15 Years Older Does NOT Make One Old!

by Little Anne


Thanks to all the great fanfic writers, who wrote all the other fanfics, that inspired me to write this.

Three months ago

When Chris got up that morning; he had the distinct feeling that he was forgetting something, something important. He stared at himself in the bathroom mirror and glared; he was not getting old. Sure he had some gray hair and a few wrinkles, but he was not old. He would remember what he had forgotten, once he was fully awake he was sure of it. He showered and quickly dressed,. He still favoured dark clothes, but only because he hated picking clothes out. He went to the kitchen and made some coffee. As he was pouring, it came to him like a flash of lightning; fifteen years ago today was team seven’s first day as a team at the ATF. Chris sat down outside on his porch, and started pondering over his morning cup of coffee. The changes in the last fifteen years, there were so many of them; he had known on that first day that they had something special, but he never would have dreamed of where everybody would have ended up. All those years of being teams seven’s leader started Chris thinking of the changes like files, a file for each member of the team.

Josiah Sanchez Age 65

Josiah had retired from the ATF eight years ago at the mandatory age of fifty-seven. Never one to save his money, he had found himself with his pension, his car (broken), and his house (drafty). In six months he had written a book with what he considered helpful life advice, and two months after that it was an international best seller. It became an international best seller due to Josiah’s new wife Maude Standish. She used all her wiles and charms and the publishing world. Josiah and Maude had found much in common over the years, and over time love bloomed. Ezra’s wedding toast went down in team 7 history, as the shortest and simplest that Ezra had ever spoken. He said that Josiah called him son all the time anyway, so he has glad Josiah was now accurate, since he thought words should be used in their proper context. Josiah brought out the good side of Maude that she had forgotten she had. She became involved in charity work, and strong-armed many rich businessmen to donating to her causes.

Buck Wilmington Age 55

Buck was the only member of the team still in the ATF. After Josiah’s forced retirement the rest of the team hadn’t want to stay, and be reassigned to other teams so they left. Buck held Travis’ old job, and was very good at it, his easygoing manner giving him the patience needed for the job. Buck had also managed to capture Inez’s heart to everybody’s surprise, and they had married nine years ago. They had five daughters: Christina 8, Juanita 6, Lucinda 4, and the twins Maria and Magdalena 2. Josiah said Buck having all girls was God’s punishment on Buck for being a lady’s man.

Nathan Jackson Age 50

Nathan had married Raine twelve years ago, to absolutely nobody’s surprise. He had been the first of the team to marry. They had two children, Nathanial 10 and Summer 9. After leaving the team Nathan had gone to medical school and he was now the best trauma doctor in the emergency room. He lived in a nice house in the middle of Denver in close proximity to the hospital. He liked joking that being a trauma doctor was more peaceful then being Team Seven’s unofficial medic.

Ezra Standish Age 49

Ezra was always a wealthy man in his own right, even while on team seven, so he had no financial troubles when he left the ATF. The first thing he did upon leaving was to hunt down Li-pong and ask her to marry him. She said yes, and they now had a daughter Lian 4. Ezra was a high finance banker now, and the go-to guy for questions on the world’s economy. He was fond of using his billions for charities, especially children’s charities.

Vin Tanner Age 46

Nathan was fond of saying it is always the quiet ones you have to watch, and Vin proved him right. While in the ATF Vin had gotten his B.A. J.D. was fond of suggesting that a clone had taken over Vin’s body during that time, since Vin shocked everyone by getting a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. in English Literature in spite of his dyslexia. He was now a tenured professor at the University of Colorado. Vin was currently engaged to a fellow professor at the university, Mapiya, who specialized in Native American studies. She was currently expecting their first child.

J.D. Dunne Age 40

J.D. had married Casey and they had three children: Will 7, Henrietta (Nettie) 5, and Rachel 3. J.D. also was a professor at the University of Colorado, but he taught computer science. He was well known in academic circles for creating a new programming language that was well on its way to becoming a standard.

+ + + + + + +

Then there was Chris. Even using all of their skills Team 7 was never able to find Ella Gains. Buck claimed it was because they were so close to the problem. Chris figured that was why he had never remarried; he needed closure on Ella first. It made him angry sometimes, here he was in his retirement age, and he didn’t have Sarah to share it with. Adam would have been eighteen this year and off to college, and he didn’t have him either. Even Diablo was dead.

Chris ruefully laughed “I must be getting morbid in my old age; no scratch that I AM NOT OLD!”

The ex-members of Team 7 still made it a point to get together at least once a month, but Chris knew it wasn’t quite the same. There is something about fighting together that is different. They were still all the best of friends, but it was no longer them against the world. The group had expanded, and Chris didn’t mind in the least, but he sometimes missed the closeness that comes from being “seven souls who have banded together to serve the cause of justice”.

“I wish we still had that,” thought Chris.

Current Day

” Ya know Cowboy if’n you hadn’t wished that day none of the stuff that happened three months ago would have happened” said Vin. “I am getting way too old to end up in the hospital.”

"Well brothers I feel we are all getting old, but this little adventure proves that we still have it!” Josiah gleefully exclaimed.

“Yeah," complained Nathan, "the ability to break all your bones and nearly die - oh joy, you still all have the knack. I was starting to worry that I would have a boring life as a trauma doctor in the ER. It is so nice to know that you guys care enough about me to make sure I don’t die at a young age from boredom,” Nathan sarcastically commented.

“Now Nathan don’t start exaggerating, not everyone got hurt," said Buck. “You don’t have a scratch on you, and only J.D, Vin, Ezra have to stay overnight. The rest of us get to go home.”

Nathan’s face took on a slightly purple hue. “ONLY J.D, EZRA, and VIN! ONLY! You really went there! I can’t believe you guys. Vin has a broken ankle not to mention he got shot a month ago from this whole situation; Ezra knocked out three teeth, has a broken jaw, and had to surgery on that stupid shoulder of his; J.D. managed to break all his toes, and both ankles, ALL OF HIS TOES; Josiah has a concussion…”

Josiah interrupted, “Now brother it is only a slight…..”

“DON’T INTERRUPT ME,” screamed Nathan. “Buck sprained both wrists, and Chris broke four ribs; and YOU GUYS HAVE THE NERVE TO TELL ME TO CALM DOWN?”

“Wow," commented J.D., "this is scarier than Chris’s glare.” Both Nathan and Chris glared at J.D.

“moo dooo rooo waa blaa,” said Ezra.

“NO TALKING AT ALL,” fumed Nathan. “What part of a broken jaw don’t you get?”

“It’s Ezra,” drawled Vin. “He can’t just shut-up Nathan. That would take a miracle”

“I don’t know about you guys, but we had better start thinking up the edited version to tell the wives,” said J.D.

“NO,” said Buck. “If Inez finds out after the fact, I die. It’s as simple as that. She’ll start crying and yelling and …”

Chris sat silently in the corner. The last three months had been rough, but he now had closure. Ella had been caught, thanks to the Magnificent Seven, and he was not old after all. Yep, not old at all.


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