Cell Seven - Alien Hunters AU by The Neon Gang
by The Neon Gang

This AU is set in the year 2077, a year after a small alien fleet arrived in orbit (a total of 8 ships). The aliens' name is one we cannot pronounce, so we call them 'Bugs,' since they have a somewhat insect-like appearance. The Bugs follow a strict hierarchy, with a ruling class, a military class, and a scientific class making up the upper tier (but valued in that order). Skilled laborers and artisans make up the second tier, and workers or 'drones' fill the lowest tier. Males are valued more highly than females, except among the ruling class where both genders are equally valued, the females as a means to secure political alliances. The current King, when he met with the President of the United States (a woman), received a minor, accidental injury at dinner, but due to the pollutants in our atmosphere, that injury was magnified and it was enough to cause his body to spontaneously decompose into a fine gray-black ash (which is what happens when they die). The three sons of the King declared humanity guilty of regicide and set out to enslave us.

After on-going skirmishes that lasted several months, they ended in a stalemate. Several months later, the aliens launched a series of biological attacks that reduced the human population across the world by two-thirds (from nine to three billion). Those who survived created small pockets of resistance across the world, or submitted to alien rule in the largest population centers in order to survive.

With time now to plan, the aliens discovered that they can implant humans with devices in their heads, using them as informants (referred to as being "bugged"). The aliens now control large areas of the developed world where they have enslaved humans and put them to work tearing down our cities and putting up new ones for them. Once a new city is completed the human slaves are either destroyed or assigned to alien family units as domestic help, and the aliens move in. Two major cities in the world are now completely gone, replaced by new alien cities (New York and Singapore). However, most major cities across the globe are controlled by aliens, with human collaborators, and are in the process of being repurposed for alien inhabitation. Many pockets of resistance exist in all countries. They conduct guerilla-style raids on the aliens, and try to free as many humans from the cities as they can. In the United States the west is considered "free territory" as the aliens aren't as interested in it as they are the two coasts, which are now almost completely controlled by the aliens.

There are some aliens, all of them from the scientist class so far, who want the war against the humans to end, and for there to be cooperation between the two species, but they have to work with the resistance very carefully. If they are caught helping humans, they are publicaly tortured and executed.

Cell Seven is one of thirteen resistance cells operating inside the Southwest Free Territory (the SFT is made up of what we know as Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, parts of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas). These thirteen cells each report to a Hub Commander, in this case, former NSA agent and federal judge Orin Travis. Cell Seven is the primary leadership for the Front Range resistance. Denver has an alien presence, but it is not as large a presence as in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco/Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Diego. It is a similar presence as that found in Sacramento, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Cheyenne, and Amarillo.

Most members of Cell Seven were in the military at the time of the invasion, with the exception of JD (who was a hacker) and Ezra (a gambler, grifter, and thief). Chris and Buck were Navy (former SEALs, Chris was a Lieutenant Commander and Buck a Radioman First Class who was SEAL trained as an explosives expert), Josiah was in the Army (Delta Force Master Sgt.), Nathan in the Air Force (Captain, a doctor in a Pararescue unit), and Vin started out in the Army (Airborne Ranger), but then went to sniper school. He ended up on a special CIA/joint military black ops unit. He has trained, and trained with, Army, Marine, and SEAL snipers and various other special ops units and CIA teams.