A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean

by LittleAnne

Characters: Buck, JD

The timeline for this story is a little different. It is set in 2013, but the guys are the ages they were in the show. The guys are ageless right? I'm assuming that their real ages are close to their characters ages.

Thanks to all fanfic writers that have written stories that I borrowed bits from.

JD was straightening up Buck's room since Buck had just returned from the hospital. Buck had been injured on their latest case in a hot-dog eating contest. The gunrunner that they were after had pitted his bodyguard against Ezra's bodyguard in a last man standing hotdog eating contest. Buck had won securing the contract for the guns, but had to have his stomach pumped after the case was over. As JD made the bed his hand came in contact with a hard object under Buck's pillow. JD pulled it out

"Well what do we have here" JD muttered.

"Hey Buck," yelled JD. "Is this book yours?"

"Yeah," said Buck. "JD, you're the closest thing I have to a brother and I think you should read that sometime."

JD settled Buck in his bed, and took the book to the couch.

It was a diary. JD flipped through it. It was very old, but it was still in excellent condition, and there were several pictures tucked between the pages. The cover read 'Property of Mavis Baker: private.'

The first picture was of a young, gangly looking guy with a loud checkered suit with giant shoulder pads. He had a greasy pompadour. He was standing with a very beautiful girl. She had a beehive that brought her height up to the boy's shoulder.

"Huh'" thought JD. "Either that guy is tall or that girl is really short!"

JD read the entry next to the picture.

April 11, 1972

Bobby and I just got married. I think we will be very happy. Bobby's parents don't approve of me, but I don't care we are going to be so happy. They think we are too young to know what we want. That shows what they know I'm eighteen and Bobby's twenty that's not young at all. Bobby doesn't speak to his parents anyways they are stuffy and rich and don't approve of Bobby becoming a jazz musician. We have lots in common we love poetry and dancing and Buck Clayton's jazz music.

JD skimmed the next several entries. Mavis wrote about daily life and ordinary things, and she wrote sporadically. Being the wife of a musician didn't sound like much fun to JD, but Mavis and Bobby seemed happy. Written between the lines was a lot of love. The entry from July 4, 1973 caught his eye.

July 4, 1973

I'm so unhappy and frightened. I have just had a baby three days ago, and it should be the happiest time of my life, but Bobby's number was just drawn in the draft. He says not to worry he'll be fine he has me and baby Buck to come home to. I can't shake the feeling that he shouldn't go. Bobby is very good with the baby he can get him to fall asleep without any trouble. He just plays "A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean - Living & Dying in 3/4 Time; it's a new record by some guy named Jimmy Buffet, and little Buck just loves it.

JD read on:

November 6, 1973

Bobby is dead. I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my body and stomped on. I will never love another man like I love Bobby. I don't know what to do I have no family, and no money. I went to Bobby's family to see if they could help me, they said they would try to take Buck away from me! As if I could give up my baby; they said I can't provide for him like they could, and I'm selfish for keeping him. Maybe I am, but I figure that the hurt I will cause him giving him up would be worse than any harm he will get being with me. I will do whatever it takes to provide Buck with everything. He will NEVER be hungry on my watch. I have to leave town and hide, so that I can keep Buck.

JD read on with tears in his eyes. Mavis never lost hope. She continued describing the ordinary things in her life. How she bought every new song Jimmy Buffet made, all her jazz records, teaching Buck about God, country, and duty. JD knew that Buck's mother was a prostitute, but Buck always referred to her as a saint; and JD now knew why.

JD realized Buck was a lot like his mother. He was willing to give up parts of himself for people he considered family. As JD sat thinking about this, he heard Jimmy Buffet start to play.

"Buck must have turned on the radio," JD thought.

Buck walked into the room in a very ugly bathrobe. It was a purple with large yellow diamonds.

"I feel a lot better JD," he said.

"You know," said JD, "reading though this diary, I can't help but notice how much like your dad you are!"

"Really?" said Buck "I always thought I was more like my mom!"

JD looked at the picture of the nasty suit again.

"Trust me Buck! You have more of your dad in you than you realize!" snickered JD.

The End

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