Aminal Magerism

by Little Anne

Main Characters: Buck, Chris, Sarah, Adam

ATF Universe before the seven got together

It was after dinner in the Larabee household and Chris and Sarah were washing up. Buck was playing with Adam in the den.

"Uncl' Buck, can aminal magerism get ladies to listen to you?" asked Adam.

Buck chuckled, "Well sprout it's never let me down"

"Well, mama says ta'morrow the petertritcian is going give me a shot, and I don't wanna go!" said Adam, his eyes welling up with tears. "Mama's a lady, so can I use some magerism on her?"

Buck managed to keep a straight face. "Now buddy, you're only three. When you're a man, the animal magnetism will work; until then you have to do as your mama says. Don't worry about the shot; think about the candy they'll give you after."

"Okay," said Adam. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom now."

"Oh," said Buck "Let me help……."

"NO! NO! NO! NO!" screamed Adam, "I'm a big boy. I'm three! I can do it by myself," and he stomped into the bathroom.

Buck figured on giving him five minutes before going in to help him, since Adam hadn't mastered the whole aiming thing yet.
At that moment Chris and Sarah came in from the kitchen. The adults were planning on watching a movie, once Adam was in bed.

"Buck?" asked Sarah "Where's Adam?"

"Well," chuckled Buck "he's a big boy, and he can go to the bathroom himself, at least that's what he claims."

"Buck, he pees everywhere! You have to watch him," complained Chris.

At that moment a loud wail was heard from the direction of the bathroom, and Adam came running into the den with blood dripping down his chin.

"BABY!" exclaimed Sarah "What happen to you? Let mama see!"

Chris ran to get the first aid kit, and they cleaned away the blood to see an inch long gash on Adam's chin. After cautioning Adam not to talk, since it was opening the cut, Buck drove to the hospital, and Chris and Sarah sat in the back of the truck holding a towel over Adam's chin.

It took five stiches to close the gash. Since they were there anyway, they got Adam's booster shot. After picking up a prescription for antibiotic cream, everyone got in the truck and headed home.

"Well son," said Chris "want to tell Daddy how you hurt your chin now?"

"Uncle Buck said I had to be a man to have aminal magerism, so I tried to shave, and IT HURTED!" sobbed Adam. "And I still gotted a neattle in the arm anyways."

Buck felt guilt welling up within him; he wouldn't blame Chris and Sarah if they never let him near Adam again.

"Son," giggled Sarah, "next time ask Daddy. He knows more about 'aminal magerism' than Uncle Buck."

Chris smirked at Buck. "I am overwhelmed by your magerism Buck!"

Buck rolled his eyes. " Hey, I happen to have a magnetic personality that women love. I can't help it."

"Because this is your fault, Buck, you can clean the bathroom when we get home," said Sarah with an evil chuckle.

Buck turned pale, but he didn't complain. It was the least he deserved.

Adam's eyes started to close with sleep

"Son, I promise, when you grow up I'll show you how to shave," whispered Chris into Adam's ear.

The End

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