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Appointment at Two Thirty (Tooth-Hurtee) by Sue M

Thanks to Mog for ATF

Characters: JD, Vin

Ratings/Warnings: Some bad language

Disclaimer: Just playing. I know I can't keep 'em...damnit!

Thanks to Phyllis for the original beta! Any mistakes from then are mine.

"Damnit, Vin, get in the truck!"

Inside the parking garage of the Federal Building, two young men glared at each other.

"Will you please, just get in the damned truck?"

Tanner kicked at the parking concrete ground. "I can make my own way there."

"Oh yeah, sure…that's why I got nominated to take you, 'cause we all know that as soon as you're out of sight, you'll be out of town."

Vin sighed. "Kid, I r-e-a-l-l-y hate the dentist."

Seated behind the wheel of Buck's truck, JD looked at Vin through the open passenger door. "Vin, you're one of the bravest men I know…except for this. Now, suck it up and get in, or you're gonna be late."

The Texan smiled wickedly. "Yeah…I will; we should cancel." He winced and held his jaw, failing miserably to cover the reaction to his throbbing tooth. "Shit, I forgot, I got a report due in the next half hour, ahh well, that's it then." He turned to leave, halting sharply at a shrill whistle.

JD shook his head at the Texan as he glanced sideways at him. "Nice try, sharpshooter, now move it, or I'll call in reinforcements."

Vin huffed. "I ain't scared of Nathan, or Larabee."

"How about Nettie?" JD asked. His eyebrows bobbed with the question.

Tanner sucked in a breath, and his eyes flashed. "You wouldn't." He tested the threat and once again turned to go.

"Okay, I warned you..." JD reached for his cell.

Vin's shoulders dropped and he skulked toward the truck. "Alright, alright…" he climbed in and snapped on his seatbelt, "I'm in…see? I'm in!"

With a grin, JD set off, signaled to pull out of the building's garage and they were finally on their way.


A little while into the journey, Vin decided he'd take a chance on JD ratting him out and looked for a way to escape. He glanced at the youth.

"I need gum. Can we stop for a minute?"

Totally relaxed at the wheel, Dunne frowned. "You're going to the dentist, why do you need gum?"

"Just want to freshen my mouth up some."

JD smiled to himself. "Fair enough." He pointed. "Buck keeps gum in the glove box."

Damn. "I should get a magazine."

"They have those in the dentist's waiting room."

"But they're probably at least five years old."

The youth shook his head, "How could you know that? Chris said you haven't been to this dentist before."

There was a pause. "Well, that's what I heard." Sensing he was going to lose this battle, too, Vin stared out of the side window and sulked.

"Under your seat," JD gestured with a wide grin. "I keep a small stash there for long journeys. Got a couple on bikes." He heard a soft sigh, followed by a few minutes of silence.

"I need to make a phone call."

JD chuckled, inwardly. "Use your cell."

"Battery's dead."

"Use mine."

"Don't have the number I need to call, on yours."

"You don't know it?"


"Then how the hell were you gonna make the call, Vin?"


More silence.

"When was the last time you visited the dentist?" Vin wondered.

"I just had my six month check-up."


JD shook his head. Turning briefly to Vin he showed his teeth, snapping them together several times for effect. "Nope…perfect… see? That's what drinking milk does for you."

"What about all the other crap you go through each day?"

Dunne shrugged, "Dunno, guess I'm just lucky." He heard a mumble and this time chuckled aloud.




Tanner shuddered as they parked, and stepped out of the truck; his sharp gaze still looking around in the hope of a quick exit. Sensing Vin's possible escape plan, JD came up alongside him and whispered into his ear.

"I should warn you, I have my service weapon and I've been practicing leg shots recently."

Tanner's face broke into a smile and he laughed aloud while looping his arm around JD's neck, and pulling the youth in close.

"I hate you."

JD grinned and led them toward the door. "Yeah, I know…now…in."


The wait was excruciatingly frustrating. An emergency appointment arrived just before them; setting appointments back a good half hour. The drilling sounds coming from the surgery was doing nothing to ease the Texan's mind, either. He stood.

JD's eyes followed his friend up. "Where're you going?"

"Bathroom, is that okay with you?"

Dunne also stood. "Sure. Actually, I need to go too."


