not good, is it?" Chris stated.

Buck nodded. "Got that right, Stud. Jeeze, one more hour with those two and I'd've been ready to stick my head in your oven."

"You know it's electric, right?"

They both laughed and the tension lifted.

After a pause, Chris spoke. "I've seen 'em move."

Buck frowned. "What, his legs?"

Chris nodded. "Yeah, and his feet. I guess his brain's just not registering it."

At the top of the stairs, JD absorbed the overheard conversation, and as he headed for his room, his mind worked on forming a plan.


A crash sent both men running to Vin's room. Vin looked sheepishly up at them as they burst in. "Missed the bed," he stated. He placed an arm around each man's shoulders as, with gentle ease, they set him on the edge of the bed. "Thanks."

Buck was too choked to speak. "Get some rest, big day tomorrow," Chris reminded.

Tanner laughed. "Sure thing, Dad."

Buck laughed. "You did kinda go all 'dad' on him, there."

Too happy to hear Vin's mirth to spoil the moment, Chris faked his best glare. "Shut up!" He exited the room with a big ole grin on his face, a fact neither man missed.


The brunet halted his exit on hearing Vin call to him. "Yeah?"

"JD…try and get it through to the kid…none of this is down to him."

"He knows, Vin…don't stop him hurting for you, though." With a sad smile, Buck left.

Vin sighed. God, what a mess. He settled down to sleep, unaware it would all come to a head when the rest of the team joined them the next evening for the planned cook-out and weekend stay-over.


Afternoon drifted into evening. The day had been fun, though their usual trail ride was postponed due to neither Vin nor JD being able to ride. After the cook-out, Ezra filled them in on the lack of progress in finding those who had attacked Vin and JD. Neither of the injured men took the news well. On seeing JD walk over to the corral and feed treats to the horses, Buck put down his beer, got up from his seat, and walked over to join him. After a minute or so of silence, he spoke.

"Talk to me, Kid."

Resting his free hand on the top fence rail, JD winced as he tried to adjust his strapped arm, and then huffed out a soft laugh. "That's just what he said."

Buck moved closer. "Who? When?"

"Chris, to Vin…in the hospital." He turned to face Buck. "You were sleeping; I hadn't fully woken up at that point. They didn't know I could hear them talking."

Buck's features darkened slightly. "What did they say?"

JD waved it off. "Nothing like that…nothing hurtful." He sighed. "Just…aww, never mind."

Unwilling to let this drop, Buck stretched out his arm and held onto the fence, effectively blocking JD from walking away without going around him. "I do mind…talk."

Casting a glance toward the others on the porch JD composed himself, and then answered. "I should be in that chair, not Vin." He halted Buck's impending interruption and continued. "When we fell, it was so fast…" he swallowed, "…but…somehow Vin wrapped himself around me and cushioned my fall."

Buck's eyes grew moist. "Well, pardon me for being a glass half full kinda guy, but I'll always be eternally grateful to him for that."

JD's chin wobbled and his eyes glistened. He dropped his gaze to the ground. "Me too, but look what it cost him."

"You don't know he wouldn't have ended up hurt like that anyway, Kid."

JD raised his head to look Buck in the eyes. "Stacked the odds up against him though, didn't it?"

Buck tilted his head. "So, you're mad at him for maybe saving your life?"

JD glared. "No, damnit! I'm mad because I'm so darned useless around him right now, and feel so guilty whenever I look at him...just like at the hospital, when Vin told Chris that's just how I would be." He shook his head. "I'm that predictable." His shoulders slumped. "What sort of a friend am I if I can hardly bear to see him like this? I don't know what to do."

Buck shrugged and raised a hand to squeeze the back of JD's neck. "Neither do the rest of us." He smiled. "You're a good friend who is gonna do nothing more than just be there for him...we all are." If the situation hadn't been so serious, Buck would have laughed at the expression on the kid's face right then. "Vin can move his legs. His brain just hasn't registered it yet. All evening, his feet have been twitching, and the only one that hasn't noticed is Tanner."

JD's jaw dropped. He hadn't either. So Chris was right after all.

