Vision's Path

by Amelia

Main Characters: Vin, Josiah

Vin hesitated, his hand poised to knock on the door, and wondered if he shouldn't just turn around and walk away.

'No, he needed to know'. He knocked and opened the door when he heard the voice say to enter.

He walked to the desk, meeting the gaze of the man that sat behind it.

“Is there something you need, Vincent?"

“Yes, sir. I need to know the truth, of who I am," he stated.

Laying his writing aside and covering the bowl in front of him, the man slowly pushed himself up and walked to the window, looking out at colors the setting sun was creating, "I knew this day would come, but I had hoped you would be older when you asked it. What has led you to it now?" Josiah requested.

Hesitating for a moment, Vin explained, "Been having dreams, sometimes I'm not asleep. There are no words, just notes of melody playing with each scene. Each one is different, with different places and faces. I don't know any of them but yours. There's this one face. . . ."

“A face you know, but don't know" Josiah finished for the him.

Vin nodded, yet confusion stayed on his face, adding, "I have this...this feeling..this knowing, it's important I find them."

Josiah giving him a smile, walked back to his desk. He opened a drawer and pulled out a small wooden carved box. He held it out to Vin, explaining, "When you were five, your mother brought you to me. You are the son of Tanner the Pure Heart. He was murdered, by whom no one knows. Last he said before being found dead was that a great evil was coming and he was going to try and stop it. Your mother brought you here fearing whatever this evil was would seek you out, since you are your father's son. She said to give you that box and it's music would show you the path to take. She died two days later from some mysterious fever. But I think your spirit has already been led to that path by the sound of your visions."

Vin opened the box and found a silvery bar. Pulling the metal bar out, an image appeared in his mind's eye of his mother and a father, holding onto each other smiling. "This was my father's," he softly told Josiah.

“Yes, it was. When in doubt or darkness, hold it close, it will ground you with their belief in you." Pausing for a moment, Josiah finished. "We'll pack tonight and head out in the morning to find the path your vision is leading to."

Vin thought about the five faces beside Josiah's he had seen, and knew that one of them would be especially important to him. Leaving the room and with a satisfied smile, he raised the harmonica to his lips and blew gently, the discordant melody drifting out into the evening air

The End

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