Vin sighed, JD grinned, and the pair re-took their seats, JD picked up two magazines, handing one to Vin.

"See…only two months old."

"I've read it."

JD snorted, "You've read Cutting Horses Monthly?"

"I...might have," Vin drawled, casting a sideways glance.

They looked at each other and burst out laughing, suddenly finding themselves unable to stop, despite stares from the other patients in the waiting room. The receptionist looked at them over the top of her glasses, but it just made them laugh harder.

"Vincent Tanner?"

That call stopped Vin's laughter dead. "Aw hell."


Twenty-five minutes later Vin emerged, looking pale and clearly sore.

"Dude…what did he do to you?"

"Sssshhhe," Tanner slurred.

JD bit his lip to halt a smile. "Numb huh?"

Vin gave a nod. JD stood and they made their way to the truck.


Vin held up two fingers.

"Two? Shit."

"And an exsssshtractssshun."

JD snorted at Vin's slurring, but managed to compose himself. "Oh man, that's evil. Are you okay for meeting up at the Saloon as arranged, or would you prefer I drive you home?"


Vin released a crooked grin as he watched the easterner swallow a chuckle.

"If we can avoid all words beginning with 'S' this evening…we might stand a fighting chance of not cracking up." Dunne bit back a wicked smile. "What time are we supposed to meet them?"

"Sssssshix." Vin held his jaw and tried not to laugh himself, as he watched JD's shoulders shake and him wiping his eyes.

"You're a li'l sssshit!"

"Aaah…God…" JD held his sides. "…get in the truck Vin, you're killing me!" he laughed.

To add to the frustration, Vin was given a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics with a strict 'no alcohol' warning, so it was going to be a long, liquor-free evening at their favorite bar for the Texan.


Seven men were seated at their favorite table in the bar known affectionately as 'the Saloon'.

"Did he give you any trouble?" Larabee leaned over and asked quietly.

JD looked at Chris. He grinned and shook his head, "Nah…he was a pussycat." He chuckled to himself and turned to Tanner.

"Hey Vin…can you say pussycat?"

The youth laughed at the raised middle finger. "Ooh…how about…sausages?"

Vin paused for a moment to look at the younger man as he attempted a grin.

"Sssshaussshagesssh ."

JD howled, and flopped around in his chair helplessly. Tanner took his opportunity and grabbed the younger man, noogieing him mercilessly and causing more hilarity from the boy.

"I get the feeling we're missing something," Buck suggested as he and the others looked on in a mix of confusion and amusement.

"Boys," Inez called as she approached to clear glasses. "Are you quite finished?"

The two put themselves straight in their seats,

"Yesssssh, ma'am,"

"Sorry, ma'am."

The Mexican bar manager smiled, shook her head, and turned to go.


"Yes, JD?"

"May I have a straw, please?"

Inez touched his face affectionately.

"Aaaw, of course you may, chiquito."

The others chuckled and JD blushed. Buck huffed, pointing after the woman.

"Is that what it takes to get her attention…to ask for a straw?"

Josiah smiled, "I think it may have a lot to do with his boyish charm, my friend."

JD nodded at Buck and ducked a swipe to his arm. He got up from his seat and met Inez halfway to get the straw. Re-taking his seat, he turned to Tanner who, due to his partially numb face, was struggling to drink his glass of juice. JD dropped the straw into Vin's drink and winked.

Vin gratefully sucked his juice up without fear of drooling it all down his chin.

"Thankssshh kid."

JD grinned. "You're welcome. It was either that, or a bib."

"Well," Chris sat back, seemingly content about something. "I vote JD be the one to take Vin to any future dental appointments, seeing as he did so well today."

Dunne fake-smiled. "Gee…thanks."

"And…" the blond continued, "…it's only fair Vin gets to accompany JD to his upcoming medical examination."

JD sat up a little straighter. "Huh? That's not for another six months," he stated.

Buck bobbed his eyebrows and smiled knowingly. "'Fraid not, Squirt. 'Cause you entered the service so young, Travis says you have to have a medical exam every six months until you're twenty three."

"So the AD has arranged a full and complete work-up for you…" Chris pointed out, "…in two days."

Vin grinned. "And totally nekkid."

Dunne groaned, "Aww man…" he looked at Chris in earnest, "…couldn't I just go to the dentist instead?"

The End

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