He yipped when Peso nipped at a finger on the hand holding onto the fence. Then, recognizing the smell of raw carrot, the horse nuzzled it. Fishing into his pocket, JD flattened his palm to allow the feisty black to lip up the treat. As he rubbed Peso's muzzle a grin slowly formed on the youth's bruised features. The idea that had started forming last night was now as clear as crystal. He watched Buck walk over and fuss with his big gray, Beavis, and JD leaned into Peso.

"Forgive me, boy…but what I'm about to do is for his own good."

To hell with doing nothing.


Observing JD walk dejectedly over to feed the horses some treats, had been painful to watch for the six men on the porch. They each knew it was only a matter of time before Buck joined their youngest friend, and were not disappointed. Chris's gaze remained focused on Vin. His best friend was in a personal hell from which no one seemed able to drag him. It was so unlike Vin to refuse to take control, and no amount of cajoling had prompted him to try, at least, not publicly. Therefore, when the other three arrived earlier, an unspoken agreement was conveyed to roll with it, for now.

Tanner's focus on a brooding JD had not helped them lift his spirits, and that's where his interest was still. Vin tracked the younger man's return to the porch, absently scratching the back of his left calf through his jeans as he did so.

"Got an itch there, Vin?" Nathan asked.

"Uh huh," came the reply. Vin's gaze never wavered, nor did he register he was feeling the annoyance at the back of his leg. He smiled when JD looked at him. "Hey Kid, how's the ornery cuss doin' out there?"

"You asking about Buck or Peso," JD replied, dryly. Vin's chuckle warmed the younger man's soul. "I need to borrow your tack," he continued.

The Texan frowned. "Sure, but why?"

"He's acting up; I think he's got a stone. I'm gonna take a look. If I hitch him to the corral I won't have to bend too much and aggravate my ribs, and I can work one handed. Shouldn't be too much of a problem, he's a little riled, but it's nothing I can't handle."

Buck had reached them. The look exchanged between him, and Chris alerted the others to allow whatever was taking place to play out.

Vin's reaction was instantaneous and he grabbed JD's wrist. "JD…don't go doin' that right now, okay? Peso's never too fond of havin' his feet checked, and especially with anyone other than me…and he's enough trouble when you got two hands, let alone one."

Dunne shrugged off the hold. "Well, you're hardly in a fit state to do it, and after all you did for me, it's the least I can do." He took a swig of his soda while Vin looked to the others to stop JD's proposal. Not really sure where this might lead, but hoping his timing was right, JD put down his drink and turned to leave.

"Yup, right now, that's one cantankerous horse." He stepped down off the porch.

"JD!" Vin was not happy. "Kid! Not without me…he's a good horse, but unpredictable around...JD!"

"Won't be long," JD interrupted, continuing on his way. He startled when a firm grip halted him.

"I appreciate the thought, Kid, but you've got enough hurts to deal with without that dang nag givin' you more."

The pair locked gazes, and JD grinned, his first real smile since the incident. "Seeing as you're up, you wanna come with me?"

Without realizing, Vin had not only got out of the wheelchair, but walked a few paces. Before his shaky knees gave out, Chris was at his side and holding his elbow.

Ezra offered up the discarded crutches. "Might be wise to use these at first," he smiled, broadly.

"Holy shit, I'm walkin'," Vin gasped.

"Near as damnit," Buck agreed, with a huge grin.

Taking the crutches, Vin slipped his arms into the elbow straps, grabbed each handle, and balanced on the metal supports. His eyes glistened. "Ha…damnit to hell…I'm up." He stared at JD and his gaze offered a silent 'thank you.'

Still grinning, and happy to see Chris and Nathan flanking Vin, JD nodded. "Least I could do for my very own human pillow." His own eyes moist, JD raised an arm and squeezed the Texan's shoulder. "Thank you."

With a little help down the porch steps, and surrounded by the only six people allowed into his confidence, Vin took his first slow, stiff, wobbly, magnificent steps back into the world he thrived in. He looked to JD and gave an exaggerated wink. Both young men eagerly anticipated the expected responses to Vin's next words.

"So, Kid …you up for tryin' that rock face again next week?"

The End

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