Magnificent Seven Little Britches
All Wrapped Up in You

by Amelia

Songfic: All Wrapped up in You

Magnificent Seven Holiday Fic

Vin hadn't meant to over hear them talking. He had been on his way to ask if he could use the markers Chris had in his home office desk. But he had heard their voices and heard everything. Buck asking if he was all right. And Chris answering he didn't know. What had touched Vin so deeply was hearing Chris say he was worried and scared of hurting Vin with his own sadness and hurt for his loss filling him.

The little boy watched Buck come out of the room and go on down the hall to the kitchen. Slipping into Chris's room, Vin saw he was standing by the window looking out, a lost look on his face. A look Vin knew from living on the streets. Going to him, he stood silently looking up as he slid his hand into Chris's.

Take my hand, take my heart
Take my whole life too
Take your time, take my love
It's good and pure and true
The gift of love is hard to find
I've searched my whole life through
God above has smiled on us
This Christmas I got you

I know how ya feel, I miss mama all the time, too
Sometimes it's hard to remember 'cause it hurts when I do
But then I think on how she loved me
And I know she brought me to you
Prob'ly Mrs Chris was helping her as well
You feel this, too, I can tell.

Tis the season to be jolly
How could I feel blue?
My gift to you, my gift of love
All wrapped up in you

Looking down into eyes so blue, he saw the truth looking up
Heart swelling with all he felt, his hand the face he cupped
“You're right, I know, and their gift of you is helping heal the hurt of old
It's time you and I go join in Christmas, together never again we'll feel the cold”

In ribbons bright of joy and light
In bows of hope and truth
Bound and tied, this gift for life
And all wrapped up in yo
I'm all wrapped up in you

Two, one little, one big sat together watching the twinkling lights
A tree decorated with family, covered in gold, silver, ribbons and bows in sight
Though the house was still now in motion and sound
The two hearts embraced in the peace of together they were bound
On a breath of air they both heard the love so bright
A mother to one, a wife the other, voices sighed through the night

In ribbons bright of joy and light
In bows of hope and truth
Bound and tied, this gift for life
And all wrapped up in you
I'm all wrapped up in you

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