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For Once

by Mary Ann

Thanks to Melissa for the corrections

Main Character - Ezra

The six men looked at Chris as he flew through the bullpen door. Just the look on his face warned them something was up and they were rising before he had stepped five feet inside.

"Let's go, we have a break on the O'Toole case, meeting room, now, grab your notes."

Less than ten minutes, Team Seven was heading for the elevators in full gear. Jackets, vests, guns, video and sound equipment, and over Nathan's arm, their First Aid duffel bag. In the garage they entered the waiting surveillance van and the dark ATF SUV. Forty minutes later, darkness had fallen. The vehicles pulled to a stop half a block from an old gas station and dilapidated motel. Vin took off for the highest spot across from the two abandoned buildings. Buck and JD raced to get microphones in place in the station and several along the front of the one story, L shaped motel.

Ezra, already in place, having arrived as they did, but being undercover he waited to get out of his Jag until preparations were completed and O'Toole arrived. He was sorry that things got rushed, O'Toole wouldn't commit to a meeting until he informed him that he was leaving town and would spread the word to his associates that O'Toole wasn't to be trusted. The red-head had finally set a time and it was too soon to have everything already in place. The man was unpredictable and Ezra wasn't even sure he would show up at this late a date, but it was the only break that had come along. in several weeks.

Headlights alerted everyone, and Team Sever disappeared into the darkness, leaving Ezra looking totally alone standing beside his Jag.

A dark maroon Ford van pulled slowly up in front of the Jag and stopped. Parking lights came on as the headlights went out. Several men stepped from the van and stood staring at the Jag. Ezra stepped out and moved to the front of his car.

"Ah Mr. O'Toole, so happy to see that you decided to come. I have the money, do you have the merchandise?"

"Mr. Stone, of course I have the merchandise. Jones, get a crate," O'Toole said and motioned to one of his guards.

The large man moved to the slider door and pulled it open. A moment later he carried a box into the light from the Jag's headlights. He sat it down so Ezra could open the box and see inside. O'Toole stepped closer as Ezra moved to the box.

"Would you do the honors Mr. O'Toole?"

O'Toole bent and opened the flaps, inside were six half gallons of liquor. "Would you like to taste the merchandise Mr. Stone?"

"No, just need to see what I am buying," Ezra accepted the half gallon of Scotch whiskey from the man and held it up in the light. "It looks very good. How many of these gallon containers of Scotch do you have?"

"What you requested, there's 30 boxes here, six gallons each, with me. I have 50 more gallons in my garage. It is the best made and not released yet."

"I will take them all. When can I pick up the other boxes?"

"I want to see your money first, then if it is good you can pick them up tonight."

"Agreed." Ezra walked to the Jag's passenger door and opening it took out the briefcase holding the money. "Payment in full for all of all you have brought, I will have the money for the rest when I pick them up. I also want to order more."

"No problem. I will be getting another shipment from Rhodes in 2 weeks, it is already being made and bottled now, it will be shipped in 4 days."

"May I ask where it is coming from?"

"Rhodes is in Nashville, a little outside of the city. He has a large estate and it is brewed there in secret. Only a few of us know about his operation," O'Toole bragged and named the estate as he looked over the cash.

"Very good. It is all yours."

"Thank you. Now sir - ATF hands up, your under arrest!"

Team Seven arrived and the bust went down without a shot. They had the name they needed and would be contacting their counter parts in Nashville to move on Rhodes immediately.

For a nights work, they were all pleased with themselves as the surprised bootleggers were led away. For once a quickly set up bust went their way, without a shot. And many gallons of illegal Scotch was now off the streets.

The Seven sighed, it was a good night.


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