Magnificent Seven ATF Universe
Rockin' the M7 Christmas Tree

Disclaimer: Just playing; I know I can't keep 'em...damnit!

Thanks to Mog for ATF

(To the tune of) Rocking Around the Christmas Tree - Original lyrics by Johnny Marks

Magnificent Seven Holiday Fic

Hovering around the Christmas tree
At the ATF Christmas ball,
Mistletoe's swinging merrily
From Buck's hand, in the hall.

Walking on by the Christmas tree
Chris tries to make a dash,
When Vin offers up some pumpkin pie,
Chris's plans to run are slashed.

All Team Seven heard they had to be there,
And they are.
Seven men dressed up so smartly
Des-per-ate to leave this party.

Hanging around the Christmas tree
Josiah fakes a smile,
Nathan inspects the party food
And they both eat for a while.

Drifting around the Christmas tree
Ezra sips his glass of Port,
Shaking his head at Buck's dismay
With his failure to cavort.

Seven heroes in real life
Lukewarm to party time,
They prefer their sports and beers
Af-ter chasing racketeers.

Standing around the Christmas tree
Six friends are mingling,
Watching a jolly Santa Claus
Walking 'round and jingling.

Moseying 'round the Christmas tree
Having had their fill of food,
Six men wonder should they go
Or, would it seem too rude?

JD runs into the hall, and grins wide
When he cries,
'Hey! It's snowing heavy, fellas,
Let's go out without umbrellas!'

Exiting past the Christmas tree
Seven friends take in the view,
JD and Vin make snow angels
'Til their faces and hands turn blue.

Home at last they all make drinks and
Head on up to bed,
In the morning, bright and breezy
For a day that's packed and busy

Sitting around the Christmas tree
In Chris's home they'll stay,
To celebrate Christmas, merrily,
In a true, old-fashioned way.

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